Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

After soreness and lower mileage in the previous week, this week I settled back into a training groove that works for me. Moderate mileage, some sprinkles of intensity, and a balance of strength training and Pilates along with running. Running, to borrow the phrase from Saucony, thrives when you find your strong and train to that. The more I train for long distance running, the more I become attuned to that balance that works for me. 

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

I realized this week that now I only have ONE week to go until marathon training begins. It feels like I just raced my half marathon but that was four weeks ago! Where did March go? Five weeks between race training plans seemed like a long time when I signed up for the Jack and Jill Marathon back in November.

I want to give a huge high five to Meredith, who ran the Aspire 10K this weekend! I’m coaching Meredith for the Long Island Half Marathon and she ran this race as a tune up. Despite the rain she ran this course faster than she did last year! 

I did my first podcast interview this week with Real Runners Chat. Be sure to check out my interview (episode 12) on iTunes; I talk all about how I got into running and coaching, half marathons, and how hiking can benefit runners! 

Monday: AM: 8 miles with 8 x 30 second fartlek; PM: 30 minute Pilates workout

I got this workout idea from my favorite training book (Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon by Brad Hudson) and really enjoyed it. It was just enough speed to keep the workout interesting and remind my legs to move fast without building up any fatigue. A little bit goes along way with speed work.

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

Tuesday: AM: 7 miles easy; PM: 20 minute plyo + kettlebell workout

I added a short 5 minute progression at a moderately hard pace at the end of this run, since my legs felt good, and finished the final mile in 7:28. I love progression runs because they include faster running without tiring the body and are so intuitive – the pace doesn’t matter, just the effort. 

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

Lately I’ve been enjoying the combination of plyometrics and kettlebell for one strength training session a week. It’s fun, explosive, and short (is it bad that’s my favorite part?). 

Wednesday: 4 miles with Charlie + 15 minute Pilates workout

I let Charlie get out of shape recently (which happens easily with puggles), so we started back up his training this week. He needs to be in good shape for summer hiking! I even wrote recovery days into my training plan so I can make sure to run with Charlie.

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

A fun new aspect of my favorite running trail is that Ryan’s work just moved its office to along that trail (right by a brewery, which makes it even better). Charlie spazzed out with excitement when Ryan stopped by to visit us on our run. 

For some reason I was super hungry after this workout and could not stop snacking all afternoon long. I realized later that it was probably adding back in harder strength training and plyometrics; just like a long run, they make me hungry the next day. 

Thursday: 12 miles with last 10 minutes at moderate effort

This run was sunny, warm, and fun. I missed my long run last week and it felt so good to resume weekly long runs – which bodes well for the start of marathon training in a week. Thankfully I brought my water bottle, because the temperatures were already in the 60s by halfway through my run. Beautiful weather, even if I dressed expecting cooler temperatures!

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

Later that evening Ryan and I watched our alma mater play in the National Invitation Tournament, so of course I had to include my favorite post-run treat: a cold and delicious craft beer. 

Mile Markers: Find Your Strong

Friday: 4 miles hilly on the treadmill

I didn’t have time to drive to Redmond to hit the trails, so I opted for the trail running feature on the treadmills at our gym. This feature was actually fun! The treadmill automatically varied the incline from 1-5% and the treadmill TV screen played video from a trail in California as if I was running on it. 

Saturday: 2o minute kettlebell and core workout

Ryan had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday (he’s doing well and recovering quickly), so we skipped out on hiking this week. I considered another run but decided I would benefit more from a second strength training workout. 

Sunday: Rest Day

It’s pretty ingrained in my mind to rest on Sundays, so a rest day I took. 


Linking up with Weekly Wrap!

Do you take a rest day on the same day each week?
How was your week in running? Did anyone race? 
What’s your favorite post long run treat?

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28 Responses

    1. The month just flew by! Which hopefully means that spring is finally around the corner, right? Fridays sound like a great rest day – definitely a day where the week cannot be over soon enough. 🙂

  1. thanks for the kind words and for all of your helpful advice and coaching! I really want to run the darn race again next year just to see if I can get this race course without some form of precipitation lol. you know I get super hungry in the days following longer/harder runs. larger breakfast usually do the trick but not always, sometimes it’s all about snacking until the hungry feeling goes away.

    1. Thank you!! Hopefully next year you can have normal weather. You’d think the race was here in Seattle based on how much precipitation it seems to have! If you put us two together we’d demolish so much food on the day after a long run lol – I get so snacky!

  2. Sounds like a great week of workouts! I like to rest on Sundays too but sometimes its nice to take a rest day during the week. After traveling this weekend, today is a rest day because I ran yesterday morning. My favorite post-long run treat is a dinner out where I usually end up ordering a burger and fries, and either wine or beer.

    1. Thank you! A rest day is always nice to ease back in after traveling – especially if not running means extra sleep! Burger and fries are soooo good after a long run – I love them after a race as well!

