Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

Happy Easter Monday!

Ooof, I’m sore. This week’s running did not go as planned because of soreness and a bit of training fatigue, so I significantly cut back on my miles. I did manage to include 2 Pilates workouts, 2 strength workouts, and drills/strides, so it’s no wonder I felt a bit of soreness in my glutes.

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

You win some and you lose some, right? For all of the good weeks of training where everything goes well, there are those weeks that just fall a bit short of what was planned. Rather than focusing on what I didn’t do this week (long run), I prefer to focus on what I did accomplish (I did plyos!) and just add back my miles from there. 

I wanted to focus on speed work a bit over this maintenance period, but my body needs some down time between training cycles. Adding in strength workouts and maintaining long runs is more important, so I’m going to dial back to one short fartlek a week (like, 30-45 second intervals sprinkled into a medium length run) and one progression run instead. Which, as a note, is what Hudson recommends for the pre-marathon training period. 

I prefer higher volume (for me) weeks with lower to moderate intensity. By accident this week was lower volume with higher intensity, which I definitely felt (the above mentioned soreness) and honestly I missed my long run this week. 

After how much success I experienced adapting Brad Hudson’s plan from Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon, I’m heavily adapting his marathon as well. I’m tweaking it for how I want my training weeks to look and adding several of my own workouts, but his methodology worked so well for me in half marathon training that I want to see what it can do for me in the full. 

Monday: AM: 7 miles easy run; PM: 25 minute Pilates workout

It rained almost every day this week, so my Patagonia Houdini was my go-to option for running outfits this week. And, I’m excited to share, my Saucony Kinvaras faired well through the rain and puddles. Usually my Pure Connects would soak through (gross), but my Kinvaras were so dry you would have not suspected a rainy run. 

Tuesday: AM: 7 miles with 4-3-2-1 fartlek workout + drills; PM: 25 minute strength workout with plyos and kettlebell

I did this short countdown fartlek workout. I’m not sure what my pace was, since I run by perceived effort, but I aimed for 5K effort or slightly faster. It was a fun workout overall but a bit harder than my body wanted. I need to remember that even after a half marathon I’m not always ready to go back into higher intensity training for a few weeks. My body and mind simply prefer longer easy runs over shorter and faster runs. 

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

My strength workout was a bit of a hodgepodge but I enjoyed it. I did: 10 reps of hopscotch, jump squat, single leg jumps, and skater plyos, 2 x 15 reps of kettlebell halo, figure 8, orbit, and windmill, and 2 x 12 reps of this kettlebell workout

Wednesday: AM: 5 miles easy run + 4 x 20 strides; PM: 15 minute Pilates workout

Today’s run was a fairly unremarkable rainy run. Oftentimes those unremarkable runs are very enjoyable, though, because they’re relaxing, easy, and simple. 

Thursday: 5 mile tempo run, 7:38/mile average + 20 minutes bodyweight strength training

I intended to do my long run this day (since Good Friday was this week), but I cut the run short when I arrived at the trail and couldn’t find my driver’s license. Since I was already there, I did a quick 5 mile tempo run to make sure my license wasn’t lying on the side of the trail from my 5 mile run the day before. Needless to say, I was panicking.

On the bright side, I ran my fastest recorded full mile on this run without even trying: 6:52! By the final mile of my tempo run, I just wanted to get home so I slightly increased my pace and somehow ran that time. My Garmin also recorded my fastest 5K to date at 22:28, which makes me curious how I fast I could do a 5K if I actually pushed at 5K effort rather than sticking to a more comfortable tempo pace for most of the run.

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

And then I got home and found my ID in my Patagonia’s pocket, so I panicked myself over nothing. Oh well, missed long runs happen. Since I was already in workout clothes, I did the PM strength workout from Angela’s workout from the round up last week. 

Friday: 3 miles easy

I tagged along with Ryan for an early morning run. I did this easy run treadmill workout from Meredith’s blog, which kept the run interesting. Yes, I sometimes get bored during even 3 mile treadmill runs. You’d think that a pre-coffee treadmill run would be more manageable since I’m not fully awake, but instead the miles just drag by as I anticipate that steaming hot mug of caffeinated goodness. 

