Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019

In coaching, I love those moments when a workout or a race result pops up and my first reaction is “you’re awesome!” These moments are not about finish times (although sometimes seeing a big PR after a dedicated training cycle does elicit this response). These moments come from when true grit and passion happen during a race, when a runner gives their best no matter the circumstances of the day. This month, athletes raced PRs, placed in their age groups, and gave their absolute best on challenging courses, tough race, and hot days.

Lindsey ran a half marathon PR of 1:51 in hot conditions at the ING Night Half Marathon Luxembourg!

Jonathan raced his third half in two months and achieved his goal of staying injury-free! 

Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019

Katie won first overall female at the Mercy 5K!

Mariah ran close to her half marathon PR at the Revel Rockies Half! 

Karla placed 9th in her age group at a trail half marathon and ran two other trail races! 

Faith ran a strong half marathon on the very challenging RNR Seattle course!

Melissa ran a smart and strong race at the hilly RNR Seattle half! 

Pete ran the Hotlanta Half Marathon!

Mark ran a 10K PR of 38:59 at the Queens 10K!

Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019

Alexa raced her 30th and 31st half marathons!

Janelle raced a smart race with a strong finish at the challenging ½ Sauer ½ Kraut half marathon!

Eric ran a half marathon PR of 1:47 at the Evergreen Half! 

Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019


Jess ran a 28-minute PR of 2:22 in her first post-baby half marathon at Grandma’s Marathon! 

Aimee ran a smart and gritty race at the Missoula Marathon! 

Athlete Accomplishments: June 2019

And to all my athletes putting in hard work with summer running, training for upcoming races, and building back from injury – you’re awesome! 

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What did you accomplish in June?
Did you race this month? How did it go?

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  1. I love this! What a great way to recognize the hard work of your runners. It’s such a great feeling for a coach when our runners achieve their goals!

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