Mile Markers: A Little More Rest

Last week was a cutback week – not by need, but for convenience. We spent two nights camping in Southern Indiana and while I could have packed gear for trail running, I opted for a relaxing weekend, four days of running, and a hike. I used to try to squeeze in all my runs before a weekend trip, but my body simply cannot handle that right now. Or maybe, more accurately, I’m going a little easier on myself, since I know my body needs it right now. 

Monday: 4 mile easy run & injury prevention work

The second trimester is an odd tension of high energy and slow recovery. After 31 miles last week and a rest day that was spent doing hours of housework, yard work, and paint prep, I felt aching on Monday morning. I opted for a short easy run and some injury prevention work. I had tight muscles throughout the entire run, but like a good recovery run, I felt better when I finished than when I started. 

By Monday afternoon, the weather was beautiful. I took the dogs on a long walk through the park. Charlie loves the sunshine! 

Mile Markers: A Little More Rest

Tuesday: 7 mile run

For this week’s faster workout, I opted for a bread-and-butter, always good workout: 2 mile warm-up, 3 miles tempo, 2 mile cooldown. It’s hard to say if this was exactly a tempo run, more so just a faster effort for three miles. Pregnancy has skewed my perception of effort and lowered my exercise ceiling. I started at a moderate effort and pushed a bit harder with each mile, while still keeping my ventilatory rate under control. My splits were 7:57, 7:48, and 7:41/mile. I was really happy with this run!

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Ollie and I headed out for an early run. On nice days, we see plenty of other people and dogs, almost like an impromptu 6 AM run club. I felt relaxed and comfortable on this run. 

Mile Markers: A Little More Rest

Thursday: Strength training

I did a similar strength workout to last week, with just a few variations. I included lateral band walks, goblet reverse lunges, bent over rows, side planks, kettlebell swings, shoulder presses, and deadbugs for a simple 30-minute strength workout. 

Usually, I round out a strength training day with a 30 minute or longer walk with the dogs. On Thursday, however, no such walk happened, as a thunderstorm rolled in for the afternoon.  

Friday: 3 mile easy run

It was 97% humidity on this run! Ryan and I ran a short loop before heading out of town for a weekend of camping. Companionship makes the humidity far more tolerable!

Saturday & Sunday: Camping! 

We camped this weekend with my parents down at Turkey Run State Park. Saturday’s weather was beautiful, albeit hot. We enjoyed a leisurely 3 mile hike with the dogs on the “very rugged” trails. I remember how years ago, before we lived in Seattle, these trails challenged my fitness, even though I was a runner. Now, at five months pregnant, the trails posed no problem at all. 

Mile Markers: A Little More Rest

We intended to hike on Sunday morning, until we awoke to rain and a forecast threatening thunderstorms. 

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How was your week in running?

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15 Responses

  1. Love that running bump picture – you look adorable. I also love that you’re allowing for more rest in your schedule – very smart!! I love that you have already gone camping and at least had one good day of weather 🙂 Our first camping trip is on the books for June. Can’t wait!

  2. I’m pretty impressed that you went camping while pregnant. Heck, I won’t even camp while not pregnant! LOL. I’m pretty outdoorsy, but I draw the line at camping. I can do a cabin. I need a bed and a roof.

  3. ah Laura I love your bump! and what a good week too. I think you are such a great example to ladies everywhere that you can move your body AND be pregnant at the same time! I’m still in awe/shock at how fast your slower runs are . I hardly even hit those paces when I’m running intervals! haha!

    glad you decided to have an easy camping weekend! I’m not a camper *at all* but I do love being in the woods and doing easy hikes. Basically being outside surrounded by nature is what I love, I just don’t want to sleep there!

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