Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less

Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less

First off, you probably noticed something new this morning: I re-branded! I outgrew my original blog name a few years ago when I started focusing more on coaching and less on recipes. Welcome to the Laura Norris Running website and Team Laura Running coaching!

I started the third trimester this week, also known as the “eat more, run less” phase of pregnancy. I am naturally scaling back mileage based on how I feel (and that includes the challenge of running in the heat). I am currently eating as if I’m in marathon training, but I’m running less than half the mileage. 

Increased hunger has been a symptom during my entire pregnancy. Before I even knew I was pregnant, I remember remarking to Ryan that I was surprised how much rebuilding mileage after injury increased my appetite (clearly, it wasn’t just the running!). I don’t follow the calorie recommendation for pregnancy (especially since those aren’t specific for highly active pregnancies). Instead, I let my appetite dictate how much I need to eat and focus mostly on nutrient-dense foods. 

I removed hard workouts this week, in part due to the weather. It’s been almost 70 degrees most mornings! I feel comfortable at an easy pace except on very hot days (like Saturday). Most of my runs have been in the 9:00-9:20/mile range (all continuous running) and I’m really happy with that. 

Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less


Monday: 30 min run & 20 min strength

My body was tight after six hours in the car on Sunday. That combined with two days off of running, a weekend of rich eating, and a muggy, humid, warm morning made this run a slog. It was one of those necessary slogs, where I knew everything would feel better after the run. 

Once I finished the run, I completed two sets of a short strength workout. I did this circuit barefoot to improve foot strength and balance:

Lateral band walks
Monster band walks
Side plank dips
Banded glute bridges + glute bridge marches
Single leg kettlebell deadlifts with rows
Kettebell split squats
Bird dogs
Elevated push-ups

Tuesday: 6 mile run

It was a mild morning with lower humidity, which was perfect for running Ollie a little bit longer. I felt much better after yesterday’s shakeout run and some stretching. Ollie and cruised along comfortably for six miles (plus the usual stops that occur when you run with a dog). 

Wednesday: 40 minute run & 15 min strength

My legs felt tired on this run – as if I had run 16 or more miles the day before, not six. I kept the distance short and the pace easy. I am noticing that I’m feeling more comfortable in the summer weather – and it was 70 degrees by the time I finished my run at 7 AM! 

After the run, I completed a short strength circuit. I tried to hit as much as I could in a short amount of time: push, press, hinge, squat, pelvic floor strength, anti-rotational core work, and hip mobility. 

Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less

KB goblet squats to overhead press
KB single leg deadlift with row
Half-kneeling KB woodchop
Banded glute bridge
Banded clamshell

Thursday: Pilates

I completed my go-to prenatal Pilates workout. It’s not getting harder, so I take that as a sign of progress in its own way. Later, the dogs and I enjoyed a leisurely long walk.

Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less

Friday: 5 mile run

File this under: pregnancy is weird. It was 70 degrees and 85% humidity with virtually no breeze – conditions that warranted Ollie being left at home. The first ~30-ish minutes were a slow shuffle. My right foot fell asleep for a few minutes and I just focused on getting home. Then, suddenly, around 4 miles, I felt great and finished off with the final mile at a comfortable 8:50 pace.

Saturday: 3 mile run/walk

I need more sleep at this point in pregnancy. After a Friday night date night, I slept in until about 7 AM – at which point it was already hot outside. Summer weather arrived in full force this week! By the time Ryan and I got out for our run, it was 80 degrees. We kept the pace deliberately slow and I requested we add in a few walk intervals to avoid overheating. 

Mile Markers: Eat More, Run Less

Sunday: Rest day! 

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  1. Do you determine your slow pace by feel only or do you take heart rate into account? I only ask as I have started to try heart rate training and I feel like my slow pace by heart rate is too slow and therefore maybe I’m not going to make any gains. But maybe I was just running too fast all the time before. My goal is to get faster overall.

    1. I don’t use a heart rate monitor, so instead I pay attention to my breathing. For an easy run, I aim for my breathing to be comfortable enough that I could speak a few sentences without gasping for air or stopping. If my breathing gets too labored, I slow down. Whether you use a heart rate monitor or effort, slow runs will help you get faster by fully developing your aerobic capacity and not overtraining the body – and by allowing you to run fast enough on your hard run days to see benefits.

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