Life Lately and Weekly Workouts (May 11)

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Did anyone race this weekend? 

Thank you so much for all your kind words and well wishes on our move! It means so much to both Ryan and I!

Life Lately

Friday was our last day in Valpo, and it was a tiring day. Even for poor Charlie, who I’m pretty sure spent the whole time the movers were there crying. Poor puppy!

Life Lately May 11

We spent the weekend in St. Louis to visit my family before our big move. We are officially moved out of Valpo, which doesn’t quite feel real yet since we usually visit my family once a month or so. It is definitely summer in St. Louis. I think I may melt from the heat and humidity out here! 

Friday we pretty much got to St. Louis and fell directly asleep. Driving in the pouring rain after moving out of an apartment is exhausting. Saturday we were energized and spent more time with my family.

Confession: we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron again. Ryan and I took my sister to see it at one of those theaters with the reclining seats and the dine-in (or for us, more like bar-in) option. Beer and a Marvel movie? Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!

Life Lately May 11

Afterwards we went to Schlafly Bottleworks for dinner and more beer. They grow most of their produce in a garden behind the restaurant, so everything always tastes incredibly fresh. I ordered the roasted veggies sandwich and then got total food envy over Ryan’s rainbow trout with smashed red potatoes and green beans. 

Life Lately May 11

 For Mother’s Day the whole family went out for Mexican food to celebrate! I have consumed so many tacos, sweets, and beers over the past few days, but what’s life without indulgences?

Life Lately May 11

Weekly Workouts

I think this week was my lowest mileage week in all of 2015. I’m ok with this week and next week being lower mileage, since marathon training starts in only a couple of weeks and I’ll be logging plenty of miles then. I also completely neglected any formal strength training. Pathetically, I’m considering all the hours of packing, lugging boxes, and moving furniture to be my strength training for the week.

Monday: 7 miles on the treadmill, 1-2% incline, with 25 minutes at tempo pace. For the tempo I progressed from a 7:40/mile pace up to a 7:20/mile pace (7:30/mile average).

Tuesday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill, 8:57/mile average pace. 

Wednesday: 7 miles easy, 8:19/mile average pace. Best run of my week!

Thursday:7 miles easy, 8:31/mile average pace. This was my last run in Valpo and I definitely got a taste of the Midwest summer weather I won’t be missing!

Life Lately May 11 5

Friday: Off—the day was busy with moving out of our apartment in Valpo and driving down to STL.

Saturday: 2 hot, humid, and hilly miles with Charlie, 9:28/mile average pace. 

Sunday: About 30 minutes of kettlebell and core strength training. 

27 miles total for the week.

Question of the Day:
Did you race this weekend? 
What was your best run last week?
What has been your favorite indulgence lately?

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12 Responses

  1. Lately my favorite indulgence has been dark chocolate from Fresh Market. Each week I put together small bag and its perfect to snack on after dinner! Packing can be so exhausting- it definitely makes sense to do less formal workouts during the moving process. Good luck with the rest of the move!

  2. Glad the move is going well, its gonna be very exciting for you to check out all the new eats in your new home 🙂
    By the way, thank you for featuring my post in your link love last week 😉 I did not race this weekend, but I did feel tired on my runs….same thing right? 😉

  3. My favorite run was yesterday. I completed 10 miles at marathon race pace and it felt really good! I can’t wait for my race to be here! My indulgence this week was also yesterday. We made burgers, potato salad, lemon bars and cut up fruit for Mother’s Day. We were stuffed.

  4. Westward ho! That was really corny. Anyhow…hope it is all going smoothly and I am jealous that you get to leave the humidity behind. Ours is dreadful already!

  5. Mexican food is one of my favorite indulgences… probably because anything on the menu tastes even better with queso on top, so I always order extra 🙂 Good luck with moving!! Charlie will be better once he is settled in his new home!

  6. No judgment here on moving and packing being considered strength training. Hope Charlies does well during your westward travels! Poor little guy.

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