Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

If this post has a spirit animal, it would be an overly-enthusiastic lab/cattle dog mix. There is an abundance of exclamation points. But after a month of disappointments in cancelled races and anxiety over public health and employment, we all need a celebration of accomplishments, big and small. 

I am extraordinarily fortunate to coach an amazing cohort of athletes. They continue to work hard despite cancelled races and added life stress. 

Jessica started running again pain-free after dealing with an ankle injury!

Mark ran his highest mileage month ever (234 miles)! He also ran a virtual 5K with perfectly even splits; this was his third fastest 5K ever in 19:07.

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

Pete raced the Publix Half Marathon with a course PR of 2:07 in early March! 

Laura E has consistently sustained higher mileage, even after her race was cancelled!

Katie has stayed focused on her running even after her race was cancelled!

Karla M has kept up training for her first 50K race!

Eric has continually increased his base level of mileage in preparation for his first marathon! 

Karla J resumed running after taking time off due to a strain!

Tom has consistently run higher mileage while also completing several strong tempo and fartlek runs! In February, he ran a 10K PR of 44:50! 

Janessa completed every single run and strength session in her plan, even after gyms closed. She also has successfully introduced speedwork! 

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

Kirstie ran her highest mileage week in several months!

Caroline resumed consistent running! 

Faith and Terri ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle!

Clarke has consistently trained even with a demanding job and schedule!

Natalie has hit some of her fastest splits in workouts!

Jill is focusing on her goal of consistency!

Danielle is maintaining her mileage even after her marathon was cancelled!

Jess is running some of her strongest interval workouts yet! 

Sam is consistently running and hitting some of her higher mileage weeks even after her races were cancelled!

Mackenzie is maintaining 30+ mile weeks at 6 months postpartum! 

Morgan stayed consistent through busy weeks of work and saw her easy pace for runs improve! She also ran a 5K PR in February and placed second in her AG! 

Stephanie has stayed active despite lockdown!

Marcus has completed several strong, consistent tempo runs and interval workouts!

Aimee started running again pain-free after a bout of plantar fasciitis! 

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

Melissa ran one of her strongest double-digit runs so far this year! She also completed the virtual option of the NYC Half! 

Chelsey continues to run through her second trimester of pregnancy!

Courtnie has successfully increased her weekly mileage!

Caroline L has built up her weekly mileage, including her long runs! 

Jamye has stayed consistent in her training!

Kimberly won AG awards in two local 5Ks!

Mariah raced a virtual 5K!

Alexa started her training for the Mainly Marathons series! 

Jennifer ran some of her strongest workouts yet, including a 6-mile tempo run! 

Marlene ran the LA Marathon! 

David ran a 41-mile adventure run with friends from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar in early March before the shutdown. The run took them 11.5 hours and they explored beautiful parts of the country.

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2020

Laura A ran her first post-injury half marathon in 1:58! 

Lindsey has executed some incredibly fast splits on challenging workouts, while running some of her highest mileage weeks yet!

Laura B has run her highest mileage weeks! She’s on track for her goal of running 2020 miles this year.

Christine started running outdoors and has improved her endurance!

Sarah ran one of her most recent highest mileage months (82 miles)! 

Grace smartly took time off to heal a strain!

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How was your month in running? What did you accomplish?

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