Life Lately and Go! St. Louis Half Marathon (April 13)

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend?

Life Lately

This weekend was the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon, so Ryan, Charlie, and I visited my family in St. Louis for the weekend. Charlie loves car rides ever since we got him his zipline harness. Also, we set up his bed for him, but clearly sleeping on top of our suitcases was more comfortable. 

Life Lately April 13

This week Ryan and I signed our lease for our new apartment in Washington! We’re living just north of Redmond in the Mill Creek/Bothell area. The Brooks outlet is in Bothell, along with some amazing running trails, so needless to say I’m super excited. Mill Creek and Redmond both have lots of great shopping and dog parks (which Charlie will LOVE). 

Admittedly, we’re getting graduation goggles with our last few weeks in Valpo. Unlike when Ryan moved out of Detroit or when I moved out of Dayton, OH, we do like Valpo and have a lot of good memories there. Life in the metro Seattle area is going to be amazing. (Also I am never ever ever ever going to miss Midwest winter ever. Especially the lake effect snow.) We’re having fun planning out our road trip out there and driving through South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho with some pretty stops in Sioux Falls, Missoula, and Coeur d’Alene. 

Saturday Ryan and I headed to downtown St. Louis for the race expo to pick up my bib and race packet. Bad blogger that I am, I totally forgot to take any pictures, but the expo wasn’t that great. Although Brooks Running had an awesome trailer full of their shoes and lots of freebies—we both got some Run Happy sunglasses.

We all went to Ted Drewes on Saturday for some custard. Even though I just had a few bites, this stuff is seriously amazing. Charlie got a little pup cup and greedily gobbled it all up.

Life Lately April 13
Anna’s frozen custard, not mine, but doesn’t it look delicious?

Saturday night we took it easy: evening Mass followed by a simple dinner and an early bedtime. 

Sunday was the race; I want to give more details in a full recap tomorrow. The weather was perfect: slight breeze, 50 degrees, low humidity, and overcast. The course, however, was WAY hillier and much harder than the elevation map made it seem. The first four miles included running across two bridges back and forth across the Mississippi River and the inclines on the bridges destroyed my legs. Apparently this course wasn’t “flat,” it was just “flatter” compared to last year’s. 

I didn’t hit a time in my goal range, but I still ran a 3 minute PR with a 1:43:12. I was 430th overall out of 6029 half marathoners and within the top 100 women, so I still did well considering the course.

Life Lately April 13

After the race, Ryan, my mom, my sister, and I headed over to Rooster for brunch. The race had a lot of food at the post-race party, but it was all ice cream and chocolate and I cannot tolerate anything sweet after a race—I want eggs, bacon, and anything salty and savory.  I got the scramble with red onions, goat cheese, potatoes, and tomato jam, plus a side of bacon, of course.

Life Lately April 13

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Training Week 8

My last week of training was devoted to tapering, with one last workout thrown in just to keep some speed in my legs.

Monday: 4 miles easy, 8:52/mile average pace.
Tuesday: 5 miles with 4 x 4 minutes at about 7:15/mile. 
Wednesday: 40 minutes of foam rolling and yoga.
Thursday: 3 miles easy on the treadmill, 9:05/mile.
Friday: Off
Saturday: 20 minutes shake-out run. 
Sunday: Half marathon, 1:43:12.  

Life Lately April 13

Goals for Next Week

1. Recover properly, which means at least four days of no running and plenty of yoga and Pilates.

2. Not beat myself up about missing my goal. I still PR’ed and I’m still on a good track (once I get in some strong training) to hopefully BQ in Portland. Not to mention living in Washington will add some great hills to train on and not confine me to the treadmill for a quarter of the year.

Questions of the Day:
Did you race this weekend? How did it go?
What was the hilliest/hardest race you’ve ever run?
Salty or sweet foods after a race?

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4 Responses

  1. Still a fantastic time, and a PR to boot! The hilliest race that I’ve ever run… to be honest, most of my big races have been hilly! Twin Cities has a decent number of hills, but so did the Wine Country half and the Nashville half that I did. After races, I crave eggs for sure 😀 and I would say equal parts salty and sweet. Just like usual haha

  2. Congrats on the PR! Bridges are so tough. I’m doing NYC this year and am really scared of the bridges! I always crave salty and savory after a race, I can’t do sweet either. I had a half this past weekend too and it did not quite go as planned and I ended up getting pretty sick afterward. The hilliest race I ever did was a local half I saw on Facebook the week of the race and decided to do last minute without knowing anything about it – all hills. Up and down the whole time!

    1. Thank you! That is so exciting that you get to run NYC this year, I imagine the scenery and sights distract a lot from all the hills! I’m sorry to hear you got sick after your half – hope you feel better soon!

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