Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

I feel my appetite coming back. Physically, I am starting to eat more again. I actually lost a bit of weight during my injury, mostly muscle mass, due to intuitively eating less. Mentally, my appetite for training hard is back. The end of the week before and this last week of running alleviated some of my lingering post-fracture concerns. 

Last week’s running felt fantastic. It was one of those marvelous weeks where every run feels wonderful. I ran five days even – back to normal frequency! I am not back to my pre-injury fitness levels even remotely, but I tangibly see my fitness returning. 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

Monday: 30 minute snowshoe run

I’m fairly certain the sight of me jogging down the street, holding a snowshoe in each hand, was quite the sight for our neighbors. It was also 10 degree outside. The park is so close that I jogged there to warm up (it took less than two minutes), then strapped on my snowshoes for run. The snow was more compact than the day before and had slightly melted, but I still got in a good 30-minute snowshoe run at a 10:42/mile pace (with some pauses just to enjoy the beauty of winter). 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

Tuesday: 35 minute run & 15 minute kettlebell workout

This run felt good! Ollie joined me on this run and I am so happy to have my training buddy back. The sidewalks were a little snowy and icy in patches so we slightly altered our route. I didn’t monitor pace during the run and was very pleased with my splits afterward: 9:06, 8:29, 8:27, and 8:21. 

For my birthday in the fall, Ryan gave me a pair of Saucony Peregrine Ice+ shoes. Let me tell you about how amazing these shoes are. They have Vibram soles with Artic Grip, waterproof uppers, and extra insulation. They are amazing for winter running, especially here where you encounter snow, ice, and cleaned pavement all in one run. Unlike the Peregrines, they ride comfortably on clean pavement. On snow and ice, they provide solid traction without slowing you down. I wear them snowshoe running and my feet stay dry. 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

I love the feeling of being back to two-a-day workouts. In the evening, Ryan and I did a short kettlebell workout in our basement gym. 

Wednesday: 35 minutes cross-training & strength

After four days of running, I opted to cross-train. I prefer morning runs but don’t mind afternoon workouts for cross-training – especially when I can go to the gym with Ryan. I did 20 minutes with intervals of 1-minute hard, 30-seconds easy on the arc trainer. I then completed core work using a resistance band anchored on a stretching rack: deadbugs, planks with rows, and Palloff presses. 

Thursday: 35 minute run

This run was amazing. The sidewalks were slick with ice from the melt-refreeze cycle of the night before but I was able to find a good groove. After a comfortable first mile, I picked up the pace gradually throughout the second mile and logged a 7:51. That felt really good. I backed off a bit in the third mile to stay cautious with this foot but ended up not slowing down too much. 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

Friday: 40 minute run & 20 minutes Pilates

This run was so wonderful. It was chilly outside but not windy or bitter. Some icy patches required concentration but overall, this was a smooth run. I left with the intention of 30-35 minutes but I felt so good that I ran for 40 minutes. I focused on a comfortable effort and like most runs of the week, settled into the 8:20s after warming up. 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

After the run, I did 20 minutes of Pilates, with lots of side leg exercises to focus on strength and mobility as I build up my mileage. 

Saturday: Rest day

We were supposed to get a large amount of snow, so I took a rest day in hopes of snowshoe running on Sunday. The forecast predicted 3-6 inches, although we got less than that.

Plus, I need to remind myself to rest right now, when I’m eager to get out there every single day. Rest days are vital at any phase in trianing.

Sunday: ~45 minute snowshoe run

The weather was bitterly cold on Sunday but sunny, at least at the start of this run. Ryan went for a snowshoe walk while I snowshoe ran, zig-zagging back and forth to circle by him often for company. I was brimming with energy and just ready to go, which was good because snowshoe running is an aerobic kick in the butt. 

I ran a 5K in snowshoes on fresh powder and then stopped to walk with him – and then a biting wind developed. Snowshoe running generates a significant amount of body heat and once I stopped running, I quickly began to chill. After walking for a bit and starting to shiver, I ran in my snowshoes another mile back home. By the end, I was cold, hungry, tired, and very happy. 

It’s funny how four years ago, I hated winter running. Now I love it. It’s amazing the difference a change in attitude and some good gear can make. 

Mile Markers: Snowshoes and Snowstorms

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13 Responses

  1. Yay! What a solid week for you. I’m glad you are enjoying winter now. It really isn’t so bad if you have snow to play in. Our snowstorm was a bust yesterday. We were supposed to get 2 feet but ended up with maybe 6 with sleet mixing. Just a word of caution with snowshoe running – it can make feet, ankles and calf stuff blow up because it really hits those little muscles and tendons. Whenever we get a lot of snow, my friend who is a massage therapist, sees an uptick of people seeing her for those injuries because of running in snowshoes or microsoikes. Have fun!

  2. I’m so glad to see you embrace winter running! I those Sauconys sound great–but I haven’t had good luck running in the regular Sauconys.

    I’ve always wanted snowshoes but we never seem to get enough snow to justify buying them or it melts so quickly! I did get out on my skis this past weekend and skied for quite a while! It’s nice to get out on the trails.

    1. That’s awesome you were able to get out on your skis! We usually have a solid half foot or more on the ground, which is enough, but this has been such a mild winter. It’s tempting to go just a couple hours north into Michigan for more snow!

  3. Your are the 4-5 person post’s I’ve read that included snow shoeing last week. That is something I’d love to try. But walking in them would be tough enough for me, I’m sure. 😉 It’s great to hear you are back to your normal running frequency after injury. Injuries sure do suck but they have a great way of changing our perspective about things. I suspect you’ll come back even stronger than before! Thanks for linking.

  4. Great job on all of the snowy workouts! I’m glad I read your blog – I was wondering about the Peregrine shoes. I’ll have to give them a try! Also, I have kettlebells, but am clueless on what to do with them. I’ll have to give your workout a try too! Thanks 🙂

  5. We are finally getting snow today (husband says its “dumping”, though it looks like only a few inches to me), so I’m strongly considering taking the snowshoes out before all the trails get packed down!

  6. I have been looking for a way to stay active when the weather is bad. I tried snowshoeing and it was one of the best things I ever did! Snowshoeing is challenging but also really fun. It gives you an amazing workout, which makes me feel good about myself even when its cold outside.

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