Weekly Workouts: Finally Acclimated

Weekly Workouts: Finally Acclimated

Just in time for a hot week of summer running, I felt acclimated and more comfortable in the heat. I ran 41 miles last week and most of those miles felt really good. I’m eager to see the adaptations that come from these summer runs in the fall! 

Weekly Workouts: Finally Acclimated

Monday: Rest day

I walked about three miles, split between two walks. Walking with a 21-lb baby strapped to my chest (or back) definitely increases the intensity! However, soft-surface walks always leave my legs feeling fresher for the next day’s run, especially after a rest day.

Tuesday: 7 mile easy run

I finally feel acclimated to the summer heat and humidity. Despite 89% humidity 71 degree temperatures, I felt relatively comfortable on this run. My paces reflected the comfort, with an 8:42/mile average at an easy effort. I incorporated a few light strides into the final mile, just to observe how my legs would feel on the next day’s workout. 

Wednesday: 6 x 2 minute fartlek (8 miles total)

The humidity was rough, so I focused on controlling my effort on this workout. I’m more cautious with my pacing in summer, but I have also been more mindful of not overreaching in workouts. After a longer warm-up (25 minutes with a few strides), I ran 6 x 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. The first interval was at 7:03/mile, the middle four in the 6:50s, and the final one at 6:47/mile. I cooled down with a couple miles of light, easy running.

Thursday: 5.8 mile stroller run

I savor these stroller runs with Isla. We cruised along at a light, recovery effort. I chatted with her about what we saw, both to keep a conversational effort and to work on her language skills. 

Friday: 5.1 mile easy run

I set out for a light 45-minute easy run, hoping to beat the rain. I did manage to finish before a downpour, but it was a humid run!

Weekly Workouts: Finally Acclimated

Saturday: 3 mile easy run

I pushed off my long run to spend more time with our friends before they left. I waited to run until they left and I had set Isla down for a nap, so it was almost 80 degrees by the time I got out at 11 AM. I tried to find shade by running in one of the nearby parks. The first park (my go-to one) had too many golfers to safely run, so I ran around the local gardens across the street. 

Weekly Workouts: Finally Acclimated

Sunday: 12 mile long run

I had the intention to run 14 miles. However, just as I was about to head out, thunder rumbled. I waited a couple of hours until the storm passed. I headed out on my normal long run route. At about halfway through, Ryan texted to let me know he was out running with the stroller, so I headed out to our go-to stroller route to meet him. We ran the last two miles together, which I really enjoyed. Once I hit 12 miles, we were home and I was out of water, so I opted to just stop at that. 

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How was your week in running?
How ar you handling the heat and humidity? 

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6 Responses

  1. Well it’s nice to read that someone is adapting to the humidity. I think the rest of us are just whining about it! Nice job on your workouts this week and your long run. Thanks for linking up

  2. I heard about that storm down south! None by us, but we did feel a change in the weather. You did really well in the humidity this week!

  3. Glad you’re adjusting the humidity! It’s been crushing me, haha 🙂 Finding those precious shady spots helps though! Great week!

  4. I think I’m acclimated to the heat, but the heat is my jam LOL We were about 90 minutes away, at a graduation party yesterday, when a crazy thunderstorm rolled in. We got out just as it was approaching and were able to avoid the bulk of it, but nothing happened in our home town…the streets were all completely dry when we returned. WEIRD! Glad to hear the running is going well for you!

  5. You had a great week. This past week was hard to fit everything in, and so I just rolled with the punches. What else can you do?

    Heat and humidity is kind of the norm here, so I just adjust and do my best.

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