  3. I got my perfect day Saturday (as you will see when you read the blog). It had everything that I needed. I will definitely check out your podcast, but I’m excited for our chat on Wednesday!

  4. Great job this week 🙂 I also can’t believe your race was 4 weeks ago..I swear you just did that a few days ago. Where is the time going?! I change up my rest day depending on what’s going on that week, but I always do my long runs on Sunday! My race is typically on a Sunday so I just always plan on running long on Sundays.

    1. Thank you! I know, March just flew by – and soon your marathon will be here then! 🙂 I think it’s good to be flexible with rest days, sometimes in marathon training we just need a little extra rest.

  5. I train pretty hard on both weekend days, so Monday is always my rest day. Coffee is definitely my favorite post race treat as I won’t drink it before a race. I like a progression run too. Most of mine runs end up being this way, except the long and slow. I’m curious, are you following a pre-made plan or are you creating your own marathon training plan? I’m trying hard to incorporate more strength training into my week. It’s always been a weakness. I see you are doing a great mix of things. Thanks for linking with us Laura!

    1. I adapted my own plan, using some workouts from Brad Hudson’s Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon and working in the types of workouts I prefer/what works best for me (I thrive on variety vs doing the same workouts week to week), and then wrote in Pilates, strength training (I need to write it in so I do it!) and hiking to supplement. Marathon training is tricky and so individual! Thank you for hosting!

  6. Lately my rest days vary from week to week due my son’s baseball schedule. This year (as in since the turn of the calendar into 2016), I have been planning out my training by the month. Right now it all feels a little chaotic due to previously referenced baseball schedule. Argh! That creates a little challenge for this planner here!!!

    I ran the Go Long 520 Bridge Run this weekend. I was not really planning to “race” (I hardly ever do…I always seem to just run…and not push myself as I probably can); my time ended up better than anticipated. There was soooooooo many people at the event! Sunday we (boyfriend, son, and I) tried to make to make it back to UW for the bike ride across the bridge but time got away from us and we did not make it in time (sadly). We did still end up with about a 17 mile bike ride for the morning, though.

    1. That’s awesome about a faster time than you expected! Those races are always so rewarding. I saw pictures of how crowded it was – so many people but it was so nice outside this weekend so it makes sense. I bet it was so fun though!

  7. Charlie is so stinkin’ cute! Awesome week of running for you too! I also love having a delicious craft beer Saturday evenings after my long runs–I’m usually more of a wine person, but long runs make me prefer beer!

    1. Awww thank you, I’ll tell him that! Thank you! Something about craft beer just hits the spot after a long run – maybe it’s how soothing carbonation feels, or just the carbiness of it, but it’s so good after long runs!

  8. My designated rest day every week is Monday. That was one of the rest days in the first marathon training plan I did and I’ve just kept it ever since. I don’t know why, but I like it. I enjoy having at least one weekday off from running and somehow knowing I have the day off from training just makes the “Monday Madness” more bearable, I guess. When I’m not training, I don’t follow a set schedule, it’s all kind of willy nilly.

    That’s so exciting that you start training next week! You’re right, where does the time go??

    1. I bet resting does help with Monday Madness – I always feel like I could use extra sleep on Mondays! It’s crazy that I start training – July 31 seems forever away right now! – and crazy that you’re almost to taper! Spring is going by fast!

  9. Typically I race on Saturday and rest on Friday, but occasionally I will switch it up and do an easy run on Friday but rest on Thursday. Just depends on my work schedule. I did race this weekend (10K) and PRed. It looks like you had a good week of training and getting stronger for the marathon training, too.

    1. Congrats on your 10K PR! It makes sense to rest most days before a race. I know some runners love shake out runs, but when you’re racing frequently that extra rest substitutes as a taper.

  10. Are you ready to climb back on the horse again? Your training for your last half was pretty intense!

    My rest days coincide with my work schedule–I have 1-2 9 hour days per week and with my morning prep and commute, there’s just no way I could get anything much done on those days.

    1. Surprisingly yes! Although marathon training will be less intense in relation to the distance than half marathon was. I thrive on half training, but marathon training is so much for me I realized just about the distance. My plan will be less demanding this time around than Hansons was!
      Those are long days! You’re smart to rest on them – sleep and not feeling too stressed beat running on days like that 🙂

  11. Isn’t it funny how a planned break between a goal race and the next training cycle always seems much longer than it actually feels? Time sure does fly! That’s so cute that your dog got so excited when Ryan came out to meet y’all during your run!

    My favorite post-long run breakfast: scrambled eggs with black beans, salsa, and hot sauce on a flour tortilla.

    1. Yummmm your post run breakfast sounds good! Salty eggs taste so good after a hard workout! And yes, time does fly between training cycles – and then marathon training seems to last forever!

  12. So glad to have you back with us in the Weekly Wrap Laura! How cool you got to do a podcast interview with Real Runners Chat. I’m going to listen to it now!
    I’m with you on where did March go? But it is April now and I’m looking forward to some more fun races!
    Thank you again for linkind up.

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