Friday Thrive

Friday Thrive

Happy Friday! 

I Don’t Want Winter to End (in the Mountains, at least)

When my mom was in town last weekend, we went snowshoeing in perfect winter weather: deep powdery snow, cold yet refreshing temperatures, and even some sun peaking through. It was an absolute blast to spend a few hours out in the snow.  Since we have season passes and ski rentals, I am not ready for winter to end (at least in the mountains). Here’s hoping we have at least four more good weekends of skiing!

Friday Thrive

That all said, spring can arrive in the lowlands. Yesterday’s weather was in the high 40s and sunny – absolutely perfect. 

Women Dominated the Olympics

Diggins and Randall won the first gold medal for the US in cross-country skiing, Mikaela Shiffrin won gold in the giant slalom, and the US women’s hockey team beat out Canada for a gold medal. In total, 5 out of the 8 gold medals that the US won the 2018 Winter Olympics were won by female athletes. 

As this article from Outside, Women Carried the Olympics this Year”points out, female athletes did not solely distinguish themselves with their medal counts. The women exhibited great sportsmanship, true grit, and a sense of pure enjoyment in their sport – think of Chloe Kim effortlessly gliding along the halfpipe or Diggins digging deep and then collapsing with joy once she crossed the finish line. 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t walk away from these games not inspired to be a better athlete and a supporting member of women’s sports right now. 

Amy Cragg Earns Her Spot in Great American Marathoners

It’s not just the Olympics where women are having a moment. Right now, the US has some of the fastest female marathoners we have ever had. Amy Cragg ran a 2:21 at the Toyko Marathon – making her the fifth fastest US female marathoner ever, after Deena Kastor, Jordan Hasay, Shalane Flanagan, and Joan Benoit Samuelson. 

The Fine Line between Dedication and Obsession

Going out for a run on a day with gross weather and a lack of motivation is a sign of dedication – but running on your scheduled rest day can be a sign of obsession. Allie Burdick for Women’s Running explains 5 signs of an unhealthy running obsession in this article.  Embrace your rest days, have a drink on the weekends, and do not define yourself by your race results – enjoy running and rest alike!

Friday Thrive

A (Non-alcoholic) Toast to Recovery

Alcohol can impair the recovery process after a hard workout… but we all know just how delicious a post-run beer tastes. This NPR article, “Olympians Are Using Nonalcoholic Beer as Recovery Drinks. Here’s the Science,” examines why you would want to skip the alcohol but still reach for a cold one after a workout. Nonalcoholic beer offers B-vitamins, fluids, and polyphenols – not to mention the social aspect and cortisol-lowering effect of enjoying a beer. The New York Times published a similar article, noting that Germans win a good amount of gold medals and drink a good amount of non-alcoholic beer.

Erdinger, amongst other German companies, tout non-alcoholic beers as “fitness beverages.” (As a side note: I lived in Germany for a few months and beer is culturally different there than it is in the US. The university cafeteria sold beer at lunch because it is something you have at meals.) Companies have even developed nonalcoholic IPAs for a bitter option. 

Friday Thrive

Would you drink a non-alcoholic beer as recovery? I’ll be honest – for me, there is an appeal. I enjoy beer for the taste and sometimes really crave it for the carbs and effervescence after a run – but I’m not about to drink one early in the morning, especially when I do my long runs on Fridays. That’s not to mention how in summer I barely have an appetite after a long run and a cold non-alcoholic beer could be a good way to get carbs down. 

Although after a race, I’m having the real deal. 


Are you ready for spring or not ready to let go of winter?
Would you drink non-alcoholic beer as a recovery beverage?



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16 Responses

  1. Happy Friday! And YES please to at least 4 more weeks of snow in the Vermont mountains. I want to snowboard on my birthday (March 21) and beyond. And THANK YOU once again for sharing an article of mine. I love the therapist I interviewed for that piece b/c she does run/talk therapy in Rodondo Beach, CA. I think it’s such a great idea since everyone seems to be more open on a run.
    And there is no way I would drink a beer (non-alcoholic or otherwise) pre-run, especially in the morning. Gross.

    1. I hope you get to snowboard on your birthday! A pre-run beer would be so gross! It grosses me out even when people hand out beer at races… not until after!

  2. I’m SO ready for spring! I live in northern Vermont, and it is incredibly challenging to train through the winter weather. I miss all my favorite trails and paths that are currently covered in snow and ice.
    I love the article you shared on running becoming an obsession. I think the winter is a great way to help with this because somedays you just can’t run or follow your plan due to storms and bad weather. It forces you to be more flexible with your schedule!

    1. I can imagine you have a lot of snow where you live! I agree – no matter where you live, there’s a season that forces you to cut back and be more flexible, which is good!

  3. I would love to believe that spring is here (because getting a baby ready for super cold weather is a bit difficult). But all the snow to the mountains!
    So happy for Hasty Hastings. I just adore her!

  4. I usually drink smoothies for recovery, so definitely non-alcoholic. I don’t drink beer at all so I don’t think I’d try a non-alcoholic one. I like girly drinks and cocktails. I think sometimes drinking beer after a run isn’t always physical recovery but maybe just the act of being with friends and having fun, though.

  5. I’m totally ready for spring and summer! I just don’t like the winter weather as I did when I was younger. and agree on that fine line between dedication and obsession. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing way too many falling on the side of obsession in my instagram feed and it’s making me a little sick to watch to the point where I need to unfollow some accounts.

  6. It’s really rare to see that someone enjoys winter so much, Laura! Sincerely, I am looking forward to the spring. This is the first time I am hearing about non-alcoholic beer for recovery and you gave me food for thought! 🙂

  7. I am not letting go of winter…but then, spring is just brown and damp here! Beer has honestly never sounded appealing to me after a hard run; I don’t imagine that would change if you remove the alcohol.

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