Weekly Workouts: Keep Building

Weekly Workouts: Keep Building

Last week’s workouts continued to build up fitness. I ran 45 miles and hit my longest run in three years! 

In exciting news, I have a half marathon on the calendar! Our local race company has been hosting socially-distanced races since May and announced a fall marathon/half marathon in November. The race is open for local runners and features special protocols, including staggered starts, registration limits, no-contact bib pick-up, and other social distance rules. Absolutely no gathering at the start or finish area is permitted and you wear a mask when not running.

 A few weeks ago, I ran by one of their other races and was impressed with how safe it looked; it appeared more distanced than running on a popular route on a Saturday morning. Since there is no travel involved, no crowded expo or start corrals, and a very small number of participants spread over a long start time (at most, only 50 people may start within a 15-minute block and you cross the start line either alone or with household members), I feel comfortable doing this race. 

My theory is also to register for these races, even if they are canceled or I back out. The pandemic directly impacts local racing companies. I want to support them because people make their living off of this and because I want to see races happen in the future! 

My plan is to take a week off after my 31K in early September and then ramp up with half marathon specific training for about eight weeks. I have no goals; I just want to enjoy the grit and grind of training and racing again. I’m going to use the training as an opportunity to experiment more with different types of workouts than I’ve traditionally used for a half in the past. 

Weekly Workouts: Keep Building


Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 10K park run

Ollie and I enjoyed an early morning easy run through the park. It was the refreshing run I needed to transition from a cutback week into a build week. 

Weekly Workouts: Keep Building

Wednesday: 1 hour fartkek

A cool spell descended upon the Midwest and it was 51 degrees when I started this run! The humidity was still high but the cooler temperatures make a difference. 

My workout was 5-4-3-2-1 minutes hard with half-time recovery. I ran the hard intervals at starting around 10K effort (~7:15/mile) and working down to close to 5K effort for the final mile. I paced the recovery interval at an easy pace (float intervals) instead of a slower recovery intervals. This workout felt really good! 

Thursday: 6.1 mile stroller run 

The weather was so mild this week, which made this easy run extra enjoyable. 

Friday: 6 mile stroller run & strength training

I added the Hoka One One Clifton 7 into my shoe rotation. The consecutive combination of a metatarsal fracture and pregnancy made me need more cushion. These shoes felt good out of the box!

I squeezed in a short strength session later in the day, with kettlebell squats, swings, and single leg deadlifts. 

Saturday: 4 mile stroller run

Ryan had to go into the office, so I shifted my long run to Sunday. I took Isla out for a short, easy stroller run. We ran up to one of our favorite parks. I enjoy this route with a stroller, but it has more crosswalks than I prefer so we don’t run it often.

Weekly Workouts: Keep Building

Sunday: 16 mile long run

It was evident within the first few miles that I would be contending with heavy legs. I felt the fatigue from lifting on Friday. The heat and humidity sapped little pep that I did have. But you learn to grind through gross weather when you live in the Midwest.

Weekly Workouts: Keep Building

I focused on keeping my effort under control for the run. Since I don’t run with a training partner, I use nasal breathing for the start of long runs to keep my ventilatory rate under control. It doesn’t work for everyone (I don’t have a deviated septum, asthma, or anything), but it helps me control effort on easy pace runs.

I covered the first half in 71 minutes. I started the second half feeling good, but then the heat got to me. I finished the second half in 70 minutes and was very happy to be done! 

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How was your week of running?
How often do you try new shoes?

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14 Responses

  1. Wow that is both super exciting and a little scary that there will be a local race for you to do. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I will look forward to reading all about it! Happy training. Thanks for linking up today

    1. Thankfully they are taking measures to make it not scary. There are some races I’ve seen that I would not be comfortable running. But it seems like for this one, there’s a higher chance of running alone and being more spaced out than even on a group run. It’s more of a timed time trial than a traditional race. I spoke with the race director and they are being hyper-diligent in their precautions.

  2. I technically still have the Richmond Half on my calendar for November, but I doubt it will happen. I small, local race sounds like a good option. I don’t buy new running gear very often — I tend to wear my favorites to death — but this summer I bought a lot of pieces from the SkirtSports clearance sales.

  3. That race sounds like a good option! I haven’t heard of anything like that happening in the fall here. I started wearing the Brooks glycerins this year which are more cushioned than I usually wear and I love them!

  4. Yay for a race!

    I feel the same about signing up for things and showing support where we can.

    Right now, I’m sticking to the shoes I think work. I do want to go get re-fitted if things ever look slightly normal again. I know I’m still pronating, but my right foot is being a jerk about everything so I want to make sure it is positioned as well as can be.

  5. I got two New Balance models I hadn’t tried before, one is very much like my old beloved Zante (the Tempo) and I adore them. Testing out the Beacon as well and so far so good, though the higher stack takes some getting used to! I like trying new shoes but I definitely have brands I prefer, and ones I avoid.

  6. Although I am all “virtualed out,” I agree we need to continue to support the races, especially the local ones. We learn to grit it out in the Midwest, don’t we? We get a little of everything with the weather!

  7. How fun that you have a race! No races for me and I am OK with it. I’ve been “just” running and have been enjoying them as well.

    I run in mainly the Brooks Launch and Ghost. I have quite a collection and will be rotating/alternating shoes. Right now I wear the Launch but when they have 350 miles, I will wear the Ghost and repeat.

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