Postpartum 10K Training, Week 2

Postpartum 10K Training, Week 2

I frequently tell my athletes about how life stress affects training. Over the past few weeks, a fair amount of stress took its toll – and then this week released that stress. Part of this included Isla’s weight returning to her percentile track after falling off the charts. I had been so worried about a problem, but the only issue was low milk supply – and supplementation proved a simple and effective solution. My anxiety eased down, and for the first time in weeks, more than a few days passed without an attack. As a result, my running felt better this week than it had in previous weeks. 

I also ran in the snow twice this week. Something about those snowy runs just brings a sense of joy to a week, with the sense of both zen from the beauty of it and accomplishment from logging miles in tough conditions. 

Postpartum 10K Training, Week 2

Monday: 5.4 miles

This run was a basic easy run on the treadmill, with rolling hills courtesy of iFit. 

Tuesday: 5-4-3-2-1 fartlek (55 min total)

With each week, hard workouts feel better and my paces are faster. I am nowhere near where I used to be, but I am getting faster compared to when I was pregnant. I started out at an 8.1 mph (7:24/mile) and worked down to an 8.6 mph (6:55/mile) as the intervals got shorter. I could have pushed harder, but it is always better to do slightly less than overdo a workout.

Wednesday: ReCore2

Each week of the ReCore2 recommends completing the workout three to four times before progressing to the next. Since I slacked last week, I finished off a final Week 1 workout early in the morning. I intended to do more later in the week, but with a busy week, it did not happen. 

Thursday: 5 mile run

I bundled up and headed out for an early morning run with Ollie. Within a couple of minutes, I realized the folly of attempting to run with him. We were both slipping and sliding, and Ollie had that look he gets when he is not enjoying something but continues to do it to please us. I dropped him off back home after less than 1/2 mile and then finished five miles on snowy pathways on my own.

Postpartum 10K Training, Week 2

Friday: 4 mile run

Ryan had the day off and family was staying with us, so we were able to run together for the first time since Isla was born. Time spent running together is worth the effort of bundling up to run in the snow! The pathways were covered in packed snow and icy patches, so we kept our pace very relaxed. I had missed our runs together so much!

Postpartum 10K Training, Week 2

Saturday: 9 mile fartlek run

I did not want to deal with ice, so I opted for the treadmill. Nine miles on the treadmill was a bit intimidating, so I selected an iFit course with rolling hills (which lasted for 7.1 out of the 9 miles) and add a moderate workout. After a two mile warm-up, I picked up to a moderate pace (7.5 mph) for the first two minutes of every mile, then settled back into an easy pace (6.7 mph). The pick-ups are not long enough or intense enough to make it a hard workout, but they do provide enough variety to pass miles by quickly on the treadmill. 

This was one of the best runs I had in months – and the longest since March 2019. 

Sunday: Rest Day

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How was your week in running?

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8 Responses

  1. Hey friend! It’s so nice to read your words again and see how well you are doing! Sounds like you had a health scare with Isla and that is horrible – I’m so sorry you had to go through that but I’m also sorry to tell you that is only the beginning! Happy to read you’re training for a 10k – I love it – and there’s nothing quite as beautiful and calming as running in the sun and snow 🙂 xoxo

  2. Treadmill runs are NOT my joy. I have to usually sneak in some intervals and constantly alter the incline if I’m going any farther than 2-3 miles. Kudos to you for getting in that long run!

  3. Nine miles on the TM makes you a hero in my book! So glad you and Ryan were able to run together. I’m sure that felt so good and gave you a sense of normalcy. I’m loving running in the snow.

  4. wow! 9 miles on the treadmill is AMAZING! and so glad you and Ryan got to go out and run together again. I love that I can go out for a run with my husband, even if he is faster than me and circles back now and again to check on me. It’s just NICE knowing we went out together. Sorry about all the stress with Isla – I can only imagine the uncertainty and worry that comes with having a baby.

    I had a good week of running. More than usual, so nice. And I signed up for another race in March. So my first 10K will be then and not in April.

  5. Aw, I’m so glad supplementing helped Isla get back on track and put your mind at ease. And I’m also so glad you and Ryan got to have a run together! That must have been nice. No running for me, but I am keeping on top of my PT as best I can.

  6. I’m glad that the situation with Isla is getting less stressful. I got to run some miles with my husband this past week too! We don’t run together very much any more, so it’s fun to have the time together. Great workouts this week!

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