Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

May wraps up spring race season – and for the runners I coach, it was a strong conclusion to spring racing. 

Alexa raced a 6-min half marathon PR at the Snohomish Women’s Run!

Jennifer ran a mentally strong half marathon in tough conditions at the Long Island Half!

Aimee ran the Snohomish Women’s Run half marathon as part of a long run!

Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

Lindsey placed 8th woman overall at a 25K urban trail race in Luxembourg!

Pete raced a strong marathon at close to his PR time at the Shipyard Marathon!

Melissa raced a strong, strategic half on a hilly course at the Mother’s Day Half!

Karla J achieved her goal of breaking 1:50 at the Capitola Half Marathon!

Mark won his age group and placed 9th overall at the hilly Run to the Port 15K!

Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

Mariah set a PR at both the Colfax 5K and Colfax Urban 10 Miler!

Stephanie raced a PR in the Brussels 20K!

Marlene ran a 5 mile race and a 5K!

David raced a PR in high winds at the Edinburgh Marathon!

Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

Jonathan raced the Mystic half marathon!

Kimberly ran in the Keys 100-mile relay!

Jessica raced her fastest post-injury half at Bayshore Half Marathon!

Ashley raced her first half marathon at the Edinburgh Half and completed without any walk breaks!

Athlete Accomplishments: May 2019

Many runners dedicated their May training recovery from their April races. Recovery is just as important as training and racing, especially if your goal is long-term progress. Others are sharpening for June races, including 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons, or focusing on building a strong base for fall races. Congrats to everyone on a strong May!

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If you are interested in coaching, I do have spots open for summer and fall races. I would love to work with you! Please learn more about my coaching services and contact me here.

Did you race in May?

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