Life Lately and Weekly Workouts (May 4)

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? 

Life Lately

This weekend was our last weekend in Valparaiso, IN. I remember when I moved out of my apartment the summer after graduating from Valparaiso University and how bittersweet it felt leaving a place with so many memories and not knowing when I would be back. Now, three years later, there’s so many more memories and we really don’t know when we’ll be back, so we’ve been savoring every moment here.  

Our Favorite Park in Valpo
Our Favorite Park in Valpo

Although I will not miss this weather. It’s been cold, super windy, and then all of a sudden we will get one nice day and then it will get cold again…until it’s summer and it’s hot, humid, and there’s no wind. I’m ready for the steady and mild temperatures in Seattle. SO ready. And the winters? We will only see snow when we seek it out on the mountains (or are in St. Louis for Christmas and it happens to snow). You know you’re from the Midwest when you devote this much mental energy to talking and thinking about the weather. 

You know how last week I said the move was stressing Charlie out…he spent a majority of this week hiding under the bed. I think he thought I was going to box him up. Maybe we shouldn’t have jokingly put him in a box…

Charlie is totally giving me the stink-eye here
Charlie does not approve

We made it up to Charlie by letting him have some energetic off-leash time at the park. He is such a good boy and doesn’t go far from us, but we will stand apart and he’ll sprint back and forth between. it’s seriously the most precious thing because he gets a huge smile on his face when he gets to run free. We tried to get him to fetch sticks, but he would just run to the stick and point. 

My boys
My boys

Have you seen Avengers: Age of Ultron? We saw it Thursday night. SO GOOD. Then again,  my favorite movies ever are (a) Star Wars trilogy, (b) Lord of the Rings trilogy, and (c) any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (ummm minus Ant-Man. Like, is that one a joke?), so of course I’m going to love it. Ryan actually had to put the first Avengers on a temporary “no-watch” list after I made us watch it roughly twenty times when it first came out on DVD. If we hadn’t been so busy with packing, I probably would have made us watch everything from Iron Man through Guardians of the Galaxy this week. Yes, I’m a total nerd. 

Speaking of my nerdiness, I got the Hansons Marathon Method book this week! I’m so excited to read it and even more excited to start training for Portland. One month until training begins!

Life Lately May 4 2

Weekly Workouts

Running keeps me sane and makes spending the days spent packing up boxes so much more manageable. I would have loved to get more miles in this week, but there were days where we had so much to do that I kept my runs short. 

Life Lately May 4

Monday: 7 miles easy, 8:25/mile average pace, followed by 6 x 100-m strides and some drills. So windy on this run, but I managed a 7:46 for my last mile. PM: 20 minutes strength training 
Tuesday: 7 miles easy, 8:31/mile average pace, with some nice rolling hills the whole way
Wednesday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill, 1% incline, 8:45/mile average pace, followed by 30 minutes of power yoga
Thursday: 3 miles easy on the treadmill, 1% incline, 8:45/mile average. I was going to run long, but my calf was cramping and I let the stress and emotions of the move get to me. PM: 20 minutes of Pilates.
Friday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill, 1-2.5% incline, 8:55/mile average pace. I was going to run with Charlie, but I slept in after being out late for Avengers and then didn’t get to run until right around lunch…when I had bread in the oven and a load of laundry going. So treadmill it was! 
Saturday: 10 miles easy, 8:13/mile average pace, with the last 2 miles around goal marathon pace. I love long runs. 

Life Lately May 4

35 miles for the week!

I only listened to music on my treadmill runs, and it has made running even more relaxing to go music-free outside. Seriously, ten miles just flew by on Saturday and I would have gone for longer if I didn’t need to prep the apartment for (more) showings. 

Questions of the Day:
Did you see Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend? Are you a fan of the Marvel movies?
Any great packing tips to share? —-> Ryan might have to re-pack everything I packed. 
What was your best run last week?

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10 Responses

  1. firstly, thank you SO MUCH for referring to my post the other day in your linkup, that means the world 🙂 Second, so sad you are moving out now….timing was just bad, that would have been so cool to meet….therefore I agree with Charlie 😉 Thirdly, I am glad you said about Avengers….now I have something for steve and I to do next weekend 🙂

    1. It would have been cool to meet up, especially because you’ll be in this area soon for your wedding! Let me know if you’re ever in the Seattle area 🙂 Enjoy Avengers when you go see it – we’re seeing it again next weekend 😀

  2. When we were moving I was packing boxes WAY too heavy. Rob was not happy when he started moving them down the 2 flights of steps:) The only packing tip I have is to keep everything with other items from that room. I would throw random stuff in boxes just to get them packed and now there are things I can’t find.
    The moving process was so tiring and I definitely found myself cutting back on workouts that week!

  3. Good luck finishing up the packing! I actually really like packing (well, I say that., but….) –it is like a giant puzzle. Just make sure that you have a box of the necessities that you pack last and unpack first. That way, no matter what, you have plates/utensils/toothbrush/underwear!

    1. Thank you! I treat every box like a giant puzzle also – great minds think alike 🙂 And we’re totally packing essential clothes/dishes/all my running stuff separately in case our stuff arrives in Seattle after us (we’re driving out there).

  4. I love Charlie!!!! He’s so cute. Dixie freaks out when we pack things too, but she just is afraid she’s going to get left behind. She hates the sight of a suitcase! Great runs this week!!

    1. I bet Charlie would love Dixie!! Charlie at first was afraid of suitcases, but now he knows they probably mean a weekend of him playing with dogs and getting spoiled by his grandparents so he gets excited 🙂

  5. My husband saw that movie that weekend and liked it. I’m not much into the Avengers and didn’t care for the first movie much. My husband and I will do that same with our dog! We have short path by our house that isn’t too busy. We let Peyton run back and forth between us. There is nothing better than a smile on a dog’s face when they are running free!

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