Saturday: 7.8 mile hike, 2200 feet elevation gain

We hiked Lake Serene, which originally kicked our butts when we did it as hiking newbies in the extreme heat of this past summer. This time the hike was significantly easier, thanks to pleasant weather and a better base of hiking. The final 1.5 miles of steep climbing left us a breathing a bit heavier than normal, but we finished feeling this hike wanting to do more. 

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

And what a beautiful hike! Most of the trail was mossy and snow-free, until the very top at the lake where the cliffside was still covered in powder. 

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

Sunday: Rest

We celebrated Easter with Mass, breakfast at our favorite brunch spot, and a delicious lamb dinner. 

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Where do you first feel soreness after hard workouts?
Did you celebrate Easter?
Do you prefer high volume/low intensity or low volume/high intensity in your running?

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32 Responses

  1. I think I prefer high volume and low intensity but my body seems to respond best to something in between that and low volume/high intensity. Lately my upper body has been getting sore from strength training. I did feel my glutes though a few weeks ago when I tried a different workout. I’ sure your body appreciated the break from a long run!

    1. Something in between is definitely a good place to be – you get the benefits of both! Upper body strength training is tricky because it causes soreness so easily, but as you’ve said in your posts it’s so important for runners even though it’s so easy to neglect.

  2. isn’t it funny we get bored during 3 mile easy runs yet enjoy (and miss) our long runs? lol. I hope you have a better week this week where you don’t feel sore! thanks for sharing my workout, it’s raining here this morning and it might be too heavy for my run which will mean treadmill for me. I will probably follow that workout too!

    1. Lol the mind of a distance runner I think! It takes me 20-30 minutes to just get into the groove of a run. Thank you – already feeling less sore. I’ll be doing your workout again on Friday when I run on the treadmill (busy morning). Your workout is so good!

  3. The thought of a lost driver’s license or credit card should always be at the back of your mind when running a 5k from now on. Extra speedy legs! I know I’d be booking it. Great week of smart running!

  4. You just keep getting better and stronger every week. Even with an off week, you still get the work DONE. Look at that screamin mile! My workout week didn’t go as planned, either (as you will see). I hope that I can get back on track this week. For my sanity’s sake.

  5. I used to only run high volume low intensity but now I’m doing a solid mix of both. The miles fly by when I have a temp or track workout on tap. I am sore today in my right knee and yesterday it was my right hamstring. I just ice the sore spots and take it easy and eventually it works itself out. I never run before coffee, especially a treadmill run! That’s just suicide. Great job last week! I hope your body heals up nicely.

    1. Thank you! And you’ve been killing it at those tempo and track workouts! Bodies already feeling better today, a nice rest day after the easy week fixed up any soreness – as did slowing my pace just a bit on this morning’s run. I hope your soreness heals up well!

  6. I think I *prefer* low mileage/higher intensity, but obviously, that is just not the reality of training for a long distance race. Ironically, I have no interest in training for fast shorter races…so…I guess I must resign myself for putting up with training I enjoy less for races I enjoy more!

    I think as runners we all have a tendency to be a little too hard on ourselves. If one of your clients presented to you the exact same workout schedule you just recapped in this post, would your first reaction be “wow, what a slacker, she really didn’t do enough this week”? I’m gonna guess no, lol. We are always more prepared than we think we are. It still baffles me why so many runners fear undertraining more than they fear overtraining. Point being, you still had a great week!

    1. You’re very right – we do have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. I always tell clients to focus on what they did rather than what they didn’t, and I’m working on shifting that mentality to myself. If I get type A on anything it’s achieving my goals, whether those goals were in school or are in running or work. But yes, undertraining rather than overtraining. I think part of me is just focused on maintaining my mileage (which is still less than what I peaked at in half training) since somehow marathon training already starts in two weeks.

  7. Nice work with that speedy 5k in the middle of your run! I do like higher volume but after a few injuries and pregnancy I’ve been sticking to lower volume higher intensity. I’m curious how my body will respond as I ramp up for a fall marathon!

  8. Low intensity keeps me injury free but lately, I’ve upped my intensity and my body has responded well to it. To me, short runs are the hardest to get motivated for…I’m not really sure why but it’s always been like that.

