How to Make Fingerless Running Gloves

My overly analytical nature has left me seriously contemplating race day logistics over the course of the last two weeks. I’ve made and revised my playlist, developed a fueling plan, and obsessively checked the weather. As soon as the 10-day forecast showed cold weather for Sunday, I started to consider exactly what to wear for the race.

I tend to be a chilly person and usually start wearing gloves for anything once the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Running is no exception and I have an awesome pair of running gloves from Target’s C9 Champion brand. These gloves have special fabric to make it easier to touch your phone screen or Garmin. 

These gloves sometimes take a few tries and taps to select a song on my iPhone, and they aren’t always the best for other things such as ripping open my favorite Hammer gels. I want to keep my hands warm on race day (the temperature is supposed to be in the mid-30s!), but I wanted to have the ability to swiftly open my gels and adjust my playlist without fumbling and slowing down my pace. Fingerless gloves would work best for this; my hands would be warm but I would be able to use my fingers. 

Instead of searching all over the internet and my local running store, I decided to make my own fingerless running gloves from an old pair of running gloves. This post will demonstrate how to make fingerless running gloves—all you need is a pair of running gloves, scissors, thread, and a needle! 

You want to start with a pair of clean running gloves. Determine how many fingers you want to have uncovered; I chose to keep everything but my index fingers and thumbs covered. Try the gloves on and mark where you want the opening to begin, which will probably be around one of the knuckles. I cut mine off at the first knuckle.

How to make fingerless running gloves

After marking where you want to cut, use scissors to evenly cut the fingertips off of the glove. Discard the extra fabric. 

How to make fingerless running gloves

Try your gloves on to make sure you cut enough fabric off. It is always easier to cut a bit off at a time than to cut too much off! Also, can’t you tell from this picture that a little puggle was nearby while I did this? I spot dog hair. 

How to make fingerless running gloves

You want to next thread your needle with thread. I chose gray thread simply because I did not have any black thread on hand. For best results, double up the thread and knot the two ends together to form a secure knot. Then simply stitch the ends of the fingers where you made the cut. This will prevent the fingers of the gloves from fraying or loosening at the seams. 

How to make fingerless running gloves

You can see here that I just made a simple stitch, which I secured with a basic knot. My sewing skills are nothing remarkable, but luckily making fingerless gloves doesn’t require any great crafting skills. If I can do it, you can do it! 


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