Weekly Workouts: Covid Recovery

Weekly Workouts: Covid Recovery

Last week I cautiously returned to running after having Covid-19. I first experienced symptoms in August 10, stopped running on Aug 12, and tested positive on Aug 13. My symptoms peaked Aug 14-20 and resolved on Aug 22. Last week, I patiently stuck to only walks until I felt confident symptoms would not reappear. We are all fortunate that we had only mild cases and recovered well.

Several reviews and guidelines now suggest not resuming running until at least one week after the resolution of symptoms. These guidelines were released during my illness; I had previously coached athletes back to running in less time before all this research came out. Personally, I wanted to err on the side of caution, especially with a race actually on my calendar in November.

My plan is to return at 50% mileage next week and 75% the following week. By mid-September, I hope to be back to my normal training load.

Monday: 1.3 mile walk

This was just a short evening walk with the dogs and Isla in her Osprey carrier. We underestimated how early it would get dark and started running out of daylight.

Tuesday: 1.2 mile walk

This walk was another short neighborhood loop walk. I’m grateful we live in quiet and walkable area, which let us get out and move without breaking isolation.

Wednesday: 3 mile walk

I’ll admit that I was happier to walk than attempt a run in the hot, humid weather. I walked with Isla in the stroller and enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk outside of our neighborhood for the first time in two weeks.

Weekly Workouts: Covid Recovery

Thursday: 3 mile morning walk &  2.5 mile evening walk

I took Isla for another morning stroller walk, which felt even better than the previous day’s walk.

Now that our isolation had completely ended, we were able to take a walk in the park in the evening! The more activity I get in, the better I feel.

Friday: 1 mile walk

Saturday: 15 minute run

After 16 days off, I finally ran! I opted for a short run just in case I had any lingering issues with my breathing. It felt so good run to, even on a muggy morning.

My heart rate was higher than normal, but I would anticipate that for returning after an illness like Covid. I am monitoring my heart rate on runs due to both the cardiovascular effects of Covid-19 and observations when coaching other runners back from infection.

Weekly Workouts: Covid Recovery

Sunday: 20 min run-walk + 2 mile walk

I accompanied Ryan on his first run back from Covid. His heart rate spiked up high easily, so we took walk breaks to control the intensity. We then walked 2 miles home, enjoying the pleasant weather.

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How was your week in running?

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18 Responses

  1. I wasn’t aware that there were guidelines for returning to running after COVID. It makes sense though. I’m glad you are feeling better! So scary. <3

    1. These were just released. Like many guidelines, they certainly are fallible and some were overly cautious (advising every post-covid athlete to have a stress test). But it made sense to me to be extra cautious, especially because there were to no risk to waiting another week.

  2. The new guidelines — and the concerns they are based on — are concerning. You are wise to take it easy and ramp up slowly. Glad you are feeling better otherwise!

    1. Thank you! Since my husband was sick as well, we could not isolate her and since she could technically be contagious, we could not have anyone else watch her. Instead, we both wore masks around her. I still breastfeed and that helped her immune system.

  3. It must be a relief to be back moving! You are smart to take it slow though and monitor how you are feeling closely. I hope everything goes well and am glad you are feeling better!

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