Athlete Accomplishments April 2019

Athlete Accomplishments April 2019

April was a busy month of racing, with spring race season fully in swing. April racing was a month of triumphs, both in terms of finish times and overcoming race day obstacles. Some athletes ran PRs and BQs; others encountered the unpleasant weather that comes with spring (overly hot days) and ran their best for the conditions of the day. 

Jodi qualified again for Boston at the Boston Marathon!

Kellie completed her first marathon!

Laura A. ran a strong 10 mile race!

Mark ran a 5K PR and won third overall/second male!

Athlete Accomplishments April 2019

Jessica won third in her age group in a 5K and ran her first post-injury half marathon!

Janelle raced her first half marathon after a long battle with plantar fasciitis!

Meghan ran a big half marathon PR and broke 2:30 for the first time!

Sophie qualified for Boston at her first marathon at the London Marathon!

Athlete Accomplishments April 2019

Chelsey preserved through a tough marathon!

Tricia ran a marathon and gave her best on a hot day!

Melissa ran her strongest half marathon yet!

Eric ran a 10K PR on a hilly course!

Aimee raced a strong 10 miler and hilly half marathon as part of her marathon training!

Athlete Accomplishments April 2019

Karla ran a half marathon and continues achieving her goal of a half marathon every month!

Natalie ran a strong race at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

Faith ran what would have been a half marathon PR (unfortunately the course was short, but she raced strong!)

Kate raced a 10K!

Jennifer raced a half marathon!

Danielle ran a 10K and built back up her mileage after illness!

Marlene raced a 5K PR!

Mariah raced an incredibly hilly half marathon!

Several of my athletes are sharpening up for May races. I am excited to see what the next month brings!

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Did you race in April?

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