Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

Last week’s workouts were fantastic, in part thanks to the arrival of true summer weather. The sun shined on all of my runs, which is a big deal in the Seattle area. Literally, last week we were contemplating what it would be like to live in Eastern Washington. This week, my normal route felt magical. Even with a bit of an IT band ache, my legs and lungs craved mileage. 

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

Monday: 5 mile easy run & strength training

When I took the dogs out for their morning walk, I was greeted by a steady downpour. I wagered that if I spend a few more minutes drinking coffee, I could possibly wait out the rain. When Ollie and I started our run, it was lightly drizzling; by the end, blue skies and sunshine were breaking through the clouds. I went from lamenting our lack of summer to marveling at the perfect running weather.

We were able to remove Ollie’s cone on Friday and his paws looked healed, so he joined me on this short run. Ollie was so happy and excited to get out for a run! 

For strength training, I used the kettlebell for most exercises:
Kettlebell swing
Kettlebell squat thruster
Kettlebell single leg deadlifts
Kettlebell curtsey lunge
Kettlebell bent over row
Kettlebell deadbug
Eccentric pull-ups

Tuesday: 7 miles 

I was ready for more miles, but apparently, my IT band wasn’t. It made its presence known on this run, I suspect due to all the turns and hills in last weekend’s 5K race. Other than a few twinges on the outside of my knee, this run felt good. 

Wednesday: 4 miles & strength training

Before enjoying the day off with some beer and brats, Ryan and I went for a short run and then headed to the gym. My strength workout utilized the barbell, which I am enjoying more and more each time I use it.

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

The workout was 3 sets of each exercise:
Barbell front squats (45 lbs)
Barbell deadlifts (65 lbs)
Barbell push press (45 lbs)
Barbell hip thrust (45 lbs) 
Hanging shrug
Flexed arm hang

Currently, I’m only using just the bar for most exercises, since I’m focused on mobility and form as well as strength and power. 

We made also s’mores, which are my current summer dessert obsession:

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

 Thursday: Active rest day

We originally planned to go for a hike in the eastern part of Stevens Pass. After a poor night’s sleep from loud fireworks and PMS fatigue, I asked Ryan if we could just skip the hike. Instead, we took a leisurely three-mile walk through the town center with the dogs, stopping partway for kombucha and gelato. 

Friday: 5 mile easy run

I ran Ollie for four miles through the boardwalk and we encountered about that many snakes as well. Ollie wildly snapped at one in a puddle; we had to stop to wait for another to slither away on the boardwalk. I’m improving on my fear of snakes; I used to be terrified of them. I grew up in the St. Louis area, where copperheads would linger on our front porch. I’ve learned that the snakes in the Seattle area are garter snakes that are harmless. (Now, Eastern Washington is different, and every time we talk about hiking there, I go into a panic and review my CPR for dealing with rattlesnake bites.)

After Ollie’s run, I ran Charlie for one mile, thankfully with no snake encounters. Once we returned home, I did 20 minutes of Pilates and some band exercises to fix this lingering knee issue. 

Saturday: 6 mile easy run

This was one of those runs that felt effortless and smooth the entire time. Ryan, Ollie, and I ran six easy miles mid-morning and the temperature was a comfortable 60 degrees. 

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

Sunday: Rest day 

The dog park is perfect for warm summer weekends. Ollie swam while Charlie socialized and Ryan and I soaked up some sunshine. 

Mile Markers: Running through Sunshine

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18 Responses

  1. I don’t think Ive ever seen a snake while running- that would really freak me out! Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine. It’s been sunny here but HOT. Hope your knee feels better quickly!

  2. I am so not a fan of snakes even though I see them often…in our backyard. They are harmless garter snakes but still. Yuck! I’ve seen others along the trails running and it makes me jump every single time. Give me a big spider over a snake any day. I love that you are using the barbell. Hip thrusters are practically one of the only glute exercises that leave me sore every single time. A sure sign that my glutes are doing ALL the work.

    1. Yikes, your backyard is really close quarters to see a snake! Hip thrusts are really do make the glutes work – I honestly don’t think any other exercises has burned them quite like those.

  3. Hooray for sunshine!!! Why is it that the prettiest places have the scariest snakes? I hate snakes. But I love the idea of hiking. I’m reading North-there are some parts of the AT where Scott Jurek encounters snakes. I guess there are rattlesnakes out east too. Eww!

    I hope your ITB calms down. To me, that’s like PF and it’s so hard to be patient while you wait for it to resolve!

    1. We are fortunate at least that the hikes on this side of the Cascades don’t have snakes, but the really pretty ones on the other side do. And thank you – it is feeling better!

  4. IT issues are the worst. I hope you get a handle on it soon.

    We have a lot of snakes here. I hate them all, but I fortunately don’t often see them while running. It’s something we always need to watch out for though, especially when the weather is extra wet and rainy.

  5. Yikes! Snakes!

    It’s great that you’re focusing on form with the barbell before you add weight! I see so many people adding weight but with bad form, and that’s just a recipe for injury.

  6. I’ve only seen one snake while running here. It was harmless, but terrified me because it was stretched across the path and I didn’t notice until I almost stepped on it! Since I grew up in TX, I’m also unlearning my default “snake=poisonous” reaction.

    1. It’s a huge shift in mindset! I have to remind myself every time at these are garters, not copperheads. I can imagine it’s even harder coming from Texas!

  7. Your weather sounds so nice! Sunny and warm (but not hot). The snakes I encounter in my neighborhood are already dead in the street. I assume their demise was at the wheels of a car. I have encountered live snakes on trails but they are small and harmless…so far. I’m glad Ollie has healed up. I can’t ever get the chocolate to melt like I want when I make S’mores. 🙁 Thanks for linking!

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