Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 3

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 3

Last week’s workouts continued the pattern of progress in my postpartum base building. I increased my mileage more and am adding in small, unstructured bits of faster running. Things feel surprisingly good, especially for being three months postpartum. This careful, sustainable approach is working really well for me. I’m in no rush to get my speed back, but I’m pleased to see some faster paces return naturally. 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 3

Monday: 50 minute run

I covered 5.5 miles in those 50 minutes, with some small inclines and declines mixed in. The variety of inclines makes the runs go by more quickly on the treadmill and has helped outdoor runs feel comfortable. 

Tuesday: 30 minute run & ReCore

I want to be cautious about building back, so I try to keep in a short, slow run at least once per week. I ran this one really easy – around a 10:00/mile pace – and then did week 6 Recore exercises. 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 3

Wednesday: 45 minute run

My Garmin and treadmill reported different distances with a 200m+ discrepancy, so I ran somewhere between 4.8 and 5 miles. What matters really is duration and effort, which is why I like running by time right now. 

Thursday: ReCore 

After this week of ReCore, I feel ready to move onto Pilates and weight training! I’m so glad I did this program – while my core doesn’t look much different, I notice more strength and stability than six weeks ago. 

In the evening, we took Isla to the annual Luminary Walk on one of our favorite pathways in town. 

Friday: 3.25 mile progression run

I slept in a bit (even with Isla sleeping through most nights, I still find myself more tired than before), so I only had a short time window to complete my run before she woke up for the day. Sure, I could run during naptime, but I prefer to run as early as possible. I did a progression run on the treadmill. I started at 6.6 mph and increase the speed by 0.1mph every 0.2-0.25 miles, until I finished at a 8.0 mph pace. I did a brief cool down to hit 3 miles by my Garmin. 

It felt good to run faster and I was surprised at how comfortable these paces felt, albeit for a short duration. I needed the confidence boost to reintroduce some faster running also. 

Saturday: 6.2 mile run

Longer runs are feeling better and better! I took Ollie on this run and focused on a smooth, comfortable effort. I was surprised at my pace – I maintained an 8:16/mile! As I build back my mileage, I feel like I’m noticing that my fitness is coming back. Maybe all the running during pregnancy did more than I thought it did! 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 3

Sunday: 1 hour long walk

Before the bitter winter temperatures arrive, we are trying to take advantage of these milder days with long family walks. 

How was your week in running?

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