Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts

Mile Markers: Variations on the Easy Run

All of my runs this week were easy, as I’m still recovering from my sprained foot and am in no mood to rush back into running. Marathon training for the California International Marathon won’t start until early August, so there’s no point in pushing myself too hard right now. I enjoy easy runs and while I do get a bit nervous about any lost fitness, I know that it will return once I get back to harder training. 

Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts


Monday: 5 mile hilly run with 1 mile fast finish

Mondays are one of those days I could never take as a rest day, even though right now I’m experimenting with which day of the week best serves as a rest day. I need a run on Monday to enjoy some fresh air, get the creativity flowing, and not despise the fact that it’s Monday. Yes, even when you work for yourself from home, Mondays are still one of the least favorite days of the week.

Tuesday: 20 minutes Pilates + 45 minute walk with Charlie

I was still feeling some lingering fatigue from backpacking and hadn’t take a rest day in 10 days, so I took today off from running. I have no problem moving around my rest days as I need and listening to my body.

So I tried a new Pilates workout (an advanced Pilates workout from Evolution Pilates) and spent 20 minutes with my core burning from all of the inversions. This was a hard workout but definitely one worth repeating in the future. 

Charlie and I spent our lunch hour enjoying a leisurely (because Charlie stops and sniffs everything) walk to get in some steps while still resting. 

Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts

Wednesday: AM: 7 mile easy run; PM: 30 minutes strength training

I’ve altered my strength routine after listening to this Runner’s Connect podcast on strength training for runners and after struggling with uphill backpacking last weekend. I used to always lift weights for endurance, so high reps with lower weights. I found this higher weight strength workout from Runner’s World and started out a couple weeks ago with 15-lb dumbbells to learn the movement. This week I upped to 20-lb and 25-lb dumbbells, which provided a hard yet satisfying strength workout. I also started my workout with some mobility work and form drills.

Thursday: 4 mile easy run

I felt the fatigue of weight lifting in my legs, so I kept my effort very easy and averaged somewhere around a 9:00/mile. The best part of this run? It is finally cold enough again to wear a long sleeve shirt and shorts in the morning – no more heat wave! 

Friday: AM: 8 mile easy run with 2 mile moderate progression; PM: 20 minutes Pilates

I’m still taking a comfortable and conservative approach since my foot still twinges from time to time, so I kept this week’s long run wasn’t really long at all again. I maintained a relaxed, easy pace until the final 2 miles, when I picked up the pace to a moderate effort and ended slightly faster than where I think my current marathon pace would be. 

Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts

Seattle may get its share of rainy days, but few things beat our blue skies!

Saturday: 5 mile steady state run on the treadmill

A threatening forecast of rain (which never really manifested into actual rain) caused us to alter our plans and opt for lazy day treadmill run (i.e. not driving anywhere to run). I’ve lost all mental tolerance for the treadmill and need to keep my workouts interesting on it, so after a warm up mile I just played with the speed up and down throughout my steady state range (which is near marathon pace or slightly slower). Still pretty comfortable in terms of effort, but just something different. I have no idea how during graduate school or even winters in northwest Indiana I could run 10-14 miles on the treadmill no problem.

Sunday: 7.5 mile hike, 1400 foot vertical gain

The change in season transform the mountains. When we first hiked Annette Lake back last fall, the ruby and orange hue tress reflected into the water. In winter we barely transversed halfway up the mountains before turning around due to the deep, powdery snowfall. And now, in late spring/early summer, the level of the lake rises high up against the shore thanks to melt and fog lingers over the spring foliage. It’s truly gorgeous and makes the repeating a trail feel like a whole new hike. 

Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts

We woke up early at 5 AM and arrived at the trailhead early before the mass of crowds arrived. By the time we left, the parking lot was packed and cars lined over a quarter mile down the road! 

We reached the lake around 9:30 and soaked in the sunlight, cold mountain air, and breathtaking views. 

Mile Markers: Running, Hiking, and Weekly Workouts

Linking up for Weekly Wrap!

What’s the longest run you’ve ever done on the treadmill?
What did you do this weekend? Did you race?
What was your hardest workout this week?

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34 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures. That’s a crazy ascent on Sunday. My time on a treadmill is about 4 hours. Was training for Disney Marathon in Pennsylvania winter and I wanted to experience the warmer FL weather.

  2. When I was in grad school I ran 12 miles on the treadmill- and it was just for fun! I wasn’t even training for anything! I remember bringing my study materials to the gym and just reviewing everything while I ran for hours. No idea how I did that!!
    Looks like you had a beautiful day for hiking on Sunday!

