Mile Markers: Maintaining

Modifying Hard Workouts for Pregnant Runners

Last week was a good week of runs. I have slacked a bit on my mileage in April with the long Easter weekend, with closer to 23-26 miles per week instead of my goal of 30. It hasn’t even been lack of feeling good – running feels great – it’s that the high winds, swinging temperatures, and spring allergies took a toll on my motivation here and there. Combined with the long Easter weekend, I didn’t run as much as I wanted recently – but I feel good and I’m ready for more in May. And even a few weeks of lower mileage still go far in maintaining fitness, which is one of my primary goals in pregnancy. 

I’m finally starting to show (as in, a little protruding bump vs looking like I’ve just gained weight) and surprisingly, running doesn’t feel much different. I notice the extra weight a bit, but it does not significantly slow me down or throw off my gait. I realize I’m fortunate that running feels so good almost halfway through my pregnancy. I’m definitely enjoying my runs right now, especially when the weather is nice! 

Mile Markers: Maintaining

Monday: 30 minute easy run

Ryan and I headed out for an easy run before breakfast with my parents. We ran for 30 minutes easy, not counting the stops we had to make for high school traffic. The weather was absolutely perfect – 50s and sunny with a gentle breeze. Most of all, it felt great to wake up my legs after a couple of consecutive rest days over Easter weekend.

Tuesday: 7 mile run with surges

My motivation was utterly lacking on Tuesday morning. We went from having a house full of family over the weekend to back to work. The grey skies and winds compounded the slump. But I knew a run would make me feel better, so I headed out with a plan for 45-60 minutes. 

Mile Markers: Maintaining

Within a couple of miles, I felt pretty good. I opted for 60 minutes and even threw in 10 x 30 second surge (6:40-7:00/mile pace) with 60-70 seconds easy in between. The surges felt especially good. I am trying to reincorporate some mini workouts to maintain neuromuscular fitness throughout pregnancy. Even small doses of faster running can maintain some speed – or at least make it easier to build back speed.

Wednesday: 6 mile run & strength training

Now that daylight begins earlier, I can take Ollie out for a run before school and work traffic begins. We enjoyed six miles and some beautiful scenery on our run. 

Immediately after the run, I completed a short strength circuit. This one utilized the kettlebell and mini band: single leg halos, goblet squats, single arm overhead presses, swings, bent over rows, and lateral band walks. Especially as my bump grows, I am being diligent to strengthen the stabilizing hip muscles. 

Mile Markers: Maintaining

Thursday: 25 min Pilates

I have transitioned to prenatal Pilates and surprisingly enjoy it. This workout focused on strengthening the transverse abdominis, hips, and upper back (for posture). 

Friday: Rest day

I planned to run, but I couldn’t bring myself to head out in 30 mph winds. Ryan and I both had the day off of work, so we enjoyed some leisure time (including seeing Avengers: Endgame for the second time). We are savoring days of just the two of us before Isla arrives in 4.5 months. 

Saturday: 6 mile easy run

I intended to tack on some more miles after running with Ryan. We enjoyed the first few miles…until it started to sleet. The sleet started to turn to snow and I had absolutely no desire to extend my run after that. Sleet in late April is a bit extreme! 

Sunday: 3 mile easy run

This was more of an enjoy a nice day run than anything. Ryan and I ran three easy miles. My allergies flared this weekend, so a slower pace felt appropriate. I don’t know if it’s being back in the Midwest, pregnancy, or a combination, but I don’t remember my allergies being this bad even the last time we lived in Indiana.

Mile Markers: Maintaining


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7 Responses

  1. I’m also loving the sunlight in the early morning and the birds!!! Yay spring!! Although sorry you experienced some of that ridiculous winter weather last week. I mean, there is no point of snow unless you can ski, right? And Endgame!!! OMG we all went on Friday and I would love to see it again. So many great moments!! Glad you are still feeling good on those runs!! Go MAMA!!

  2. It’s amazing just how early the daylight is showing up already. My 5-miler at 5:00a.m. last week only had maybe 15 minutes of darkness and almost full daylight when I returned home.

  3. I haven’t had too many issues with allergies over the years. Usually, a Claritin takes care of any symptoms.

    Your continued running is impressive! You look great.

  4. even if you haven’t had as many miles as you wanted, you are still killing it if you ask me. I feel very lazy after reading your blog! HA! but seriously, kudos to you for doing all you do while pregnant – I think you are a great example of keeping up your fitness and listening to your body. nice that you and Ryan do have some of these just the two of you moments; that’s all going to change soon, but of course it’s a wondrous and welcome change! weirdly enough over the years I’ve had less and less issues with my allergies!

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