How to Clean Running Clothes (OdorKlenz Review)

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It is a universally acknowledged fact that running clothes reek. This applies to any season of the year; in summer, you sweat buckets in the heat and humidity, streaking your running clothes with salty perspiration. In winter, you bundle up, warm up within the first 15 minutes, and manage to sweat into those wicking base layers.

Personally, I prefer to invest in good quality running clothes. However, most quality sportswear is made either merino wool, spandex, or other fabrics that require delicate care. These fabrics perform better, wick sweat well, feel nicer, and last longer. Since I’ve paid sometimes more for running tights than I would for a pair of jeans, I want to make them last as long as possible – and that includes not reeking after a season of training.

In order to preserve the quality of my running clothes, I wash them with cold water and line dry every single piece. (I actually line dry most of our clothes, because line-drying is more environmentally sustainable.) But those two steps don’t always remove the odor of sweat. In some drastic cases, such as the summer months, destination races (we all know those clothes smell particularly bad after being shoved in a suitcase), or rainy runs.

Sometimes, I need a little extra help when cleaning my running clothes. Not just because they pile up at a rapid volume with two runners in the house, but because the musty lingers can linger even after a wash.

No more stinky running clothes! How to clean your running clothes and keep them smelling fresh with OdorKlenz #ad

That’s where a product such as OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive is useful. OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive removes strong odors such as sweat from your sportswear. Since it is an additive, you use it in addition to your normal detergent. OdorKlenz is a specially designed formula that removes sweat and body odors from clothing. There are no fragrances or masking agents, so you aren’t just hiding the odors – the formula actually removes them from your clothing.

OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive is made with safe, naturally-occurring minerals – water, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are non-toxic and safe to use around young children and pets.

Best of all, OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive is safe to use on all sports materials, including DriFit, merino, nylon, spandex, and all washable materials. (Do not use OdorKlenz on dry clean only material, leather, or silk, but hopefully your running clothes aren’t dry clean only.)

No more stinky running clothes! How to clean your running clothes and keep them smelling fresh with OdorKlenz #ad

With the best of both world – no stinky running clothes and no toxic chemicals – OdorKlenz sounds like a dream, but does it actually work?

I tested OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive on my husband’s and my activewear, including running clothes and gym clothes. I admittedly made the mistake of letting some sports bras and shorts sit in the laundry longer than I intended, which makes odors worse.

OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive was easy to use – I simply added a quarter cup to the load, along with my usual Seventh Generation fragrance-free detergent. We have a top load Whirlpool washer, so the detergents just went straight in, on top of the clothes. I ran the cycle on cold wash and then dried all the clothes on a drying rack.

The result? My running gear smelled fresh and almost new. Since there are no fragrances, the clothes didn’t smell perfume-y, just clean. The fabrics still felt soft and there was no residue or anything on the clothes. My beloved Saucony shorts smelled like new, not as if they had endured seasons of training and racing! The musty hamper smell had disappeared, as did the lingering smell of sweat.

OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive can be a valuable product for keeping your running clothes clean and smelling fresh. With the right care (see the tips below) and the right products, you can make your running tights, winter accessories, and sports bras last for season after season.

No more stinky running clothes! How to clean your running clothes and keep them smelling fresh with OdorKlenz #ad

Tips for How to Clean Running Clothes:

  • Do not leave dirty running clothes sitting in the hamper for several days. This will encourage bacteria to grow and make the smell worse.
  • Wash with cold water. Hot water can shrink fabrics. Hot water will also weaken nylon and other fabrics commonly used in running gear, making your clothes not last as long.
  • Wash on a delicate cycle.
  • Pick natural detergents that target the removal of odors gently, such as OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive.
  • DO NOT put your running clothes in the dryer – using a drying rack instead. Anything made with merino, spandex, nylon, or other performance fabrics should be line dried. This includes sports bras, running socks, and accessories such as gloves and buff, in addition to shorts and tops. (Plus, line drying is one of the best steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.)

You can purchase OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive on their website. They offer same day delivery, free shipping over $75, and a money back guarantee. 

Use the code TRR for 15% off of your purchase on OdorKlenz’s website! 

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9 Responses

  1. Great review! I have to admit that while I use cold water to wash my workout clothes, I put them in the dryer. I need to change my ways and look into this detergent too! I think my husband’s clothes are getting a little funky, glad to know they make the clothes smell good as new!

    1. This will definitely help remove the funky smells! Line drying seems so much slower at first, but most running clothes dry pretty quickly on a rack or line since they wick so well.

  2. I think another valuable tip (though not always possible if you’re traveling) is to hang everything up to air dry after a workout. I leave my stuff draped over the shower/tub to dry before tossing it into the clothes basket.

  3. I used to be so much better about taking care of my running clothes but admit some pieces end up in the dryer now! ugh. luckily they have been ok and I’ve always switched around some detergents to help with that lingering smell. I was using one that had an added scent and it just did not mix well with my workout clothing at all!

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