Mile Markers: Thanksgiving Week

Mile Markers: Thanksgiving Week

One of the many reasons we moved back to the Midwest was to easily visit family for the holidays. A better part of this week was spent at my parents’ house. I’m grateful for many things, including time with family and the forthcoming release from the boot. 

Mile Markers: Thanksgiving Week

I noticed significant improvements in my foot the past week. Mobility is returning, pain and that odd dull ache have subsided, and I was able to comfortably walk a few steps at the end of the week (approximately five weeks post-fracture). I am still wearing the boot for everything but sleep and showering until my ortho appointment next week. 

Monday: 30 minutes Pilates

I have repeatedly picked one particular magic circle workout throughout my injury. It doesn’t require many modifications for my foot and provides a solid total body workout. Pilates seems to have maintained my ankle mobility well, despite the boot. 

Tuesday: 30 minutes strength training

While Ryan ran on the treadmill, I completed a medley of boot-friendly exercises. I spent 10 minutes on the recumbent elliptical (arms only) and then completed med ball pullovers, stability ball deadbugs, med ball Russian twists, clamshells with the resistance band, and probably some other exercises. I wasn’t terribly motivated and was certainly just going through the motions, but that is always better than no workout at all. 

Wednesday: 17 minutes Pilates

Wednesday was a hectic day. Between an emergency vet trip (Ollie’s blood work required a follow-up test due to a tick he had) and a five and half hour drive to Missouri, I squeezed in a short Pilates workout. 

Thursday: Rest day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with my extended family! 

Friday: 30 minutes strength training

I have a few hand weights in my childhood bedroom, so I pulled those out for a living room workout. This workout turned out to be a good one, especially with the weight-bearing restriction.

Mile Markers: Thanksgiving Week

Pilates hundred
Pilates series of five 
Pushups (on knees)
Donkey kicks
Glute bridge with chest flye
Glute bridge with dumbbell pullover
Lying triceps extensions

Saturday: Rest day

We had a second Thanksgiving with my sister and brother-in-law. I love getting to cook a big holiday meal. My piece de resistance were the pies: I made a pumpkin pie and an apple crumble pie, both with an all-butter crust. The apple pie was so incredibly delicious that I had two slices even after the big meal.

Mile Markers: Thanksgiving Week

Sunday: Rest day

We drove back home, just before that big winter storm arrived! 

I want to take a moment to use this platform for some good. There’s a humanitarian crisis in Yemen and an estimated 85,000 children under age five have already died from malnutrition and starvation. One simple way you can help is to download the free Charity Miles app, select Save the Children, and use the app when you run indoors or outdoors, walk indoors or outdoors, and bike outdoors. It’s as simple as that. Charity Miles uses corporate sponsors such as Johnson & Johnson and Brooks Running to donate per mile ran/walked/biked. 

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10 Responses

  1. It is a bummer to miss holidays with family when you live so far away. We’ve done it so many years that when we do get a holiday with the family, it’s extra special. I love that you are finding ways around the boot.

  2. Your pies look delicious! I’m going to look at the all butter crust. It sounds as if your bone is healing nicely! Having been there a couple of times, your podiatrist will be able to tell exactly what stage of healing you are in or if it’s completely healed (fingers crossed). Hang in there and keep doing what you can! Thanks for linking.

    1. Thank you! I’m going in next week so hopefully then I can get out of the boot. The all-butter pie crust has been my go-to for sweet and savory pies for years and it never fails.

  3. What relief it must be to know that you’ve healed. It won’t be much longer before you’re out running in the snow. Your pies look amazing! My sister made a brownie pumpkin pie and all I can say is yum! I love this time of year–for all the treats. I’m looking forward to baking my cookies.

  4. I always make pumpkin pie – it’s my favorite! I tried a buttermilk pumpkin pie this year and liked the bit of tang from the buttermilk. Your pies look delicious!

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