  9. My body seems to enjoy a mix of intensity/volume. Typically, I average ~15 miles/week (that is soooooo low compared to many others). Lately, I have been attempting 1 speed interval workout + 1 tempo/fartlek/pace run + 1 “recovery” run + 1 long run. My long run and recovery I try to kind of slow myself down, but I also like just running by effort and seeing where things fall. Ironic (I think), some of my runs that are based on perceived effort are my best & fastest times. Like your observation of the 5k on your Garmin (which I recently had something similar) it makes me think that maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough on the “hard” workouts….

    Even though you are faster than I am, I would love to meet up and run on the trail with you sometime. I can slow you down and you can push me. 😉

    1. Running the easy and long run by effort is the way to go! That way your body is dictating the easy pace, which may be faster or slower on any given day. I’m a huge believer in perceived effort for best times – that’s how I trained for and raced my most recent & PR half!
      I’d love to meet up with you and run on the trails here also! Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we can plan a time. I’m pretty flexible in my schedule (except Saturday are mountain days 🙂 ).

  10. Awesome week! I think it’s great how consistent you are with adding in strength work. I hope to someday be so diligent with it! Your hike also looks like it was beautiful.
    I celebrated Easter yesterday and went to my uncle’s house on the coast. This was my first time being with my family for Easter in 6 years so it was really nice!

    1. Thank you! It can be hard to be consistent in strength training so I appreciate the complement! I have to schedule it into my days like an appointment to be so diligent, but it helps so much with both running and hiking. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, especially getting to celebrate with your family!

  11. I like a variety of runs in my week–I love speedwork, but I also love me some long slow distance. Of course, I’m not doing much of any of that right now…

    Seriously envious of your 6:52 mile! I don’t think I’ve ever run a sub-7 mile!

  12. I love your hiking pictures! What a beautiful area! I do better with the high volume/low intensity, personally. This week is a recovery week after a big one last week. I feel the fatigue mostly in my legs – they tend to feel like lead on those days!

    My family and I do celebrate Easter. We had a blessed weekend celebrating our risen Savior and eating a whole lot of great food 🙂 I ran 20 miles on that Saturday and did my best not to eat everything in sight!

    1. Thank you! It truly is beautiful out here in Washington state! That sounds like a wonderful Easter! And it’s the biggest feast day of the year to celebrate Christ’s resurrection so don’t feel bad about eating everything in sight 🙂

  13. Hi Laura and welcome to the Weekly Wrap, I am so very glad you joined us! I do hope you make it a habit 🙂 I love your attitude about focusing on what you did instead of what was missing this week. I think we all could use some of that!
    The pictures of your hike look amazing you have beautiful scenery around you to enjoy!
    I go to a trainer twice a week and I am left sore the day after and I guess my glutes are often more sore. She loves to torture me with lots of squats and lunges!!!
    Hope you have a great week!

  14. That looks like a gorgeous hike! I think you need to go out and run a 5K race, but lose your ID beforehand so you feel panicked. That sounds like it does the trick, ha!

    I am definitely in the camp of higher volume, lower intensity training. I primarily run trails, so this suits me well. But for the first couple of years when I started running I was the opposite and I loved to run short (10 miles max) with high intensity. Now that I’ve switched I have lost all of my speed 🙁

    1. Lol apparently the fear of losing something is what it takes for a long and steady runner like me to run a fast 5K! Ooooh running mostly on trails sounds so funny. It’s hard to keep both speed and endurance up at the same time – better to emphasize the one that makes us happy and feel our best than push too hard to maintain both.

  15. Don’t you love it when your Garmin surprises you with “fastest” info? Coming back from a lengthy fall injury, I’m concentrating mostly on low intensity as I build my mileage. I’ve recently incorporated some speed work, but have a long way to go. I can’t imagine running a mile that starts with a 6! Awesome! I’m currently in physical therapy, where I go to get my butt kicked. I am often sore but know in the long run it will pay off. The picture from your hike is incredible! We are so glad to have you join us on the Weekly Wrap and hope to see you again next week, Laura!

    1. Thank you for hosting! Physical therapy is so butt-kicking but it will definitely pay off in the long run – and soon you’re Garmin will be surprising you! 🙂

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