Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

Running provides me with an outlet for my desire for growth. I always need to be working toward some goal (honestly, multiple goals). Without any running (or, as I found out mid-week, swimming), I’m channeling my energy into a few different goals:

  • Level 2 RRCA Certification! I got an itch to invest more in continuing education. RRCA Level 2 is more in-depth and begins with online courses. The final module is an in-person course and exam. The topics include applied physiology, strength training for runners, trail running, and more topics that really interest me. 
  • House hunting! Ryan and I moved to Northwest Indiana with the intention of purchasing a home within a year’s time. We haven’t even completely unpacked yet, and we found ourselves compelled by one of those gut feelings to start the process now. 

In terms of workouts, this week featured a lot of cross-training. 

Monday: 30 minutes Pilates

I was able to do one of my favorite magic circle videos with little modification. I’m determined to keep some lower body strength with this injury! I’m hoping that all of the hip-focused work of Pilates minimizes any detrimental affects of walking around slightly misbalanced in this boot. 

Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

Tuesday: Swim

The first workout in the swim plan was as follows, totaling 900 y:

200 y easy (rest as needed)
2 x 200 y moderate (90 sec rest)
2 x 100 y building speed (60 sec rest)
4 x 25 easy (30 sec rest)

I alternated freestyle and backstroke throughout. In last week’s workouts comments, Laura (Mommy Run Fast) suggested to keep my head up a bit and eyes looking forward, rather than staring straight down at the bottom of the pool. I practiced this throughout the workout and noticed a difference in my breathing and technique. 

I’m still really slow at swimming, but that’s completely okay. My focus right now is getting in a decent workout while letting this stress fracture heal.  (Of course, I wrote this on Tuesday, before the revelation at Wednesday’s appointment.)

Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

Wednesday: Rest day

This was the first morning where I really, really wished I could run. It was partly sunny, low humidity, and 35 degrees – one of my favorite conditions for running. You don’t experience many sunny and cold days in Seattle.

I had my first appointment with the orthopedist/podiatrist on Wednesday morning. Apparently, I misunderstood what they meant by “fracture” at urgent care and I have a full break, not just a stress fracture. Thankfully, the bones didn’t move out of alignment, so the recovery timeline remains relatively the same. However, cross-training will look different. The ortho advised me not to swim for a few weeks, as to not risk dislodging the bone or prolonging healing. I’m a bit disappointed about that, because I was starting to enjoy it and the movement benefited my mind and body. 

It looks like I’ll be in the boot at least through early December and can hopefully resume cross-training in four weeks. It’ll be longer before I can resume running. I can do upper body strength and core work so long as I don’t bear weight onto this foot.

I still can’t help but wonder if I did something to my foot in the move, given the timing of all of this (the break was less than one week after the movers arrived and I started unpacking). There were no signs of a stress reaction or stress fracture leading up to the break, which is unusual. I was lifting, moving, and packing things, which was out of the ordinary. 

Thursday: Upper body strength

Thursday was my pity party day. I had tried to maintain a stiff upper lip about my injury. On Thursday morning, I scrolled through the news feed and almost every article I saw upset me, especially the one about that horrific shooting in California. I could not repress my emotions anymore, so I let myself feel sad and upset on Thursday. Recognizing emotions can be cathartic. 

After work, Ryan and I went to the Y to strength train. I can do upper body strength so long as I am not bearing weight on my foot. This workout was an experiment of figuring out what I could do. I completed three sets of lateral raises, front raises, shoulder presses, and chest presses on the stability ball and three sets of lat pull downs. 

Friday: 40 minutes Pilates

The first snowfall of the season occurred overnight, and we awoke to a light dusting. The first snowfall elicits a sense of childlike glee for me. I really hope to be able to snowshoe run this winter, if possible, but I at least look forward to some snowy runs once my foot heals. 

Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

I am so grateful that I can continue to do Pilates. I modify any planks with deadbugs and did one-legged push-ups instead of traditional push-ups. That is one way to get the heart pumping! 

Saturday: Rest day

I don’t want to be overzealous in my cross-training, so I opted for a solid day of rest on Saturday. I was able to walk to our apartment’s dog park and back, which is probably the furtherest I have walked since being placed in the boot. It was wonderful to spend some time outdoors, especially on a chilly and sunny day. Three weeks down in the boot and hopefully only three weeks left to go! 

Mile Markers: All Things Not Running

Sunday: Rest day

We spent almost all of the day viewing houses. Some houses were underwhelming; others captured our hearts. One in particular, amongst many other merits, was along my favorite running route in town. These could be an exciting next few weeks. I will say though that it is a bit tiring to be on my feet for the better part of the day in the boot! 

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9 Responses

  1. Great job on the swimming! My last metatarsal fracture was a real break too. I’ll never forget “air between the bone” is what my podiatrist said. But, I was lucky enough not to wear a boot; probably because mine was broken in the base which is pretty stable. I agree it helps to have measurable goals. For me it was working up to so many minutes of non-stop pool running and so many miles of cycling. I think house hunting is a perfect distraction as well. You’ll so enjoy that process! I hope you find the perfect home for your dogs and for running too. Thanks for linking!

  2. Aw, Laura, I’m so sorry the ortho put the kibosh on the swimming! Doesn’t he know you’re a runner and need to keep moving? Sigh. It’s so hard to be sidelined. I don’t blame you one bit for having a meltdown. Heck, after all this bad news, I have come really close. Hang in there, my friend! I think it’s great that you have so many other things to keep your mind occupied.

  3. I think the longest time I’ve had off of running was around last winter until this summer. I was really into strength training, which honestly, helped me get in better shape for my wedding than running. But now I’m back to running and am loving it so much. Way to get moving even without running! There are so many ways to work out.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury! I had a boot back in 2012 after having a stress fracture and it took nearly 4 months to be able to run again. I hope you recover quickly! The upper body workouts and Pilates sound like a great alternative.

    Oh and happy house hunting! I loved the process, though it took us several months to find “the one”!

  5. Aw man. I’m sorry about the bad news from the ortho. It may seem like forever but time will go by fast. You’re already half way there! When I had my boot, I wore a Dansko clog on the other. It was a good height match so my back and hip didn’t get out of whack too.

  6. Gosh, so sorry to read about your fracture. I love your attitude though and the fact you are still doing some workouts (pilates has become one of my favourite exercises). Also, allow yourself to have those down days – I find that actually helps me to release all my emotions and pick myself up again. And keep blogging and writing so in a few weeks you get to see how far you’ve come.

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