2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

It feels strange to talk about something as trivial as holiday gifts when Covid is running rampant throughout the country. However, we could all use a little respite and a reminder that, even if we are celebrating with just our immediate families, the holidays are still worth celebrating. Celebrate this holiday season with some gifts for the runner in your life!

Coros Pace 2

I recently converted from Garmin to Coros (the Pace 2) and could not be happier with the decision. The battery life lasts easily twice as long as Garmin. The watch does not offer some of the health tracking of Garmin (such as stress, body battery, etc), but it does offer a superb sports watch. The watch includes GPS, heart rate monitoring (which seems more reliable and stable than my experience with Garmin), and a running power meter. The user interface is a pleasure to use. I opted for a nylon strap, which is comfortable and easy to fit for an accurate heart rate reading. Best of all, Coros costs less than Garmin.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Tracksmith Harrier Top

Tracksmith is luxurious, both in price and quality. However, I’ll openly admit that their products are made to be worn multiple times between washes – meaning you truly get the bang for your buck. The Harrier is made of merino, which means it wicks like a dream while keeping you warm.

Feetures Elite Socks

I’ve said it before and I stand by it: socks are one of the best Christmas presents. Even though I darn my old socks, I relish receiving a new pair. I recently reviewed these Feetures Elite socks on my blog. I’ve tried Feetures in the past, and these socks far exceeded my expectations. I find myself wearing them for running, strength training, and even just daily wear.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Roka Performance Sunglasses

Roka Performance Sunglasses are classic, durable, and comfortable. I have the Halsey model and wear them year-round; they are comfortable enough for every activity and stylish enough to wear for non-sport outings. A pair of polarized sunglasses is a must-have for winter running, when the combination of clear skies, white snow, and wind can be quite blinding. Roka also provides the option for prescription lenses with their sunglasses. (Currently, they have a Black Friday sale on their sunglasses!)

Chil Wellness CBD

A friend recommended Chil Wellness to me as I searched for CBD oil to relieve anxiety. I started using their Mellow Mint tincture as a daily treatment for anxiety and noticed a clear difference in how I felt. Others report that CBD oil promotes good sleep and reduces pains. More people are finding that for runners, CBD oil can offer a bit of a recovery boost if it helps you sleep well and stress less.

Chil Wellness offers THC-free CBD products, including balms for muscle pain relief for active lifestyles. Their products are third-party tested, which is essential when you are purchasing supplements.

A Book!

Dozens upon dozens of running books are available on the market, ranging from memoirs to training theory books. (These are my go-to books for coaching.) No matter the interest of who are you shopping for, a good book is always a worthwhile gift.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

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13 Responses

  1. I have never heard of Coros! Sounds interesting, especially with the more precise heart monitor. It looks like a nice watch, too.
    What does the running power meter measure exactly?

  2. Great ideas! I don’t know much about the Coros watch. I’ve had my Garmin for about 3 years and its still working well so I will probably hold out on getting a new watch for awhile. I’ve never tried CBD but have heard great things about it. Glad you noticed a positive difference from using it!

  3. You know I’m a huge fan of Chil Wellness–I’ve been using the topicals with great success and I’ve been able to avoid taking NSAIDs when my RA is flaring. I haven’t tried the drops, but based on your recommendation, I will. Anxiety has definitely been an issue for me these days.

    I also love those Feetures socks! Looking at the Tracksmith top as we speak… :p

  4. Thank you for sharing these good gift suggestions. I am in the market for a good running book. I will check some of these out and give them to my hubby to add to my list!

  5. Great suggestions 😉 I’m a strong advocate for sunglasses, year-round. Although I do most of my daily runs in the wee-dark hours in the winter, I do get outside in the daylight on the weekends (or occasionally at lunch). That sun is bright, especially reflected off the snow LOL My sensitive eyes have zero tolerance for the cold wind, so even on an overcast day, there’s still a need for a wind protection.

  6. I absolutely love to run in wool — almost year round! And yes, I’ve been known to run more than once before washing (although I am a heavy sweater so usually I do try to wash after I run in them once!).

    Great list, Laura — have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. I almost switched to Coros when I purchased my last GPS watch. I ended up sticking with what I knew (and liked) but it’s good to know that you’re happy you made the switch. I think socks make great gifts too! When in doubt, give socks!

  8. I never heard of the Coros watch before. It sounds interesting.

    Books are always awesome, on running or not.

    After the latest bout of drama in our house, I’ve been thinking about CBD oil. For me, AND for the pugs.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience with Coros – I feel like I’ve been fighting with my Garmin before/after most runs lately and have considered switching but was nervous to try something I’m not familiar with. It seems like you’ve transitioned easily so I may need to consider that option when purchasing a new watch! I love the option for the nylon band as well.

  10. I said this on someone else’s blog as they mentioned Feetures socks too – I actually initially dismissed them as they “looked” to thin to me. But when I won a pair and tried them, I was completely sold! Not too thick but enough comfort to do an awesome job. 🙂 Socks and sports bras are always on my list!

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