Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

Happy Monday! Today marks the start of focused half marathon training, but in this last week, I kept my mileage low and fun. We spent a long weekend in Bend, Oregon, so many of this week’s workouts revolved around a weekend ski getaway. 

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

Monday: 5.5 mile fartlek run

One thing I love about skiing over snowboarding is how fresh my legs feel. Last year, I needed an easy day or rest day after snowboarding, but with skiing, I felt ready for speedwork a day later. After a 15 minute warm-up, I ran 6 x 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. I cooled down until I reached my car.

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

Tuesday: 5 mile run & strength training

This run was a bit of a mess. I decided to try a new-to-use route with Ollie, only to realize that there was far more traffic on weekday mornings than weekend mornings. I usually run Ollie on paved trails or low-traffic areas because large vehicles terrify him. Even though we were on a sidewalk, Ollie panicked everytime a school bus or large minivan/truck drove by. So, I decided to use this as a training run for him, and we spent the five miles practicing “heel” over and over again. 

I strength trained in the evening, doing functional medicine ball exercises and negative pull-ups. Someday I’ll do a full-up, but feeling stronger than last week at the negative pull-ups was an accomplishment enough for this week. 

Wednesday: Rest day 

Nothing too exciting here: Valentine’s Day also happened to be Ash Wednesday, so we saved any celebrations for the weekend. 

Thursday: 5 mile run

Ollie and I ran a quick progression run on Thursday morning. I had a long list of things to do both for work and vacation prep, so I wanted our run to be quick but also enough to break a sweat. After an easy first mile at 8:42, we settled into a comfortable 7:50-ish pace for the middle three miles and then finished strong at a 7:26. 

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

Ryan and I saw Black Panther on opening night and it was outstanding. The acting, plot, characters arcs, visual effects, and themes all made for a fantastic movie. 

Friday: Unintentional rest day

After going out to dinner and the movie on Thursday night, we left off the rest of packing until Friday morning. I skipped my run in favor of packing and getting work done before we drove to Bend mid-day. It’s about a six hour drive (in good traffic, which never happens) from Seattle and we wanted to avoid driving through the mountain passes in the dark. 

Saturday: 5 mile run

Our hotel was directly off the Deschutes River Trail, which was convenient for a morning run. We ran 5 miles along the trail, including through Drake Park. The views of the river are stunning!

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

After our run, we explored around Bend more. We visited the Tumalo State Park, shopped around the Old Mill District, and dined at Deschutes Public House. 

Sunday: Ski day

We arrived at Mount Bachelor as soon as they opened, along with what seemed liked everyone else in the Bend metro area. The conditions were a bit harsh – strong gusts, 15 degree temperatures, and limited visibility at the top  – but the powder was fresh and deep. We skied for several hours and had an absolute blast. Mount Bachelor features several long, gentle grade runs, which Ryan and I both enjoy. 

Mile Markers: Weekend Getaway

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24 Responses

  1. Glad you had a good time on your weekend getaway! I’m not really into winter sports so if I went away right now it would be to somewhere warm. However, I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon just for the running and beer!

  2. What a fun getaway! I’ve been all about winter until this past week when Mother Nature decides we needed spring. And then I had this intense urge to go someplace warm. No vacations like that but we’ll be getting out of town for a little bit soon.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to get away! I’ve heard that Bend is the coolest place–very laid back and hippie-like. Is it true? I love going away for a weekend–it’s just enough to recharge the batteries.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. What a great getaway!!! I have never been to Bend but it’s definitely on the list. I wish the conditions had been a bit better but it didn’t seem to bother you guys too much.
    Poor Ollie and the big vehicles!! I remember practicing “heel” with Star over and over, only she would want to attack the large vehicles!!…not sure which is worse.
    Hope you have a great week my friend!

    1. You would love it – Mt. Bachelor is so fun for skiing and snowboarding! The conditions weren’t perfect, but really they weren’t that bad – except on the warm-up green when the wind seemed to make us stop, ha! And it’s so hard with dogs and big vehicles… and so pitiful when Ollie throws on the breaks and cowers.

  5. Looks very cold skiing, he has frost on his beard. You guys must have still been having fun. I would have threw in the towel if it was that cold and windy. I have been hearing great reviews about The Black Panther movie. I have that same Garmin, but I have never downloaded any workouts on it.

  6. Ah, no helmet!! Makes me so nervous. I had heard a lot of resorts are requiring them now. Love those long blue/greens like it sounds like Mt Bachelor has, what a perfect Sunday 🙂

    1. We always wear helmets! The photo was taken after we finished skiing from outside the lodge – he wasn’t even wearing his skis at that point. Neither of us would ski without one!

  7. What a beautiful weekend getaway. Stunning! I am so looking forward to watching Black Panther too. I need to find time this weekend – have heard so many great reviews!

  8. It’s wonderful you live close enough to a nice ski resort to have a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, it is major travel for us! I’ll have to put Bend on my list of places to visit. It sounds lovely. Thanks for linking!

  9. Running and skiing on the same weekend? Sounds perfect! I can’t wait for my vacation with my family in the Alps in a few weeks… I’ll be skiing and also hoping to get a couple of runs in!

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