Fall 2015 Running Favorites

Fall 2015 Running Favorites

First off, I want to profusely thank everyone for all the kind and supportive words on yesterday’s post! I love reading about others’ goals and enjoyed hearing for all of you about your goals as well! 

We didn’t go hiking this past weekend, since I was finishing off my peak mileage week and did not want to push myself too hard. Instead, we watched Interstellar (love love love that movie), drank Redhook Long Hammer IPA, and ate homemade pizza, which was exactly what we both needed. But, no hike to share with you today! I promise I’ll be back with some great hikes soon, as we’re planning on hiking in either the Issaquah Alps or the Central Cascades this weekend! 

I almost wrote a post today about Yasso 800s and marathon specific workouts, but I try to strike balance in my blog between getting serious and scientific and being light-hearted and interesting—a balance which I’m don’t always achieve and certainly could work towards more.

My brain is also in slight overdrive as I put the finishing touches on the Eat to Run e-cookbook, so please don’t mind today’s concise little post. The e-book is scheduled to be released next Monday, September 21, here on the blog! For the first week, it will be for sale for $15; after that, the price raises to $20! You’ll get over 50 recipes (such as these no-butter peanut butter chocolate chip cookies), guidance on nutrition for runners, and tips on cooking and baking at home! 

Today I want to share with you some of fall 2015 running favorites! (Don’t worry, the post on marathon specific workouts will come soon!)

Hiking as Cross-Training

Ryan and I love to go hiking because of how it allows us to disconnect from the busyness of modern life and reconnect with nature and each other. Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed how much hiking has strengthened me, both physically and mentally. The uneven terrain and sharp inclines of hiking have strengthened my glutes and legs more than any number of squats have before, which makes me feel confident about the hills (St. John’s Bridge) at Portland. Pushing through fatigue of a long 6-8 hour hike has certainly strengthened me mentally, as I realized that I can keep moving forward even when my legs ache and scream for a break. 

Fall 2015 Running Favorites


The SPIbelt (affiliate link) is one of those items that I almost wonder how I ran without it, even though I’ve only had it for a month. I tend to be minimalist in my gear, but I always carry my phone and ID for safety reasons. The SPIBelt will hold my phone for me (so the Seattle spit or my own sweat doesn’t kill yet another iPhone) and I barely notice it’s there. I actually went into the grocery store with my SPIBelt still on after my run the other day—it’s that comfortable! It’s also great for stashing GUs, Imodium, allergy medicine, and your keys. 

Runner’s Connect Run to the Top Podcast

I started listening to podcasts a couple years ago as a way to pass time on long car rides to visit Ryan when I was in grad school and I’ve been hooked on them since. Recently I started listening to the Runner’s Connect Run to the Top podcast, which is hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Tina Muir. Each episode is so informative, as she covers topics from optimizing your diet to whether runners should eat butter, and inspirational, such as in the most recent podcast. In this week’s podcast, Tina interviews Janae Jacobs, aka Hungry Runner Girl, about long-term goals, consistency, and her attempt at a sub-3 hour marathon. You can listen to the episode here—you will definitely feel inspired to chase whatever goals you have after listening to it! These podcasts are one of my favorites ways to pass time while running on the treadmill.

Fall 2015 Running Favorites

 Winter Squash

As my marathon approaches, I’m trying to eat as healthy and carbohydrate-dense diet as possible. I’ve gushed about squash several times already here, but I love it for how filling, delicious, and nutritious it is. Baked chicken breast, a baked potato, and roasted squash is my go-to meal for before a long run and so far it’s worked perfectly for me. I’ve got some great squash recipes coming your way, including an iron-rich and flavorful one for you tomorrow!

Gaiam Pilates Ab Workout

This is an old Pilates DVD (I’ve probably owned it for 8 or 9 years now!) but it always provides an effective core and leg workout. This video series kicks my butt each time (the series of 10 will never be easy!) and I love it. I really notice how it builds overall strength and stability. Pilates is so great for preventing injury in runners, as it not only builds a strong core but also improves hip stability, which is one of the top causes for injury in female runners.  You can purchase it off Amazon (affiliate link) or stream it through GaiamTV if you’re a member.

