Mile Markers: Peaking

Mile Markers: Peaking

Last week’s workouts hit my highest mileage since marathon training – 44 miles – and included two hard workouts, a hills-upon-hills long run, and easy runs that were really truly slow and easy. This past week is likely my peak mileage week, and this week will include some of my peak workouts. Somehow, I lucked out with clear weather – even blue skies! – for both of my hard workouts this week. Both of those runs were warm enough to ditch the arm warmers and run just in a tee and shorts! 

Mile Markers: Peaking

Monday: 8 x 1K (9 miles total)

8 x 1K at 10K race pace is one of my favorite workouts. I think I’ve used it in every training cycle for the past two years as a benchmark (and because I enjoy it). This workout went really well: I ran 4:15-4:18 for the kilometer repeats (6:50-6:55/mile) and felt as strong on the first as on the last. 

Mile Markers: Peaking

Tuesday: 5 mile easy run & Pilates

I ran the first two miles with Charlie at a true recovery effort. My legs were tired from the previous day’s workout and Charlie had no desire to run faster due to the rain, so we stuck to a 10-minute mile. As soon as Charlie completed his two miles, I took Ollie out for an easy three at an easy effort. We were drenched by the time we finished just 27 minutes of running! 

Mile Markers: Peaking

Wednesday: 6.2 miles at half marathon pace (9 miles total)

It was breezy on this run, which was a good practice for race day! My half marathon is along a riverfront and while I love the scenery, I know from training along rivers that they can become wind tunnels, so the more practice at running race pace into the wind I can get, the better. 

After a two mile warm-up, I ran 10K at half marathon pace. I ran a 45:03 for the 10K: 7:18, 7:17, 7:16, 7:14, 7:14, 7:11, and 7:08 on the final 0.21. Long continuous tempos demand as much mental effort as physical effort, so I broke this run up mentally into manageable chunks: counting up the miles until I reached 3, then counting down the miles). As with all hard workouts, I did this one alone and without music to build up mental toughness and develop a strong sense of how race pace feels. 

Mile Markers: Peaking

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 15 mile long run

I think I found the long run route for when I train for Boston next year. I climbed 680 feet (according to Strava) during this 15 mile run. The constant variation felt good at the start, but by the last couple miles I was tired. But that was the exact goal of this run – to build up endurance and fatigue resistance! 

Mile Markers: Peaking

Saturday: Strength training

I wasn’t feeling like running and it was raining decently hard, so I swapped my run day and strength day. Ryan was more than glad to work out indoors, so to the gym we went. I stuck my basic strength routine: eccentric pull-ups (and a couple halfway down and then back up!), kettlebell exercises, and hip/glute work with the miniband. 

Sunday: 6 mile easy run

Ryan and I took Ollie for an easy run along a nice flat route. After all the hills on my long run, my legs appreciated the flat. 

Good luck to all of the runners at Boston today! I qualified for this year’s Boston, but because of my surgery in December, I opted not to run it. I had no idea how long recovering from that surgery would take; if they had found endometriosis, it would have been 4-6 weeks at least. But all they found were two simple adhesions and I was back to (much easier and shorter) running within a week. This was the best decision, but I am really, really excited to run Boston in 2019. But in the meanwhile, I’m going to soak up all the inspiration I can from this year’s Boston Marathon and channel it into this half marathon in just under three weeks! 

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  1. OMG aren’t you glad you’re NOT running Boston today? I woke up to a 2-hour delay for my kids first day back from spring break because of the snow and damaging winds. I feel for all those runners today but I’m happy for you and this awesome week of training – especially that long, hilly run! Great work friend!!

  2. Great week of training for you. I’m always in awe of your methodical approach to your training.

    I’m watching the Boston Marathon as we speak and thinking How hard it would be to be out there today! Hopefully next year, the weather will be better!

  3. Great miles this week! ??You reminded me that I need to do my hip/glute band exercises-hip strength is key for injury prevention! I had my highest mileage this week since college running 4 years ago. I’ve dealt with many injuries post -college ? This week was only 30 miles, but I’m happy! I have a half marathon in less than two weeks!

  4. Nice week and great miles Laura! With the weather in Boston this morning, it probably is a good thing you decided to defer to next year! I feel bad for the runners this year. Good luck with your upcoming half …sounds like you are on track to crush it!

  5. You had a fantastic week of training! I’ve been doing a lot of “wind tunnel” runs along the river, so hopefully they will help me out with my race too! 🙂

    I have definitely grown fond of my Tuesday tempo runs…it always feels good to go fast!

  6. That sounds like a great week! Mine was a complete bust apart from a race. I like 400 m repeats, or 2-3 minutes…short but not super short.

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