Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

Last week, my energy returned. I had felt lethargic the week before. Maybe it’s the promise of spring, even though this week was quintessential February gloom, that reenergized me. Although I’m fatigued of the cold and gray. I enjoy winter running in December and January with all the bluebird skies and snow. By the end of February, the novelty of winter running. has just worn off. 

Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

Monday: 35 minute run

When I checked the weather and saw 30 mph winds with a wind chill of negative 10, I decided to run indoors. I am not a huge fan of longer runs on the indoor track or treadmill, so I kept this workout short. I ran at a comfortable effort around the track while listening to podcasts on my Aftershokz. After 35 minutes and just over four miles, I felt good and was happy with the run. 

Tuesday: 60 minute fartlek

I usually foam roll before my runs to loosen any tightness and oxygenate muscles. However, I didn’t this day or the couple days before- and I completely felt it during my run. It was cold, overcast, and wind, and I felt generally tight all over. The cold only seemed to inhibit my stride more. Tight muscles on a cold, windy day is not an optimal combination for running fast.

My workout was 8 x 3 minutes at 10K effort with 2-minute recovery jogs. The first two intervals were at 6:54-6:59/mile but the effort felt too high and my stride felt hindered, so I scaled back. I settled into 7:05-7:10/mile for the remaining intervals, which felt appropriate. The final interval was straight into a headwind and I clocked a 7:20/mile. Not the prettiest splits, but I got the workout done. 

Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

Wednesday: 45 minute run

What a difference that less wind and some foam rolling can make! I foam rolled for several minutes and then took Ollie out for a 45 minute run. I probably look crazy, but I talk to Ollie frequently on runs. I reassure him when a bus or noisy car passes (we’re still working on that fear), tell him he’s a good boy, and reprimand him when he gets too excited over a squirrel. It’s a simple way to ensure the easy run is at an appropriate effort as well.

I was shocked to see an average pace of 8:17/mile at the end of this run! I don’t want to let my workouts slide into a gray zone where I’m running too hard on my easy days, but after yesterday’s sluggish workout I was happy to see that I wasn’t completely losing my speed. 

Thursday: 30 minutes strength training

I compiled a quick kettlebell workout with a focus on glute strength, upper body strength, and anti-rotational core work. I did three sets of the following exercises, with 20 secs rest in between exercises and about 60 seconds between reps. I really enjoyed this workout! I used 15 lb to 35 lb kettlebells, depending on the exercise.

Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

  • 10 around the world passes (per direction)
  • 10 sumo squats to upright rows
  • 8 single leg halos (per direction/leg)
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 10 swings
  • 5 windmills (per side)
  • 8 single arm push presses (per side)

Friday: 75 minute run

I’m really enjoying my long runs right now. It feels so good to settle into a sustainable pace and just let the miles click by. By the time I reached 75 minutes, I was within less than one-tenth of a mile of 9 miles. It felt so good to hit 9 miles! 

Mile Markers: Winter Weariness

Saturday: Rest day

I originally intended to run, but Ryan and I opted for a lazy morning of drinking coffee instead. Sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy a Saturday morning!

Sunday: 30 minute trail run

Ryan and I are getting the inevitable itch to travel again – I blame the lingering winter – so we spent the morning sipping coffee and looking up potential trips from anywhere from Maine (in summer!) to Paris. Then, by the time we got out for our run, it was snowing and windy! The novelty of winter running has completely worn off, so we ran 30 minutes on some grass trails and called it a day. 

That’s just shy of 30 miles again for the week! 

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9 Responses

  1. I’m so tired of the wind! There’s nothing like a cold, stinging wind to zap all your happiness over winter running. Thankfully ours died down by the end of the week. It was awful! And I talk to my dog the whole time we are out walking. Doesn’t everyone? ?

  2. I wish I was fatigued of winter running! I certainly am over & done with treadmill time LOL I’ve been inside so much this winter, my mileage has been pretty low. Like you, I just can’t do long runs on the treadmill (I think my “PR” distance is six miles, and it’s only happened once). Thanks for joining us for the WRD link-up!

  3. Do not blame you at all for not wanting to do a long run in those temps. We have been much colder here but not that cold. Agree that I feel better when I take the time to roll pre run. Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. i’m trying not to complain too much about the winter running situation as we have had it fairly easy in comparison to other winters. That being said, I don’t like to run in the cold so i am very ready for spring and summer!

  5. While I’m not tired of winter in general, last week was extreme – 30″ of new snow and multiple days with negative high temps. I’m ready to get back to sunny and teens/20s!

  6. You know I love the winter but mostly for snowboarding and not running! I have enjoyed the times I’ve gotten outside but the wind is definitely the worst. I have to say that running in Florida last week was enjoyable but you overheat so quickly!! I guess I’m never happy – LOL 🙂
    I hope you find a great place to travel to. I love the planning process when the possibilities are endless…kind of like winter 🙂

  7. our winter hasn’t been that bad but when it’s grey and cloudy sometimes I find it harder to get out. I didn’t realise though that rolling before a run could help. Ugh I’m so bad with that as well!

    So what did you decide on or is it still up in the air? I’m constantly looking at places to go, airfares, lodging costs, etc., just trying to get everything aligned. I’m still kind of up in the air about a marathon in November to a place I’ve never been but I’m just not 100% sure yet. (I haven’t announced where yet, but I have a place in mind)

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