My Running Favorites

I was tagged by Maddie at Dixie Runs to talk about my running favorites! I find it so interesting to know what other people’s favorites are, so play along with me in the comments. 

1. Favorite Running Place: I have a paved trail in Valparaiso that I just love. There’s pretty trees, a lake, and it’s fairly flat with a few gentle inclines so I’m not pounding on the same muscles over and over. 

My favorite little path in Valpo.

However, come May, I’ll be finding some new favorite running paths…in Redmond, WA (and surrounding area)! Ryan just accepted a job in Redmond and he starts in mid-May. I’m already obsessed with the 11-mile long running paths along Lake Sammamish. 

Lake Sammamish trail
So beautiful – and it will never be covered in snow and ice.

2. Time of Day: I always run in the mornings before breakfast. Usually I get Ryan off to work, take care of Charlie, and then head out! Running makes me feel more awake and inspired to attack my to-do list for the day. I like to run on a fairly empty stomach, so morning running is perfect for this. Plus, coffee and a hot bowl of oatmeal taste extra delicious after a run.

3. Ideal Weather: 45 degrees and partly cloudy. (And that’s why we’re moving to the Seattle area haha.) Really, anything in the 30-60 range is good with me. I love being able to wear shorts and a long sleeve top for running but not need a hat or sunglasses. I do not like running in snow, ice, heat, humidity, or my nemesis, the lake effect wind. 

Not a fan of ice. Or snow. Or winter.
Not a fan of ice. Or snow. Or winter.

4. Fuel: I have a very specific fueling strategy that I’ve finally worked out! 
Before a run: For easy runs of 8 miles or less, I usually have, coffee, a handful of raisins and water beforehand. For long runs and harder workouts, I eat a banana, have some coffee, and drink some Nuun. 

Awake minds equals an awake body for running.

During: I am one of those people who needs water at least every 30 minutes. I can do easy runs in cool temperatures without any water, but when it’s hot or a tempo run/speed work/long run I definitely need water about every 20 minutes.
During long runs I take a gels every 5-7 miles once I’m running over 11 miles. After trying lots of different gels, I have found my favorite: GU Salted Caramel. It isn’t liquid-y and messy like some gels, definitely gives me an energy boost, and the salt really helps since I sweat a lot. 

After: Coffee, Nuun, and oatmeal made with milk, an egg whipped in, and topped chia seeds, fruit, and maybe 1/2 serving of nuts. I’m a big believer that fueling well after a run prevents overtraining/female athlete triad and keeps you going strong through race day. 

5. Accessories: Garmin Forerunner 10, my iPhone for music/safety, and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. The Garmin 10 is easy to use, accurate, and fits my small wrists and I don’t run without it unless I’m on the treadmill. If I’m running in an unfamiliar area, I take my Sabre Runner Pepper Spray—> I’m paranoid. For long runs and races, I have a sparkly pink headband similar to the Sweaty Bands Sparkle Non Slip Viva Diva Headband and it is the best because it keeps my long hair out of my face the whole time. 

Running favorites

6. Rewards: Have I mentioned coffee? Beer is my favorite daily reward. I like to get new running shoes after a goal race (like my Brooks that are waiting for me for after Go! STL!). Since I’m competitive and very goal-oriented, running my goal time in a race is a nice reward for all the hard work of training. 

Running favorites
Four Hands Brewery, aka where I’ll be after my next race.

I’m tagging SuzLyfe, Running Out of Wine, and Fairweather Runner to name their running favorites!

It’s your turn now! Answer all or some of these in the comments.


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8 Responses

  1. I definitely enjoyed reading about your favorites! There are some days when i really crave a nice, cold beer after a long run too. I am definitely also a morning runner!
    Im excited to do this,thanks for the tag!

  2. So happy for you both that the job search it taken care of! That is so exciting, though I’m sad that you are moving further away. That will mean some new fave trails, for sure 😀
    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll get right on it–but in that case I’ll save answering any of the questions lol

    1. Thank you! We are so excited, even we do like where we are living (minus the snow) and I was looking forward to Ragnar and such here and we have friends in the Midwest. The opportunity is amazing for Ryan and we’re both pumped to be near mountains!
      I’m excited to read your favorites! 🙂

  3. AMEN for beer rewards!! Your running trails look awesome.. I love paved trails because you get nice scenery but don’t have to worry about roots/rocks/other obstacles that I ALWAYS seem to trip over.

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