Athlete Accomplishments: January & February 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: January & February 2019

Typically, January and February are not big months for racing, but several of the runners I coached ran races in the first two months of 2019. From 5Ks to first marathons, 2019 has started off strong!

I have to praise all of my athletes for consistency and hard work in January and February. January and February are dark and cold months – not the easiest months to go out and run. Several of my runners have completed long runs on the treadmill or in the snow, balanced training with travel, and built back from injury.

Leslie ran her first marathon!

Laura A ran a half marathon!

Lindsey ran a strong trail half marathon!

Pete ran a strong half marathon on a hilly course as the start to an exciting season of 2019 races!

Hayley ran her first half marathon!

Athlete Accomplishments: January & February 2019

Melissa built back up her mileage after a knee/hamstring injury and is back to half marathon training!

Kathryn reached outside of her comfort zone from marathons and has been working on developing speed. She raced a couple of speedy 5Ks!

Mark raced a 10K PR of 40:26 and a mile PR of 5:39!

Jodi raced a strong tune-up half marathon on her way to running Boston in April!

Karla J ran a destination half marathon in Hawaii!

Aimee branched out to trail racing and ran a strong 10 mile trail race and a gritty trail half marathon!

Athlete Accomplishments: January & February 2019

Karla M raced a PR in the half marathon, broke 2 hours (1:54!) for the first time, and placed in her AG!

Jamye raced a fast half marathon in 1:47!

Danielle raced a 5K!

Tricia had a breakthrough month in marathon training and eliminated walk breaks from her runs!

Alexa completed the Dopey Challenge at the Disney Marathon (5K, 10K, half, marathon) and finished the series strong with a marathon almost identical to her PR time!

Laura E returned to regular running from an IT band injury!

Athlete Accomplishments: January & February 2019

Natalie ran Disney Princess Half as a tune-up for her March goal race!

Jennifer raced a 5K PR!

Terri raced a half marathon PR in January and ran her first marathon in February!

Shannon raced a marathon PR!

Other athletes have been putting in the hard work of spring marathon and half marathon training, winter base building, 50K training, 5K-10K training, building speed, recovering from injury, and more!

March will bring several exciting races!

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What did you accomplish in January and February?
Are you racing in March?

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