Best Running Podcasts (2023)

The Best Running Podcasts of 2021

In our current technological age, running is as mainstream as it has ever been. I remember even just a dozen years ago, when I started running, the resources included a limited selection of books and Hal Higdon plans. However, now we have running blogs, social media influencers, magazines both in-store and online, YouTube videos, and running podcasts. You can learn about running while you run with running podcast!

Sometimes, there are almost too many resources out there. As a result of the plethora, it can be overwhelming to sort through and separate the stellar from the mediocre or misguided. These are the best running podcasts (updated for 2023). These podcasts offer legitimate training advice and thought-provoking interviews from reputable names in the running world. All of these podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify, and online streaming. 

Tread Lightly Podcast

Yes, I’m a bit biased here! The Tread Lightly podcast is hosted by myself and running expert Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish. Each week, we tackle a popular topic in running with an evidence-based approach. Some episodes focus on dispelling common myths, such as the three hour long run rule. Other episodes provide practical tips, such as heat acclimation and long run fueling.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon Music: Tread Lightly Podcast
Average Episode Length: 30-45 minutes

Some Work, All Play Adventure Pod

The Roches are both incredibly knowledgeable and passionate coaches. They are highly educated, with multiple graduate degrees, national-level trail runners, and coaches to some of the nation’s best ultra and trail athletes. You do not want to listen to this podcast anything but normal speed. They talk fast and share a wealth of information! As a result, you cannot finish this podcast without feeling uplifted and energized!

The Roches delve into a minimum of five topics in each 60+ min episode. For example, recent episodes include “Zone 2 Training Explained, The Importance of Iron, and Overcoming Fatigue” and “The Science of Overload Training, High Carb Fueling, and New Caffeine Study!.” However, they are not afraid to address serious topics, such as transgender athletes and eating disorders. Occasionally, they interview accomplished trail and ultra runners, including Grayson Murphey, Joe Gray, and Adam Peterman.

Listen here: Some Work, All Play Podcast
Average Episode Length: 60-80 minutes

Running Explained

Running Explained offers content for runners of all abilities. The show particularly shines for novice runners who want to learn more about the sport. Elisabeth provides solo episodes and interviews with experts across all fields. Topics range from mental health for athletes to nutrition to strength training.

Listen here: Running Explained Podcast
Average Episode Length: 60-90 minutes

Fuel for the Sole Podcast

Fuel for the Sole features Instagram’s favorite sports dietitian, Meghann Featherstun, along with co-hosts Meaghan and Thomas of Believe in the Run. This podcast covers everything and anything sports nutrition: supplements, carbohydrates, race day fueling, GI distress, and more. It’s a wealth of information in your ear during each run.

Listen here: Fuel for the Sole Podcast
Average Episode Length: 30-45 min

Ali on the Run Show

Ali Feller is a blogger turned skilled interviewer. She interviews elite runners and experts in the field of running, imbuing each episode with positivity and bubbliness to keep you feeling upbeat on your run. Many runners find this show an inspiring listen as they grind out the miles.

Listen here: Ali on the Run Show
Average Episode Length: 60-90 min

For the Long Run

Jonathan Levitt interviews elite and recreational runners alike with the same driving question: what is the “why” behind their motivation to run? Interviews are down-to-earth and relatable, no matter your present ability as a runner.

Listen here: For the Long Run Podcast
Average Episode Length: 60 min

Diz Runs Radio

Denny is a friend and fellow running coach with a long-running podcast. His series features three types of episodes. He interviews elite runners and everyday runners alike. Beyond that, he also hosts quick tips and monthly Q&As. Denny has interviewed several influencers, putting a voice and a story behind many of the names we know. (You can listen to my recent interview on this podcast here: Diz Runs Episode 900)

Listen Here: Diz Runs Radio
Average Episode Length 15-20 min (Quick Tip); 60 minutes (Interviews)

Nail Your Nutrition Podcast

Sarah and Marita are energetic, engaging hosts. Both are registered dieticians as well as endurance athletes. From fueling during triathlons to vitamin D, they discuss a whole range of sports nutrition topics. They also interview other nutritionists, coaches, and voices in running. (You can listen to my episode: Laura Norris, Run Coach on Training During Quarantine and More)

Listen here: Nail Your Nutrition Podcast
Average Episode Length: 1 hour

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22 Responses

  1. I think I have heard of all of these but haven’t listened to them all- I will need to give them a try! I typically listen to Running for Real and also the Ali on the Run podcast. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m not sure how I didn’t know Jason Fitzgerald had a podcast but I didn’t!? I’m a big fan of his so I will definitely start listening. I love so many of the others – the morning shakeout is one of my favorites and I also really love Rich Roll’s podcast because it deals mostly with the mental side of running and is fascinating.

  3. I know I say this all the time but I really need to start listening to podcasts. I feel so behind the times! And I already know and love Tina and Jason!

  4. I remember following Tina Muir’s blog. She doesn’t update it as frequently anymore. I would love to listen to her podcast – but unfortunately, I don’t listen to anything when I run.
    I don’t listen to podcasts at home and I never sit in a car alone. So there’s not much opportunity to listen to one!

  5. Thanks for this list. I listen to podcasts when I run solo. There’s a few here that I hadn’t heard of.

  6. Admittedly, I am not too much of a podcast person. I usually do books on tape when I walk in the afternoons. I am adding the nail your nutrition podcast to my list. Sounds like one I might like

  7. Thanks for the list of podcasts. I’m always looking for something new to listen to. I’m currently listening to The Strength Running podcast and Hurdle.

  8. Thanks for this! I’m in a podcast rut right now so I needed new ideas. I’m going to try out Some Work, All Play today. Never heard of that one and it sounds great!

  9. Some Work All Play has become my favorite. I listen to it every week to start out my long run. They are the perfect length and keep me so entertained. Megan and David are both so knowledgable!

  10. Unfortunately, I’ve never been much of a podcast person. This past year (or so), I’ve given up music while running, too …something I never thought I’d be able to do. Oddly, I’m surprised that I really don’t miss it.

  11. These sound good. I struggle with podcasts. I get very overstimulated by sounds, so I tend to not listen to much besides instrumental music in the background (or nothing at all when I’m running).

  12. Thank you for compiling all of this Laura! You’re so right! Sometimes information available to us can be quite overwhelming and difficult to sift through! This provides a beautiful summary that I can explore.

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