The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Runners

Creative Gifts for Runners

Shopping for the runner or endurance athlete in your life? This the ultimate gift guide for runners, from typical gifts (all runners love shoes) to more creative gifts for that runner in your life who seemingly has everything.

Carbon Plated Shoes

Carbon-plated shoes are the go-to marathon shoe for many runners – but they aren’t cheap. If the runner in your life loves a certain pair of shoes, those are the perfect gift!

Roka Sunglasses

Roka sunglasses may cost more than other brands, but they are worth every single penny. These polarized glasses feature a grip on the nose so they stay put – even during the most intense workouts, cycling, downhill running, and more. My favorite style is the flattering Halsey, designed for both women and men. If your giftee has a prescription, the lens are available in prescriptions on their website!

A Subscription to a Virtual Training App

If you train indoors, a virtual training app can be an absolute game changer. No more staring at the basement wall; virtual apps let you engage more with treadmill and bike training. 

Peloton ($12.99/mo) is an ideal app if you want to have guided strength training classes, yoga, and bike workouts as well as treadmill runs. iFit ($15/mo) is only compatible with certain treadmills, but if your gift-receiver is a Nordictrack user, they will love the virtual runs that this app offers. For the runner who also loves to bike, Rouvy ($15/mo) provides a real-life simulation for both cycling (on an indoor trainer) and running. 

Our Exercise Brand Sweat proof Jewelry

Our Exercise Brand offers beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. What sets their jewelry apart is that they are designed to tolerate the corrosion of sweat. The designs are equally pretty and practical for exercise, such as bar studs and tiny hoops. 

Home Gym Equipment

Most runners incorporate strength training into their routine. However, not all runners enjoy driving the gym. Home gym equipment such as kettlebells, resistance bands, and dumbbells are great gifts for the runner who wants to get strong this year. My recommendation: the high-quality REP Fitness kettlebells (read the review here)!

A Sample Pack from the Feed

Give the gift of sport nutrition! The Feed offers sample packs and bulk purchases of virtually every running gel, bar, and sports drink on the market. You can assemble an array of stocking stuffers, running club gifts, or (if you are a Maurten fan) a sizeable Christmas gift. 

FRE Skincare Set

Running is great for many things, but not always for skin. The combination of sweat and sun exposure is rough on the skin. That’s where FRE Skincare is beneficial: it’s formulated to clean sweat and treat sun damage, without irritating sensitive skin. FRE sells both individual products and sets. My personal favorite is the new Renew Me, which is an anti-wrinkle serum formulated without serum. The Mightly Nine is the ultimate sample set, including night cream and face masks.


Coffee is a performance booster – but hotel coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick (or taste good). If your pre-race ritual includes a cup of coffee, you do not have to rely on crappy hotel coffeemakers. The Aeropress is easy to use and portable so that you can bring it along to any road or trail race for your pre-run coffee. You can pack it in your carry-on or backpack. It is easy to clean and allows you to brew a cup of coffee that you’ll actually enjoy.

A Massage Gun

A massage gun can be an amazing tool for combating soreness in training. For some runners, they are completely worth the cost – and for others, a massage gun would make an amazing splurge gift. If you buy one, the name brands such as Theragun are worth the cost!

Athletic Brewing Subscription

Many runners love beer, but alcohol isn’t really great for recovery after a hard training session. Enter Athletic Brewing: non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes good. Our household favorite is the Upside Dawn. According to a 2016 randomized controlled trial in Nutrients, non-alcoholic beer can replenish electrolytes, without inhibiting glycogen synthesis the way alcohol can. Athletic Brewing offers subscriptions that can be delivered straight to your door, making this the perfect gift for the runner in your life who loves both beer and PRs. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I review and select each product mentioned in the article independently. If you buy through my affiliate links, I may earn a commission which will help support my website. Read my disclosure policy for more details 

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