Mile Markers: Transition

Mile Markers: Transition

More than anything, a training plan requires a mental shift from “I’ll do whatever I feel like today” approach. I’m not officially ramping up yet for the Snohomish Women’s Half Marathon, but I wanted a week to ease back into the routine and mileage of training. Last week served as a transition into more structured training, including a speed workout. I even got to the gym twice to strength train! 

Mile Markers: Transition

Monday: 7 mile fartlek run & strength training

I borrowed this workout from Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon by Brad Hudson.This workout moves through a variety of paces in order to transition from base building to race training.After a 15 minute warm-up, I ran 6 minutes at marathon pace, 5 minutes at half marathon pace, 4 minutes at 10K pace, 3 minutes at 8K pace, 2 minutes at 5K pace, and 1 minute at 3K pace. The first three intervals felt great, even with a strong headwind.  The final three intervals felt hard and my paces seemed slower than I hoped, but I think that’s due to blood donation last week and not having run this fast in a while. 

Mile Markers: Transition

I don’t mind doubling up hard workouts and strength days, especially if I prioritize nutrition and sleep. I did my easier of two strength workouts, using the medicine ball:

3 sets of:
10 MB single leg squats
10 MB cross-body lunges
10 MB slams
10 MB Russian twists
10 single arm, single leg cable rows 
4 negative pull-ups
10 planks, varying each set: plank-ups, MB planks with knee dips, side planks with twist
2 sets of plyometrics: 10 jump squats for one set, 10 jumping lunges for the other set

You better believe I enjoyed a beer after these two workouts. My arms hurt for a couple days after this workout. 

Tuesday: 5 mile easy run

My legs felt surprisingly fresh on this run. Ollie and I ran along some gentle hills and averaged an 8:39/mile. I then took Charlie out for a short jog/walk.

Mile Markers: Transition

Wednesday: 6 mile run & strength training

I split this run into two parts. Before I left the apartment, I made sure both dogs had their harnesses on. I ran three easy miles with Charlie, quickly switched dogs, and then ran 3 quicker (but still comfortable) miles with Ollie. 

For strength training, I used the kettlebell and mini band. I really enjoyed this workout! 

3 sets of:
10 KB swings
10 KB single leg deadlifts
10 KB sumo squats to high pull
10 KB snatch & press
10 single arm, single leg cable rows 
2 sets of this mini band workout
1 set of negative pull-ups

Thursday: Rest day

My goal for this next training cycle is to take a serious rest day, with just a long walk and foam rolling/stretching. I did exactly that on Thursday: all I did was walk the dogs for 30 minutes and spend 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling while dinner was in the oven. 

Mile Markers: Transition

Friday: 4 mile easy run & Pilates

As much as I enjoy long distance, I also enjoy these shorter distance runs. I ran Ollie for four miles, with some light hills thrown in for variety. After the run, I did one of my favorite 17-minute Pilatesology workouts. It’s a quick-paced workout that hits all of the major exercises, including the series of 5, some challenging teasers, and a good side leg series.  

Mile Markers: Transition

Saturday: 13 mile long run

Ryan’s plan called for a 13 mile long run with the last 3 miles progressing to half marathon effort. We left Ollie at home for this one, since I also wanted to minimize any stops on this run. (Those of you who run with dogs know there can be a few stops on a run…and we’re still recovering from when Ollie caught a rabbit on a long run.) We enjoyed a beautiful, cold, sunny day for our run. 

Mile Markers: Transition

Ryan did a great job on his run, finishing with 8:38, 8:27, 8:02 mile splits. This run felt really good! I am excited about starting off my half marathon training cycle with a strong base of long runs. 

After our run, we watched cross-country skiing, biathlon, and ski jumping at the Olympics. I am obsessed with cross-country skiing, which looks so challenging yet so fun.

Sunday: Ski 

Ryan and I grabbed a hearty breakfast – a smoked salmon scramble – at our favorite cafe before heading out on the ski slopes. The closest ski resort has multiple centers, so we went to a different one than where we took lessons. We skied on mostly greens and a couple blues; I am far better at skiing down the greens than the blues right now! 

Mile Markers: Transition

Linking up with Weekly Wrap

How was your week in running?
Does switching from not training to training for a race require a mental shift for you?

Which Olympic sport has been your favorite so far?



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15 Responses

  1. I could definitely see how a mental shift is needed. Im thinking about doing a 5k in the spring and I started planning some workouts. its weird to think about following a plan after not training for anything for so long! All your workouts this week look great. Nice job with the strength training too!

  2. Great week of workouts! I also find that hitting those 5k and faster paces after coming off mostly marathon training feels super hard! And as you said, likely due to giving blood as well. Love that you guys got out to play in the snow!

  3. Every Olympic sport looks cold to me, lol. My favorite thing is the coats especially the heated coats the US had. I had major coat jealousy on Friday night watching the opening ceremonies.

    Looks like you had a great week of returning to training! I agree with prioritizing recovery and also strength training, strength training is helping me big time.

  4. Hey, can you maybe address in a blog some day about how you alter your nutrition (or what a day of eating looks like for you) when you do a double workout – run and strength – the same day. I often do it as well, and would love to hear how you alter your meals/snacks? Thanks…. Love Ollie and Charlie by the way!!!

    1. Thank you! I can definitely address that in an upcoming post! I usually end up eating more, and really make sure to have pre-workout snacks before both the run and the strength train.

  5. I’m defintrly going to need a mental prep before training begins again. It’s been so long that I’m going to need a transition period! My name goes into the Mount Washington Road Race Kittery today. Fingers crossed…

  6. I actually have more of a mental shift going from training for a race to not training! When I’m on a plan, my training is all structured. I kind of like that!

    Enjoy your week and thanks for linking!

  7. I’m in a transition phase now. I plan to begin marathon training in a few weeks and it’s always a challenge for me to not overdo it. I’m incorporating more cross and strength training during this transition. I love that you run with both of your dogs, but completely understand the extra stops it requires. It’s nice you live close enough to ski slopes and have enjoyed learning a new sport. Watching the Olympics should provide extra motivation with that! Thanks for linking.

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