  3. Those trees! The sky! The lake! The mountains!! Stunning! Treadmill running would have to be an absolute last ditch option. The longest I ran on my treadmill was 12 miles because of an ice storm. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Mind over matter right?

    1. You’d love the mountains here! Treadmill running is completely an issue of mind over matter. It’d really take a lightening or ice storm for a long run on the treadmill for me now.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as to be expected. Right now, I am struggling with figuring out my pacing. My pacing is all over the place and significantly different than it was before, so I feel a bit at a loss (mostly due to price). I need to back off a bit more, and I know that!

    1. Thank you! It definitely is hard to get pacing in place some days when coming back – I had one of those runs today! But you out of anyone will get it back – think of your marathons!

  5. My longest treadmill run was an 11 miler before my first half marathon. I lived in an area without many runners or safe places to run, so a lot of my long runs were on the treadmill or on this 1.5 mile path that I ran over and over and over. I do a lot of 7-8 milers on the treadmill now but usually intervals and TV are involved to pass the time.

    I am with you on Monday as a rest day! For me… I gotta start the week off with a workout, Monday just sets the tone so I have to do something that morning. I usually do the rest day between 2 hard efforts later in the week.

    1. 11 miles is a long time on the treadmill, but it definitely is worth it to stay safe! I’m leaning towards resting between two hard efforts also – it seems to work for a lot of runners!

  6. Hardest workout I did this past week was “your” long fartlek. It was warm-ish and as usual, it was after work which can sometimes prove challenging to get the legs moving. I was able to hit some pretty decent paces without feeling like I was completely torturing myself. Then I ran the following day (completely by effort) and was extremely surprised at the pace I hit.

    I think the longest I have run on a treadmill is ~6 miles….and that was definitely with some variation to keep the mind distracted.

    Gorgeous pictures from your week!! Tonight my workout will entail a 30(ish) minute core work class. And I agree….”never miss a Monday”. Sets the tone for the week!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my fartlek workout – that’s one of my favorite original workouts. I can imagine it’s hard to get moving after work but that’s why warm up jogs are so great! It’s hard to get the legs moving anytime of day without those!

  7. Breathtaking views on that hike. Absolutely incredible. I hope your foot doesn’t keep acting up, and that it heals completely! I’m not sure what my longest treadmill run has been. I do know that my friend Jen who lives in Saskatchewan did her 20 mile training run on the treadmill before her marathon. I WOULD DIE!

    1. Thank you! Don’t you just love the natural beauty of the PNW? You’re a boss at doing longer treadmill runs like no big deal! I can’t imagine 20 miles on the mill though, but I can imagine it does get very snowy in Saskatchewan!

  8. Those views are beyond spectacular. I always told myself I could never live in Seattle because the rain would get to me, but I think I could maybe get over it if I had those views! Longest run I’ve done on the treadmill is 8 miles. I needed to get a longer run in, and there was ice and snow on the ground so I decided to play it safe. If anything, the treadmill really builds my mental endurance so I’m thankful for it in that way! A run on the treadmill is definitely better than no run at all.

    1. It really doesn’t rain that much here! Winter is sort of a steady drizzle but we don’t get much snow. And it’s so worth it for the views – especially in summer and fall when it rains less! The treadmill is definitely better to the alternative of not running at all – or the worse alternative of getting injured from running in adverse conditions!

  9. Wow. Another gorgeous hike. it sounds like you are enjoying your easy runs. I used to run on the TM regularly. I think my record was 7 miles. But I haven’t run on one in years now. I figured out it aggravated an Achilles problem. Ahh…I’d give anything for a cool run. Thanks for linking Laura.

  10. Stunning pics! I’ve done a couple 18 mile runs on the treadmill. Not by choice though. Ugh! I have changed my approach to strength after the RC podcast too. I don’t follow MAF or Paleo but the Primal Endurance podcast has a similar theme to what Tina mentions on RC. It’s been interesting to try the new approach.

    1. Thank you! Wow, 18 miles is a long time on a treadmill – you must have so much mental strength and fatigue resistance. I should give that podcast a listen – thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Haha! I am scared to death of treadmills, so I’ve never worked my way up to a run on one. When I was analyzed for running shoes, I clipped the safety clip on and the sales associate said, “You really don’t have to use that.” She kept asking me when I was ready to pick up the pace. I never got beyond a fast paced walk. Your pictures from your hike are spectacular! We’re going back to the Smoky Mountains this summer and I’m really looking forward to hiking to the falls.

    1. Oh, I clip myself in when I’m on one! Maybe it’s overly cautious but treadmills are scary sometimes. And thank you! Hiking in the Smoky Mountains sounds like such a fun trip – especially to the falls!

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