6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Time for another Monthly Workout Round-up for Runners! This month’s theme is possibly my favorite so far, as these 5 amazing women and I share our favorite workouts for runners.

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

For the same reason I enjoy reading people’s training logs, I enjoy learning about people’s favorite workouts and giving them a try. Trying someone else’s favorite workout pushes you a bit outside of your comfort zone and adds variety to your own training. 

This past year has been sort of a breakthrough year of training and racing for me. I ran a big PR and broke 1:40 in the half marathon, I let go of my obsession with pace and learned to run by perceived effort, and I just completed a strong marathon training cycle.

One of the workouts that transformed my running over the past year is the progression run, in all of its variations – which is why it’s my current favorite workout!

I’ve included progression runs of all forms in my training. My body naturally prefers progression runs: start slow, ease into the run, and then push hard near the end.  They’re versatile – you can use them in any distance run and progress to anywhere from marathon pace to 5K pace. They’re versatile – you can use them in any distance run and progress to anywhere from marathon pace to 5K pace – and dare I say, they’re fun.

Progression runs teach your body what race pace feels like when you’re tired – which is very important for the half marathon and marathon. My favorite workout does exactly that: it teaches you to run harder when tired. The progression long run adds some variety to the basic long slow distance run without being utterly exhausting or risking burning you out before your race. 

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners - Progression Long Run from www.thisrunnersrecipes.com

For the half marathon:
Run 10 miles at your normal easy pace (45-90 seconds per mile slower than goal half marathon pace). For the last 2-3 miles, run at your goal half marathon. 

For the marathon:
Run 12 miles at your normal easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than goal marathon pace). For the last 4-6 miles, run at your goal marathon pace. 

Cool down with a 5 minute walk and gentle stretching after each run. 

Be sure to try the other workouts!

Angela from Happy Fit Mama combines strength training and running into one total body workout:

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama has a workout for you when you’re at the gym and don’t want to run on the dreadmill:

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Allie at Vita Train 4 Life has workouts to help you nail your next PR:

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Sarah at Run Far Girl‘s workout will strengthen your glutes and core before your run:

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Carly from Fine Fit Day‘s favorite workout will keep you strong and injury-free:

6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

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What’s your favorite workout?
What’s your workout today?

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24 Responses

  1. This year I tried to do more progression runs too. I’m a champion positive splitter (not something I should brag about!) so the progression runs really help to dial it for a race. I love that you shared this as your favorite workout!

  2. Another great collection of workouts! I also really like progression runs. Like you, I tend to run faster at the end of my runs. I think this morning Ill be doing an indoor workout like Pilates because it’s really foggy outside!

  3. I’ve consciously tried to do progression runs while training for this half, even with my shorter runs. I finish up my runs on a straightaway–it’s a flat long, straight road and I can fly for about a mile. It’s been pretty effective. We’ll see how I do at this weekend’s half.

  4. I needed to read this today. I haven’t done any sort of workout in a few weeks now (other than slow and easy running days). Now that Callum doesn’t nap, I can’t do my tempo treadmill runs during the day! I can’t do hard and fast runs in the morning. It’s just not going to happen.

    1. Slow and easy running certainly can have its benefits, but I definitely think you would like a workout like this! You can still start slow and easy for most of the run. I like to do progression runs for weekday runs as well where I do most of the run easy and just the last 10-20 minutes fast.

  5. I really love progression runs. Even on my easy days, I try to start out on the easy side and finish a little faster, but still in the easy range. Granted, every run is sort of hard when coming back from an injury. I feel like progression runs have helped me a lot in shorter distances because I don’t start as fast and then crash like I used to!

  6. Progression runs are my fave, too. I love track days but there’s something so fantastic about pushing hard at the end of a run instead of a standard cool-down.

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