Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

Last week’s workouts were sparse. I took several days off both for a cold and then for travel and a weekend with family. I normally run through both scenarios, but sometimes pregnancy warrants extra rest. 

If you have ever seen the “Flu Season” episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope embodies how I am while sick. I’m convinced I can do things and try to carry on, despite the fact that I should probably be asleep in bed. This cold (which started last week) took it out of me. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold this severe or the symptoms lasted for this long. By Thursday, I finally began to feel better – thankfully in time for a baby shower! 

On the bright side, I now know exactly which medications are pregnancy safe. 

Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

Monday: 30 min run & 15 min Pilates

I still had a head cold, although the chest congestion had mostly subsided. I felt like a run would make me feel better, so I ran 30 minutes at an easy effort. I assessed how I felt every few minutes to decide if I needed to turn around or walk. Surprisingly, I felt decent during the run and for most of the day.

Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

Tuesday: Rest day

I felt awful on Tuesday. When Ryan had the same virus last week, it manifested in the same way – the worst day hit just when he thought he was getting better.  I literally spent the entire day on the sofa, only getting up to take the dogs out. At least I can still do my coaching and content work from the sofa, which did take my mind off of the fact that I felt like a big pile of dog crap. 

Wednesday: Rest day

I felt noticeably better on Wednesday, which was good because I had to take Ollie to the vet for an ear infection. I joke with Ryan that Ollie is my spirit animal, but somehow Ollie and I will have health issues at the same time. In one weekend last October, I broke my foot and Ollie had a tick that left him with a tick-borne disease (he’s fine, just more susceptible to other tick-borne illnesses in the future). Once when I had to take a week off of running due to foot issues, he burnt his paws on the beach and had to take the week off of long walks and runs.

Thursday: 30 min run

I finally slept through the night without fitful coughing. I awoke with the desire to run and felt much better, so I took Ollie on a short 30 minute run. It was humid outside, complete with fog. The run overall felt good and we averaged a comfortable 9:10/mile pace.

Friday: 5 mile run

I was feeling even better on Friday, so when my legs felt good, I took advantage of it. With pregnancy, there are just these random magical days where running feels really good and effort is low. Ollie and I ran one mile easy, three miles faster (8:14, 8:06, 8:05), and then one mile easy. This pace feels somewhere around between marathon and half marathon effort now. (For reference, my pre-pregnancy marathon pace was faster than this.) I don’t have postpartum time goals where I’m trying to maintain a certain race pace right now. I’m just doing these workouts because they are fun, my body permits it, and I want to have good stamina for labor and delivery.

Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

Saturday: Rest day

Ryan and I attended our baby shower in my hometown! My mom and sister hosted a wonderful gathering and we received such a gracious outpouring of gifts. One of my biggest cravings this pregnancy has been meat in any and all forms (burgers, pulled pork, brisket, chicken, etc) so they had BBQ catered. 

Sunday: Rest day

Ollie loves car rides, even long car rides through Illinois and Indiana. 

Mile Markers: Rest and Relaxation

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8 Responses

  1. Aren’t the pregnancy cravings (and aversions) crazy? With my second, I developed a sever aversion to bananas, which I still have today. I also craved canned ravioli (which I have never liked, even as a kid). Thankfully, that craving ended in the delivery room LOL Great job getting the runs done as your body bounced back from the cold.

  2. I”m glad you’re feeling better! LOL on the cravings. Mine were Cheerios and bagels. I also could only drink coffee with half and half, a habit which has endured to this day!

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