Friday Thrive: Berlin Edition

Friday Thrive

It’s been a while since I published a Friday Thrive post, but in honor of the Berlin Marathon, I thought it worthwhile to return to the format. The Friday Thrive is a commentary the past week in running, worthwhile reads, and more. 

Watch: Berlin Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge broke the world marathon record by 78 seconds and ran a 2:01:39 at the Berlin Marathon. Allow that to sink in: 78 seconds faster than anyone had ever previously run a marathon. It’s a monumental leap, especially at that level. 


It’s worth noting that Kipchoge ran the final 10 miles completely alone: no pacers, no competitors. This world record is that of Paula Radcliffe’s; so incredible that it may remained untouched for years to come. It’s safe to assess that he isn’t just the fastest marathon currently; as of the present, Kipchoge is the best long distance runner in history. 

But what does this mean for you or I? What does this mean for the recreational runner who runs closer to that time in the half marathon and could barely sustain his blistering 4:38/mile pace for a 100m sprint?

One characteristic defines Kipchoge, beyond incredible talent: his discipline. Rather than preaching about motivation, he waxes philosophical on Twitter, musing “Only the disciplined in life are free.” Free from the whims of motivation, the emotional rollercoaster of training and racing, and the self-doubt that can plague runners at all level. Motivation is not what elite runners rely upon; they rely on discipline and putting in the hard work without excuses. Discipline took Kipchoge to literally record-smashing levels; what can it do for you?

Read: The Women’s Podium at Berlin Marathon

While the women’s marathon world record has remained untouched at Berlin, the entire female podium at the Berlin Marathon ran faster than the previous course record, all clocking 2:18 and change. Runner’s World goes into depth on the top three female finishers. While Kipchoge’s record may very well have made him the male version of Paula Radcliffe, three women running a sub-2:19 indicates an overall trend in women’s running. While female elites may not have touched Paula’s record yet, the overall field appears to be getting faster and faster. Maybe the women’s marathon record will be broken soon?

Listen: I’ll Have Another by Lindsey Hein Ep 140 – Ben Rosario

Lindsey consistently delivers engaging interviews with some of the most interesting people in the world of running. This recent episode featured Ben Rosario, the head coach behind the Hoka One One North Arizona Elite. The NAZ Elite is a team of elite runners including Stephanie Bruce, Ben Bruce, Matt Llano, and Kellyn Taylor. The group is a fascinating project and Rosario is a brilliant coach (they publish their training logs on Final Surge for public viewing). Rosario discusses topics from the business side of running the NAZ Elite to racing.

What stood out to me the most was Rosario’s emphasis on the mile and 5K races – even for runners who focus on the marathon. He describes the benefits of enduring a “different kind of pain” and how racing shorter distances improves your speed and prevents the plateauing that comes from consecutive marathon training cycles.

Friday Thrive

Read: Hormones, Periods, and Running Performance

The more we talk about hormones, women, and running, the more it is realized that hormonal contraceptives/medications affect performance and that our periods can provide a barometer for both our training and our health. This worthwhile article from Trail Runner Magazine describes some of the dangers of hormonal birth control/medications for period problems, including not being able to detect amenorrhea and Female Athlete Triad. The author delves into the option of Fertility Awareness and how it can actually help you understand your body and training better (especially if you’ve read Stacy Sim’s ROAR). FAM doesn’t negatively impact performance at all – if anything, it allows female runners to be aware of amenorrhea without any doubt.

Friday Thrive

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