Mile Markers: Staycation

Mile Markers: Staycation

Last week was a hot one in Northwest Indiana. Most mornings were in the mid-70s or hotter, with high humidity – above average for the region. At 29 weeks pregnant, running in the heat and humidity does not feel great. I was not disciplined about running super early in the morning, so instead, I ran less this week. That’s okay, though -we did a lot of non-running activities this week! 

Instead of a babymoon, Ryan and I took a week of staycation. We hiked and kayaked around Lake Michigan, indulged in some delicious food, stayed up late, and enjoyed a more relaxed week overall. We finished the nursery (which is an accomplishment for two type-As who need everything to be perfect yet had no experience in painting). I slept in several mornings, getting those 8-9 hours of sleep I crave right now. 

My bump is growing at a rapid rate now – and that BaoBei band is still working fantastically well. 

Mile Markers: Staycation

Monday: 4 mile run

It felt like running through soup outside! Ryan took the week off of work, so he joined me for a 4-mile run. We kept the pace slow and relished even the tiniest bit of breeze. I found myself missing those gusty spring winds – even a 10mph hour wind would make this heat and humidity feel more tolerable! 

Tuesday: 30 min strength training & 1 hour kayaking

With the temperatures close to 80 by 7 AM, I opted to strength train instead. I completed three sets circuit workout that I had saved from another running coach on Instagram: lateral and monster band walks, banded star side planks, banded glute bridge marches, KB single leg deadlifts with row, KB split squats, medicine ball deadbugs (moving only legs to avoid coning), and bird dogs. 

We then drove up to Michigan to go kayaking. We spent an hour kayaking along Lake Michigan, which was a blissful respite from the 90+ degree heat and also just plain fun. After kayaking, we enjoyed a rooftop lunch with a view of the lake. 

Mile Markers: Staycation

Wednesday: 3 mile run 

Another humid run! Ryan and I kept the distance short, per my request. This was one of those runs that did not feel great during, but I felt better after it. 

Mile Markers: Staycation

Thursday: 3.1 mile progression run & 3 mile walk

It’s amazing how even the slightest breeze and a few degrees cooler can make a difference. It was only in the low 70s and my legs felt surprisingly good. I picked up the pace with each mile: 9:26, 8:50, and 8:15. 

In the evening, we walked 1.5 miles each way to the local firework show. 

Friday: 4 mile hike

The Indiana Dunes State Park and National Park are only about 20 minutes from where we live, yet we had not been hiking there since January. Ryan and I headed there for a moderate hike (trail 9 at the State Park), which was a combination of sand dune climbing and shaded woods hiking. The steeper sand dune ascents – about an 18% gradient in some areas – added a bit of challenge, even if the overall vert was low. 

Mile Markers: Staycation

Saturday: Rest day

It was another hot and humid morning. With the promise of a cooler morning on Sunday, I opted to switch my run and rest days. I’m looking forward to the promise of cooler weather next week! 

Sunday: 5 mile run

Sure enough, the weather was noticeably cooler on Sunday morning – 69 degrees, with humidity in the 70% range. It’s amazing how much cooler it felt, even if only by a few degrees. 

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  1. I’m a huge water sports fan–I haven’t gotten to do much at all this summer so far. Hopefully, I’ll get to remedy that soon. Glad you were able to find a cooler pastime last week.

  2. I’m jealous that you went kayaking! My wife and I enjoy kayaking a few times a year, but this year the river near us has been way too high and dangerous with all the rain we’ve gotten. Hoping it goes down in the next few weeks so we can get out there!

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