The First Week of Stroller Running

The First Week of Stroller Running

Right now, running is an outlet. It feels a little weird to give focus to running during these times, but I need it (and I know many of my athletes feel the same). I need the normalcy of running, the anxiety release it provides, and the tiny sense of accomplishment. 

Last week, I started running with Isla in the jogging stroller. She turned six months old on Monday, which met the cautious recommendations of our Thule stroller. I also desperately needed fresh air, especially as I am still anxious about running outside soon not being allowed (as in parts of Europe). 

We are already practicing extreme socially distancing, bordering on self-imposed shelter-in-place. This week, I only left the house to run (at uncrowded parks), walk the dogs, and purchase baby food and diapers at Target. Even our pediatrician six-month wellness exam was rescheduled. The jogging stroller at least acts as a buffer – it is very easy to keep a six foot distance with that thing!

Monday: 5 mile stroller run

I planned on 3-5 miles of stroller running, depending on how the first attempt fared. On Sunday night, I ensured the tires were filled and checked the alignment of my Thule Urban Glide 2. Before the run, I bundled Isla up with plenty of layers and smeared some Aquaphor on her face for wind protection. 

I drove to a 3/4 mile flat, smooth loop for this run. Surprisingly, the stroller run was easier than I anticipated. I ran 5 miles at just under an 8:30/mile pace and felt good!

The First Week of Stroller Running


Tuesday: 6 mile easy run

For a few weeks, I’m treating the jogging stroller like a hard workout. Until I adapt to it, I’m not running with it on non-consecutive days. I opted for an easy run on the treadmill and picked an iFit route through Sedona, AZ. 

Wednesday: 5 mile stroller run & strength training

I checked only the temperature before leaving for our stroller run. When started running at a 1.5 mile loop, I was feeling good for the first half mile…until I realized I was running with a tailwind. We dealt with a headwind and cross-wind for a majority of this run. Running with a stroller into a headwind is hard (although Isla peacefully napped through it)! Still, this run felt good and I enjoyed getting outside for some fresh air. 

After I put Isla down for her nap, I did my strength workout. I figured I would want an extra full rest day this week. I repeated the same strength workout from the previous couple weeks, just not to add too much new work at once. 

The First Week of Stroller Running

Thursday: Rest day

I allowed this extra rest day to recover from running with the stroller. Honestly though, since it was rainy and we didn’t get out for a walk, resting was not the best idea for me. I need movement and fresh air each day right now!

Friday: 7 mile treadmill run

I built a moderate fartlek into this run. After two miles easy, I picked up the pace to a moderate effort for 2-minutes, then easy for 5 minutes, for four miles total. I progressed the pick-ups from 7.5 to 7.9 mph. The final mile was at an easy effort. 

Saturday: Rest day

We attempted a stroller run, but it was too cold and windy! 

Sunday: 3 mile stroller run

After streaming church online, we ventured to a local park for a run. The loop was uncrowded so we felt comfortable going out. Ryan and I ran three miles easy. I took the stroller for the first half of the run, and then he took it for the second half of the run. We were careful to keep distance from any other runners or walkers we briefly passed. 

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  1. Looks like you 2 are off to a great start with the stroller runs! I am so glad that you have that option and I am sure it will help a lot. Stay well and thanks for linking up

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