Life Lately (November 10)

Hi, everybody! How was your weekend?

This weekend was race weekend! The Valparaiso Half Marathon was Sunday and was such a fun race! The weather was cold with a bit of wind but the course was flat and fast. 

Life Lately Nov 9

I paced myself by feel and ended up running faster than my goal pace. I placed second in my age group (it’s a small, local race). I’ll post a recap of the race tomorrow!

Life Lately Nov 9 (6)


The half-marathon had really high-quality race shirts. They are long-sleeve technical shirts with the race logo on the front. I’m really excited to wear it for running and yoga. Charlie thought it was a really cool shirt also. 

Life Lately Nov 9

Ryan and I spent the rest of Sunday relaxing and watching movies before going out to dinner to celebrate! We went to Tomato Bar, a local gourmet pizza restaurant, and enjoyed some yummy pizza and tasty New Holland beer. 

Life Lately Nov 9

Speaking of beer, just when we thought Oktoberfest beers were gone for this season, I found some Sam Adams Oktoberfest at Target! Honestly, it’s our favorite brew ever and we wished they sold it year-round. It’s the little things that can make the work weeks exciting. 

Life Lately Nov 9


I have been obsessed with wearing my hair in braids lately. My bangs have outgrown and my hair has gotten long, but I’m too lazy to go get it cut. This week I figured out how to French-braid my grown-out bangs and have done my hair like that everyday since. This is how I did my hair for the race, and I didn’t have a single tangle, which is as much as a success for me as running a fast 13.1 miles. 

Life Lately Nov 9

My workouts were pretty laid-back this week because of tapering for the race. I spent a lot of time resting up and snuggling with my boys. There was some cold and rainy weather this week, so Charlie and I spent extra time cuddling during the day. I kept my runs this week short and easy-paced: 3 miles easy on Monday, some short speed work (5 miles total) on Tuesday, and 2 mile runs on Thursday and Saturday. I also did some yoga on Wednesday but laid off strength training to rest up for the race. 

Saturday we also volunteered at a fundraiser at our alma mater. We made some soup (pea and noddle soup) for a cookout that benefited homeless shelters in the area. The event was fun and our whole crockpot of soup was gone in a couple hours! 

Questions of the Day:
How was your weekend?
Did anyone race this weekend? How did you do?
What’s your favorite type of beer?

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