Oiselle Arm Warmers

Fall weather has officially arrived in Seattle, which means most mornings the temperature is a crisp 50 degrees when I head out on my run. I love these Oiselle Herringbone Arm Warmers (affiliate link), which my mom got me for my birthday. They wick perfectly and keep me warm without overheating me. Plus, if it gets warmer outside, as it can on a long run, I can simply push them down or take them off to tie to my SPIBelt. It sounds weird, but arm warmers are a staple running item for me ever since I tried my first pair in April. They’re the perfect compromise between being cold for the first few miles and sweating heavily during the last few miles. 

Fall 2015 Running Favorites

Brooks Pure Connect 4

I mentioned last week that Ryan bought me a pair of Pure Connects for my birthday. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll wear them for the marathon, but I already know that I love them for speed and tempo runs. I’ve done my two 10-mile goal pace runs in them and loved them: they’re light, springy, and fit my narrow feet just right. And I love the color (they’re the shoes in the photo above)!

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Questions of the Day:
What shoes do you race in?
What is your favorite podcast?
How do you carry your things while you run?

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20 Responses

  1. I also love the Runners Connect podcast…I listened to the HRG interview yesterday and I felt like I was just hanging out with two awesome runners having a conversation!
    I usually wear my pure cadences for marathons, and pure flows/ pure connects for shorter races.

    1. I love that about the Runners Connect podcast also! It always feels so personable. I may have to check out the pure cadences – I’m seriously debating right now whether my flows or connects will be best for the marathon.

    1. Jacket pockets are the best! Except now that phones are getting huge, they’re sometimes too big for the pocket. I’m also super weird and can’t stand to feel my phone against my stomach when I run.

  2. I race in my Nike Pegasus. I need a pretty cushioned shoe, which seems to work well. I’ve been running and racing in them for the last 3 years without issue (knock on wood) so I think they are the best shoes for me at the moment! I will occasionally use a FuelBelt, but other times I will just use the pockets in my shorts and carry my phone in my hand. I need to find a better option though, or at least maybe an arm band… that’s this weekends must-do. 🙂

    1. 3 years means it’s serious in the world of running shoes! 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found something that works so well for you. I used to have an armband for my phone, but it wasn’t waterproof (which is needed in Seattle) and it chafed my arm if I wore it with a tank – not good!

  3. I listened to the podcast yesterday and loved it! I’ve always wanted to wear Brooks but we don’t have the Pure Flows around here for me to try for some reason. I guess they’re not as available in Canada? I think they’re lower in heel drop though and I need the traditional 12mm heel drops. I wear Asics Nimbus for day to day training and I wear NB 1400s (I think that’s the number) for racing.

    1. They don’t have the Pure Flows in BC? That’s so weird, since the Brooks HQ is right here in Seattle! They are a lower heel drop – it runs in my mind 6mm but I may be completely off. I’ve heard the Asics Nimbus are so cushy and comfy!

    1. Thank you so much, Michele! 🙂 Up until I got this SPIbelt I carried everything also – which was especially crazy when I would take Charlie to run and had my phone, mace, his leash, dog bags, and all sorts of things in my hands.

    1. Thank you! I’m both a little anxious how soon Portland will be here and a little excited for it to be done and to have more time on my hands. I love the Pure Flows – like, three pairs in my rotation right now love. I’ll have to check out that podcast – thank you!

  4. I do almost all of my training in Newton Kismets, which I love, but I have a pair of PureCadence 3s that I use for speed work and short races. I ended up needing to wear them for my last 20 miler because my Kismets were still wet from a previous run in the rain. So I did, and was surprised how well they worked, and later I made the somewhat impulsive decision to wear them for m y marathon. They rode like a dream!

    I just bought the PC 4s and I’m so excited for them to come in the mail

    1. I’m glad the PureCadences worked so well for you! I almost tried those out because they had them super cheap at the Brooks outlet here in Seattle – I may have to give them another look! I hope the PC 4s work as well for you!

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