Life Lately and Weekly Workouts {May 26}

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the day with plenty of sunshine, beer, and burgers (or whatever treats in which you indulge!). 

Life Lately

Since it was a glorious 55-65 degrees all weekend, we took full advantage of the cool-to-us weather and headed outdoors for most of the weekend. 

The movers arrived with all of our belongings and furniture on Friday, which included our bikes! So of course, we headed out for a long bike ride along the Sammamish River Trail and Marymoor Trail. 

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes

Right after Mass on Sunday, we packed up Charlie and a hiking bag and drove out to the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a bit of a drive (and a ferry ride!) from Seattle, but definitely worth the trip! The Olympic Mountains and the glacial lakes (this is Lake Crescent) are breath-taking. Even Charlie loved the sights…or at least he loved the ducks. 

Life Lately May 26 | This Runner's Recipes
Photo by Ryan Norris

The mountains surrounding Lake Crescent are geologically similar to the Norwegian fjords. Just like the fjords, the slopes are steep and the water of the lake has incredible clarity. 

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes
Photo by Ryan Norris

We found a steep and rugged trail (at least, rugged for us Midwesterners) on the Olympic National Park. This view? Insane. Like, is this really our life now? Charlie enjoyed the hike as well, although he was more interested in the smells on the ground than the scenery.

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes
Photo by Ryan Norris
Weekly Eats

I raved in last week’s post about how fresh all the vegetables were out here. We’re savored a delicious and gigantic spaghetti squash for dinner a couple nights this week and I’m working on a spaghetti squash recipe to share soon. It’s so satiating, flavorful, and healthy! Seriously, squash is one of the best vegetables and I may like this more than actual spaghetti. 

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes


We enjoyed a quick lunch from Whole Foods halfway through our 21-mile bike ride on Saturday. I forget just how delicious the Whole Foods hot bar is because it had been so long since I’d been to Whole Foods. I had roasted root vegetables, broccoli, pulled pork, and some mac & cheese that I just could not pass up. 

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes


Who can pass up donuts? Donuts currently hold the title of my favorite sweet right now, and the Pacific Northwest knows how to do donuts right. I’m already eagerly anticipating the Voodoo Donuts I’ll treat myself to after the Portland Marathon.

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes

Weekly Workouts

Seattle running has been beautiful. I live in the northern suburbs/eastside area, and there are lots of parks and trails within a 15 minute drive. These trails are mostly flat and paved trails that provide miles and miles of traffic-free running (which makes me so joyful because I hate stopping for traffic lights several times per run). It’s so pure and freeing to run while surrounded by soaring evergreens and rolling rivers. I was worried I would miss my usual Valpo loop, but I don’t at all. 

I took this week easy to ease myself back into a full running schedule after a couple of lower-mileage weeks. 

Life Lately May 26| This Runner's Recipes

Monday: AM: 5 miles easy, 8:15/mile, on my new trail. PM: 30 minutes strength training and stretching at the gym. 

Tuesday: 7 miles on the treadmill, with 5 x 5 minutes at 10K pace (7:20/mile) with a 2 minute recovery jog between each, 8:04/mile average overall, followed up by planks. 

Wednesday: 5 miles easy, 8:32/mile, out on the trail.

Thursday: AM8 miles easy, 8:34/mile. PM: 25 minutes strength and core work.

Friday: Off—the movers arrived bright and early and I spent the rest of the day unpacking.

Saturday: 5 miles on the treadmill: 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles at goal marathon pace (8:00/mile) with rolling hills (0-3% incline), 1 mile at tempo pace (7:30/mile) at 1% incline; 8:04/mile average pace. Later in the day: 21 miles of cycling.

Sunday: 1 hour of hiking. 

30 miles total for the week!

Questions of the Day:
How were your workouts this week?
What did you do this Memorial Day weekend?
Donuts—->yes or no?

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10 Responses

  1. I’m not big on donuts…there are a bunch of other “treats” that I would prefer to eat over them, but once in a while I do get in the mood! It looks like you have some beautiful views out there! Great week of running!

  2. One of our house mates this past weekend (he was only there for the weekend) decided to get 2 dozen donuts his first morning there. Good grief, it was difficult to walk by! I’m a donut hole type of person–I like the ratios. Otherwise, I’ll pick at the donut. I used to get 2 of them on Sundays and horse show mornings…. times have changed!

  3. Seriously envying your new living choice! So beautiful. I’d love to have that in my backyard!

    No relaxing around here this weekend, just lots of soccer plus a confirmation. All good, though!

    1. Thank you! It amazes me that now we can drive just 25-60 miles and have our choice of mountains ranges, as in Indiana that would only get us to cornfields! Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend!

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