Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

T.S. Eliot referred to April as the cruelest month, and this April certainly lives up to such a claim. After a tease of sunshine and spring weather, the end of April was chilly and rainy (and even snowy some days). Almost every run this week was done in the rain (or aftermath of rain) under gray skies. For a while in April, I was in a bit of a slump. Thankfully, even with dreary weather for most of this week, I had a strong week of workouts that gave me renewed motivation.

I’m halfway through pregnancy at this point! My running and strength routine feels really good right now. I do not have aches or pains, my weight gain is appropriate, my labs all good, and her heartbeat is strong and healthy. Initially, I thought I was just lucky; then I realized I’ve been taking good care of my body this pregnancy and that contributes to why I feel so good and she is so healthy. Even during a dreary, rainy week, healthy pregnancy and baby keeps me motivated. 

Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

Monday: 45 min treadmill run

My morning routine is to work for 60-90 minutes and then head out for my run. While I was working, it was raining. As soon as I shut my laptop and was getting ready for my run, I heard a clap of thunder. I waited a couple of minutes and then heard another rumble. So I headed to the gym instead and ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill. The first half was mentally more strenuous than the second half. I used inclines to add variety; my body always feels better with some varied inclines than the repetitive impact of a single incline.

As silly as it sounds, I was proud of myself for completing a decent run on the treadmill. I sometimes develop a huge mental block with the treadmill. 

Tuesday: 60 minute steady state run

Somehow, my run coincided with a break in the rain. The humidity was high and it was chilly and windy, but despite that, I felt good. After about 20 minutes of easy running, I felt good enough to pick up the pace. I ran just shy of 25 minutes at a steady state effort (moderate push) and clocked a couple 7:49-7:55 miles. I was literally smiling by the end of this workout because I felt so good. I cooled down until I reached an hour, with just over 7 miles for the day. 

Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

Wednesday: 30 minute strength training

Wednesday’s weather was gross and rainy again. Rather than run, I opted for a strength training session at our gym. I should have just gone at my normal run time; I waited until 9 AM, and the gym was so crowded by then! 

Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

My strength workout was simple, focusing on total body strength and basic exercises. I did three sets of this circuit: 

Lateral band walks
Reverse flyes
Side planks with knee drives
Single leg deadlifts
Overhead press
Med ball squats

Thursday: 6 mile run

After three days of rain, it only made sense that the humidity was high. Even though I felt sluggish and tight, it still felt good to be out there. After the run, I took the dogs on a long walk, which helped loosen up the tight muscles. 

Friday: 45 minute run & 25 minutes prenatal Pilates

Ollie and I were out the door for our run shortly after 6 AM. The lack of traffic makes it easier to run him, but I also enjoy seeing all of the other early morning runners along the path. At 20 weeks, my easy pace on most days is still similar to pre-pregnancy. 

For any expecting women, I highly recommend Pilatesology. They have a wide selection of prenatal classes, including several that focus on strength (not just stretching). I followed the same video as last week. The workout is heavy on side lying leg work and quadruped exercises, which leave my glutes burning by the end. 

Mile Markers: Renewed Motivation

Saturday: 7 mile run

For most weekday runs, I run an out-and-back or small loops. Both Ryan and I enjoy variety in our routes, so we planned a large loop. The combination of a new, engaging route and pleasant weather made this run fly by. I hit 30 miles for the week for the first time in a month! 

Sunday: Rest day

Sunday would have been a beautiful day to run, but I relish my rest days. Instead, we enjoyed the beautiful weather with some coffee on the porch and gardening.

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14 Responses

  1. We are still waiting for that amazing spring weather we had a few weeks ago. So much rain and so chilly. The blahs are here which hopefully we go away soon. Nice week of workouts! It’s hard to believe you are half way there. Good job mama!

  2. So great to read that you are feeling so good. Your routine really agrees with you and your pregnancy. Nice week of workouts for you. Thanks for joining the Weekly run down

  3. what an amazing week really, Laura! well done! I just love reading how great you feel right now and how things are going with your pregnancy 🙂

    I definitely am an out an back person. I’m not a huge fan of loops at all!

  4. I ran yesterday because it was so nice. I’m kind of regretting it today because I’m not feeling well again. It was so nice and I was in Madison….what can I say?

    You’re doing so great with your workouts! I couldn’t run when I was pregnant. I was just so exhausted and maybe a little bit anxious… :p

    1. Thank you! I definitely do have days where I’m tired, although overall running helps with my energy (this weather does not!). These days you have to take advantage of the nice weather for runs, especially somewhere pretty like Madison!

  5. Great week! That TS Elliot quote reminded of an event in my college town, Riverfest. One year, the theme was his particular quote, but they crossed off “Cruelest” and substituted in the word” Coolest” LOL Totally appropriate! Thanks for linking with the Weekly Run Down!

  6. What is it with the rain?!?!? Ugh!

    Great job with your workouts. Happy to hear you are feeling good with your pregnancy. How exciting that you are having a girl!!

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