CIM Training Week 14

CIM Training Week 14

Last year, the taper worked best for me when I maintained some intensity and longer runs, especially in the first week of a gradual three-week taper. This means, however, that my easy runs shorten to allow for the long runs and long marathon pace workouts while still keeping to 80% of my peak mileage. 

Ollie, meanwhile, is not tapering well. He didn’t run as much this week due to the weather and my training schedule and has excess energy, which translates to sprinting around the apartment, frenetically swinging his handled purple ball, and leaving a mess in his wake. 

CIM Training Week 14

Monday: 5 miles easy

In the middle of the night, we awoke to the sound of rushing wind and pouring rain. It was still windy the next morning and the local media reported downed trees and power lines in some areas, so I left Ollie at home and stuck to the neighborhood for my run. The neighborhood is small, so it took a few hilly loops to hit 5 miles. According to my Strava, I this route gained 450 feet of elevation – I’m not sure if it was that hilly, but everything was rolling up and down over and over again. 

Tuesday: 10 miles at marathon pace

The circumstances were not exactly favorable going into this run. It was super windy, about 27-29 mph gusts according to my weather app. I forgot my water bottle and most of the public fountains have been shut off for the season. But I also wasn’t going to let a little bit of wind stop me. I altered my route slightly to run to a water fountain mid-run (even if it meant more running into a headwind). 

CIM Training Week 14

Despite the wind, this run went really well. I averaged a 7:49/mile pace and felt strong, even in the wind. I don’t know if I can hold that pace on race day, but I feel really confident about race day. 

Wednesday: 6 miles easy & 20 minutes strength training

Ollie and I ran loops on this run and passed by some ducks sitting in the bog on each loop. On our final pass, I veered us all the way over to the side of the road to let a car pass. As soon as we were clear of the car, I loosened my grip on Ollie’s leash – and he sprung forward, lunging at the ducks and submerging himself in dirty bog water, all while still tethered to my waist. Needless to say, my next workout was bathing a 48-pound dog who is terrified of the shower. 

CIM Training Week 14

For strength training, I did a quick workout of kettlebell 3-way lunges, kettlebell single leg deadlifts, cable rows, shoulder presses, and stability ball pikes. 

Thursday: 30 minutes Pilates

Even though I ran less mileage this week, my body welcomed a rest day. I was a little sore after strength training! I did an intermediate Pilates video to stretch and strengthen. I am determined to keep my core strong not just for this marathon, but for recovering from my laparoscopy.  I find a good Pilates session is more effective than smaller core workouts throughout the week.

Friday: 16 mile hard long run 

I took the first 10 miles of this run at an easy effort, as my legs felt a bit heavy. I listened to an audiobook and enjoyed the cool fall weather. The last 6 miles at marathon pace began right at the start of a couple decent hills, with about 100 feet of climbing in the first marathon pace mile. I somehow managed 8:17 for that mile, then consistently logged 7:50s over rolling hills for the rest of the run. Both progression long runs and hilly marathon pace workouts are hard, but I finished feeling strong and confident about the marathon. 

CIM Training Week 14

We tried a new movie theater to see Justice League and it was the best movie theater for after a long run. The seats reclined and they had dine-in food and drink, so I happily raised my legs and had a couple Elysian IPAs to celebrate a strong training cycle. 

Saturday: 7 mile long run

Ryan and I took Ollie out for a run through the river valley. I wanted a flat route after the previous day’s long run – my legs felt fatigued, especially during the first two miles. Ryan and I spent the run discussing our running goals for next year and which races we want to run. Afterward, we dropped Ollie off at home and enjoyed brunch at our favorite place. We split an order of blueberry pancakes and each ordered a scramble (I got the veggie scramble and saved my toast for later). 

CIM Training Week 14

Sunday: Active rest day

While Ryan took Charlie for a run, I walked Charlie for about 45 minutes. The weather in the morning was cool and crisp in the morning – we’ve had such a beautiful fall! 

I’ll be posting on Wednesday with an exciting product review and then taking off the remainder of this week for Thanksgiving. I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! 

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
How was your week of running?

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15 Responses

  1. Ah the joys of running with dogs! Star is getting SO strong now that I’m afraid she’s just going to pull me wherever she wants to go! We’ve been working on commands, as a result 🙂
    Your week looks so strong!! I’m still in disbelief of your fast pace in the wind on that 10 miler!! You are READY!

    1. I can imagine – she looks so strong! Ollie is strong and I can agree it is a bit terrifying when they pull! Thank you so much – I can’t believe that run, especially in that weather!

  2. Your workouts were pretty stellar, especially the MP run. That breakfast looks delicious as well. Sorry that Ollie isn’t taking the taper well but at least you are 🙂

    1. Thank you! The weekend runs helped Ollie, and right now I hope my taper deconditions him just a bit so he’s not this crazy after the marathon. I realized my dog was running more than some human runners do in a week!

  3. Wow, two runs at marathon pace in one week! I’d die. What was your longest run that you did at marathon pace? I’m following Advanced Marathoning and I think they peak at 14 miles (out of 18) at marathon pace. They have us doing longer runs (up to 23 miles, I think) but not at race pace. I’m curious what you did for your longest marathon pace run, and when you did it!

    1. I’m sharpening for the race, so this is my week with most marathon pace miles – I wouldn’t run two marathon pace runs in one week at any other point in training. My longest run at MP was 10 miles – one single 10 mile run 2.5 weeks out, and then 10 miles at MP during the second half of a 20 miler (which was also my peak long run 3 weeks out). I did do one run with 14 miles slightly slower (10-20 seconds per mile) than goal pace (17 miles total) to work on pacing for the first half of the race when I really want to hold things back.

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