Athlete Accomplishments: August 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: August 2019

Several of the runners I coach raced in August. For some, these races were tune-up races as part of their training cycles for big goals. For others, they ran their goal races in hot conditions. For all runners, it was a strong month of racing! 

Mark ran a PR of 5:35 in a mile race!

Chelsey placed 8th in a cross-country 2-miler!

Aimee ran the Cascade Lakes Relay! 

Sam raced two strong 5Ks with some speedy splits! 

Marlene raced a 10K!

Jessica ran her fastest half marathon (1:56!) in three years and won her age group at the 13.Wine Half! She also ran her fastest 5K during a sprint triathlon yet.  

Karla persevered through the challenging Bulldog 25K trail race on a hot day!

Diane ran the Crim 10 Miler and finished strong!

Athlete Accomplishments: August 2019

Alexa ran a smooth and enjoyable race at the Geneva Half Marathon as part of her goal to run a half in all 50 states! 

Lisa hit her goal time of a 1:36 at the Charles Street 12 Miler, which was her first postpartum race! 

Finally, all of my athletes deserve a huge shout-out for their grit and hard work this month. August was humid and hot across almost the entire US and Europe (and I have two athletes adjusting to the monsoon conditions in Mynamar!). Despite the inclement weather and the toll it takes on running performance, everyone continued to work hard. 

Dozens of the runners I work with have experienced breakthroughs this month, both mentally and physically. I experience such a proud coach moment when I see things click and their hard work manifests visible progress and/or a mindset shift. 

September brings a start to fall race season, and I’m excited to see everyone’s hard work manifest into strong races. 

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