Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume

Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume

Last week was another enjoyable, productive week of running. I ran my highest mileage week since September 2018, with 35 miles total! 

I skipped the previous week’s workout recap due to Easter. I took a cutback week that week, with only five days and 28 miles of running. After that, I was ready to increase mileage.

Right now, I am focusing on improving my aerobic capacity and running economy. It is the appropriate balance for me. In these postpartum months, I find that my body responds better to more volume at an easier intensity. It will be a while before I feel ready to tackle the workouts I once did. I hope to continue to increase my mileage over the next several weeks. 

Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 7 mile run with surges

In order to improve my running economy, I included 30-second surges at roughly mile race pace (8.8 mph, or 6:49 based on my recent 10K time trial). I defaulted to the treadmill; it did not even occur to me to wake up early to run outside, even though it is much lighter out now! The surges felt good and passed the time quickly on the treadmill. 

Wednesday: 5 mile hilly treadmill run & strength training

A late spring snow prevented a jogging stroller run, so I picked a hilly treadmill course on iFit. This one ranged from -3% decline to 8% incline, with minimal flat sections. I really enjoy these hilly treadmill runs. 

After my run, I did a short strength session. 

Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume

Thursday: 6.1 mile stroller run

A chilly morning meant fewer people were out! I ran with Isla in the jogging stroller. We had recently replaced the jogging stroller tires after a couple of flats and I felt fast pushing the stroller, so we finished with the final mile in 8:02. 

When we read baby books, several touted the benefits of outdoor naps for babies. Isla naps in her crib at home, but she loves napping in the jogging stroller. I usually wake her up early and let her finish her sleep in the stroller. The fresh air is so relaxing for her! Even on cold morning, she seems comfortable. I bundle her up in a fleece sleep and play, her Columbia bunting (one of the best pieces of baby clothing for Midwest winters), and a blanket. 

Friday: 4 mile easy run

We awoke to more snow, which removed the option of running with the jogging stroller. I had a busy day of work, so I decided to run during Isla’s morning wake window. I plopped her in the Baby Bjorn travel crib and ran four miles on the treadmill. She spent most of the time rocking on her hands and knees and playing with her toys – no fussing at all.

Saturday: 10 mile long run

This run felt so good! I settled into a comfortable, steady effort early on and the miles ticked by with ease. I maintained a steady pace in the high 8:20s to low 8:40s, and then finished with a 8:05 mile. The weather was blissfully chilly and I enjoyed empty pathways to myself. 

Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume


Sunday: 3 mile recovery run

Ryan ran with Ollie and I ran with Isla in the stroller. We picked a wide path and a quiet road to run on, which allowed us to run side by side. We kept a very light pace in the 9:30s. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful. We spend the afternoon outside, using a heat gun to shape laser-cut PPE for local healthcare workers. I used the heat gun to soften the ear protectors, while Ryan shaped them to comfortably fit around the back of the head. I am very proud of Ryan’s involvement in this project, which was started by a friend of ours who is a professor of engineering at our local university/alma mater. 

Weekly Workouts: Increasing Volume

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14 Responses

  1. That is such an awesome project! Nice work! It’s crazy that so many of us got snow this past week. We luckily did not get enough that it stuck to the ground. I love snow but I’m over it! Sounds like Isla is a great running buddy. 🙂

  2. You really got in a bunch of great runs this week! Nice job on those surges and getting out there everyday. We did not get any snow all winter here this year! Thanks for linking up

  3. Looks like a great week! I love doing surges (like you described in Tuesday’s workout)…they do make the miles go quickly! It’s great that your hubby is helping with the PPE effort!!!!! My company (a signage manufacturer) is also making the face shields and acrylic desk shields for our medical clients. It really does take a lot of non-medical personnel to keep those in the industry supplied 😉

  4. Great job with your running this week! Its nice to be able to run when during awake time. These days Grayson just wants to be running around so its hard to keep him in the stroller and I dont have a safe area for him to play when Im on the treadmill. I’m hoping as he gets a little older maybe it will get easier again.

  5. It was so gorgeous out yesterday, wasn’t it? I love that you and Ryan are doing that project.

    It sounds like running is going so well for you. I’m always in awe of your very methodical plans and your very disciplined return to form!

  6. Nice job! I like taking my daughter in the stroller for walks but I do get nervous about her being too cold out there – I’ll have to read up on those benefits of napping outdoors!

    And great job with those surges – I don’t think I’d dare to put a treadmill anywhere above 7 let alone 8 mph, lol! We didn’t get any snow in Philly but plenty of rain.

    1. I cannot remember where I first read about it, but there are several articles out there. It helps them sleep longer and the fresh air is good for them (plus natural white noise!). The cool air It’s a common Nordic approach to naps! We do not do it regularly (ie only on walks and runs a few times per week, not if she is taking a nap at home), but when we do she likes it. I remember during her fussier two month to three month stage when she took her best naps on a walk (in December!). I think we took Isla on walks as cold as 15 degrees and just made sure she had enough layers (regular clothes, fleece sleep and play, bunting) and a blanket (or winter cover for the baby wearing carrier). I use the Thule mesh cover and some Aquaphor on her face to protect her from the wind. I’m careful to monitor her temperature, but she definitely cries if she gets uncomfortable.

  7. That’s awesome that your husband was helping with the PPE project. I kind of want to pick up a 3D printer so I can help make extenders, too. I hate feeling so helpless all the time.

    It’s Florida, so no snow. Ever.

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