Life Lately + Leaving Valparaiso

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? Did anyone race? Good luck to all of the runners at the Boston Marathon!

Thank you so much to everyone for the congratulations and words of support after my PR last week! The running community is such an amazing group of people!

Life Lately

Today is Marathon Monday! So you know what we’re doing—watching the Boston Marathon. I keep telling myself that if I work hard, I’ll be there in two years’ time. It’s almost ineffable why I love this race, as I’ve never even been to Boston; probably that same bond that any runner feels to the Boston Marathon. Boston has been on my mind and heart and become this beacon of strength and accomplishment for me to aim for.

I have moving on the brain this week, so please bear with me. Things are falling into place smoothly, although such a big move will always be stressful and we still have so much to do (I also know I’m going to be saying that until we are settled at our new apartment in Bothell).

This week definitely had lots of ups and downs with moving. Like, I’m so so so so excited to move, but at the same time, Valparaiso has so many memories for Ryan and I. Ryan grew up here, we both went to college here, we met here, we got married here, and we started our married life together here. Our churches are here (Ryan is LCMS Lutheran and I’m Catholic, so we attend two churches), and we are nervous about leaving behind those great communities and having to find new churches. With all the memories and favorite places, however, comes the fact that we’re just ready to move on. I had a rough year of trying to find employment here with way too many misleads, rejections, and crappy job offers, although the silver lining is that those circumstances led me to start this blog and become part of an amazing community. We used to have lots of family and friends here, but they all moved away over the past year. We just both felt rejected by the place by the end of 2014, but we are totally having days now where we go to our favorite brewery (where we also had our rehearsal dinner) or visit our favorite park (where Ryan took me on our first Valentine’s Day) and it’s just bittersweet.

Delicious beer from Figure 8 Brewery in Valpo.
Delicious beer from Figure 8 Brewery in Valpo.

I’m just really itching to move out there. When I moved from Kettering, OH to Valpo, I gradually moved all my stuff here over several months and then we got my treadmill and a few other pieces of furniture in a weekend trip with a rented cargo van. I was practically living in Valpo well before I moved, so there wasn’t that big sense of moving (I didn’t even completely stop making the four hour drive to Dayton because I still had to go and defend my master’s thesis in July).

But we will miss parts of Valpo like our favorite parks and trails.
But we will miss parts of Valpo like our favorite parks and trails.

We’re taking an awesome road trip out there and stopping through some beautiful places, including the Black Hills in South Dakota and Missoula, MT. As I’ve said before, Ryan and I both love mountains, and we’re going to get to see plenty on this trip. 

Also, it’s like 175 days away but I’m already super excited about Portland. We’ve been watching Grimm and I’m obsessed with all the scenery in that show. Then again, seeing everyone on Instagram at the Boston Marathon is already making me super excited for when I get to run that! 


Weekly Workouts

I like to take a few days off of running after a goal race to let my body recover, so I didn’t run for most of this week. I got in a couple miles of walking with Charlie and Ryan each day.

Life Lately April 19

Monday: Off 
Tuesday: 30 minutes yoga 
Wednesday: 30 minutes Pilates
Thursday: 30 minutes yoga
Friday: 5 miles easy + 4 strides + drills and strength training (AM); about 90 minutes hiking while Ryan played disc golf 
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 60 minutes hiking while Ryan played disc golf

Life Lately April 19

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12 Responses

  1. I think that this move is coming at the right time for you. And a little bit of stress never hurt anyone, right? after all, what is all of this running good for if you can’t regulate your heartbeat? lol

    1. We agree, it could not have come at a better time. Lol – I also think running is good because all the endurance it builds keeps me going through hours of cleaning and packing!

    1. I get it through subscription from super cheap (I think $1 an issue through the Runner’s World site), but I think you can find it at Barnes&Nobles or a local running store!

  2. I definitely feel a similar connection to Boston! I wish I could be following the race but I’ll be working today so I’ll try to follow along on twitter when I can. Moving is so stressful and exciting! I can definitely relate to those bittersweet feelings:)

  3. For the first time, I’m actually watching the live stream for Boston! It’s so inspiring and I can’t wait to go out for a run in an hour or so. Weirdly, I’ve never been too attracted to the idea of Boston. I think it’s partly because the likelihood of qualifying is so, so, so low for me that it has always seemed unattainable. (For example, I’m hoping to come in under 5:30 for my first marathon when I tackle that distance – so shaving two hours off that time is pretty much ridiculous.) This year one of my cousins is running Boston and a lot of blogger friends are too, so I’m very excited for them!

    Moving is tough and you have to spend a lot of time thinking about your belongings and way of living in the process. It’s tiring but it will all work out in the end. I understand what you mean about leaving though. I felt sad about leaving Columbus because that’s where Zach and I met, and there are so many memories there. I do think that this transitional period of knowing you’re moving but not *actually* moving yet is the roughest because you feel this longing to be settled in your new home but wistful about all the good times in your old one.

    1. I always think that even the seemingly unattainable can become attainable! I know I’m running times now I once thought were impossible for me. And yeah, the transitional period is tough – I just want to get everything packed up but there’s still a while before that, and the anticipation of moving is worse than the physical move itself!

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