Fuel Your Fastest Running E-Course

Fuel Your Fastest Running E-course: Avoid the wall, eliminate GI distress, and maximize performance with this four week e-course from a certified running coach

My worst race ever might have been a mess of under-fueling, hydration issues, GI discomfort, and a significant slowdown in the second half of the race. However, it did teach me one incredibly valuable lesson: proper nutrition and hydration in training and on race day make a huge difference. 

In fact, one of the biggest changes I made between my first marathon and my second marathon – in which I took 18 minutes off my finish time and ran a BQ – was figuring out how to train my gut, properly fuel on race day, and hydrate well. 

As a running coach, I see many runners who face similar struggles: bonking, GI distress, under-fueling, and more. It doesn’t help that there are so many sports nutrition products to consider and so many different trends, such as glycogen depletion runs or beet juice. How do know what will help you run your fastest race and what will render little benefits for all the effort?

Fuel Your Fastest Running E-course: Avoid the wall, eliminate GI distress, and maximize performance with this four week e-course from a certified running coach

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure all the aspects of fueling and hydration out on your own. On April 16, I am launching the first iteration of my new e-course, Fuel Your Fastest Running! The four-week course costs $59 and includes twice-per-week video/email lessons and an optional individualized call at the end of the four weeks. Spots are limited and already filling up, so sign up soon if you are interested

This course will cover topics such as how to use whole foods instead of gels on your runs, gut training to avoid GI distress, electrolytes and hydration, fueling to avoid hitting the wall, race day supplements such as beet juice and caffeine, and nutrition for recovery. The information is based on the most current research in sports nutrition, supplemented by experience in running long distances and coaching long distance runners. 

If you are tired of bonking or dealing with GI problems, or you want to finally nail your fueling so you can achieve your full potential in the marathon or half marathon, this course is for you! 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to train your gut to avoid GI distress on a race day
  • How to use whole foods for sports nutrition
  • How to fuel to avoid hitting the wall
  • Best foods to recover from hard workouts
  • How to enhance race performance with supplements such as caffeine and beet juice
  • What to eat before, during, and after workouts and long runs
  • How to stay energized throughout training and on race day

What You’ll Receive 

  • Two emails/video lessons per week
  • Optional phone consultation at end of e-course
  • Guidance to determine exactly how much you need to eat/drink during a race
  • Recommendations for sports nutrition products

Week 1: What to Eat during Long Runs and Races
Video: Eating before and during long runs/races
Video: Whole foods options

Week 2: How to Avoid GI Distress on Long Runs/Races
Video: Gut training
Video 2: Hydration and electrolytes

Week 3: Optimizing Race Day Nutrition
Video: Supplements for race day
Video: How to avoid hitting the wall

Week 4: Recovery and Injury Prevention
Video: Best foods for recovery
Video: Eating enough and energy timing for your best running

Are you ready to fuel your fastest running? You can sign up for the e-course here!

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What problems do you encounter with nutrition and hydration in long runs and races?

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  1. this is so great! I know many runners will benefit from what you have to offer them in relation to fueling and running. With so much varying information out there, I know you will be able to help them understand what will work best.

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