Foundations of Running Performance



Are you looking to have breakthrough year in running? Do you want to fine-tune your training so that you are an endurance machine without compromising speed? Or maybe you aren’t sure which workouts to do to optimally train without overreaching. Do you want to know how to use nutrition and strength training to perform better? Are you tired of feeling held back by your mindset? If so, then the Foundations of Running Performance course is for you! 

This course is designed for runners of all abilities: beginner, intermediate, and advanced; 5K to ultra; low mileage and high mileage. It should be noted that this is a science-based course, not a training plan. This is to provide you with the information to empower your training. 

This course is self-paced and open for registration at any time. You receive content through both email and Teachable. 

This is an evidence-based program, which means the rationale is heavily supported by the current body of research, master’s degree level understanding of exercise science, and the principles of coaching that I use with the runners with whom I work 1:1. 

​What you will receive:

  • ​Six modules with accompanying videos, calculators, and PDF print-outs – all of which are yours to keep
  • Access to future modules as the course grows, with no added payment
  • Ongoing support – please reach out with questions! 
  • Bonus: a quick intro to the physiology behind long-distance running

​Modules include: 

  • How to Maximize Your Aerobic Base 
  • Is Poor Economy Holding You Back?
  • Working Smart, Not Harder: Creating Effective Quality Sessions
  • Nutritional Strategies for Optimal Adaptation & Ergogenic Aids for Racing
  • Strength Training to Support Your Running
  • Cultivating a Growth-Oriented Mindset

Some samples of recent athlete success:

​R. ​took her marathon PR down from 3:55 in her last pre-pandemic race to 3:32 in her first post-pandemic marathon. She then placed second overall woman in a 5K a few weeks later! 

​L. ​​set PRs in the 10K and half marathon, leading up to his first marathon in 3:59. 

​M. ​won a local 10K, placed second in his age group in a race of 1000+ runners, and finished in the top 12% at the Philly Marathon. 

​C. ​broke her collegiate 5K PR and ran a 19:06 5K at age 29 – 1.5 years after having her first baby. 

​R. ​qualified for Boston with a 10-minute margin and successfully completed his first 50-mile ultra. 


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