Weekly Workouts: Postpartum 10K Training Week 1

Weekly Workouts: Postpartum 10K Training Week 1

I am devoting the next ten weeks of training to preparing for a 10K race in April. I am not even thinking about a PR for this race (my 10K PR is 43:53, back from 2017), but I would love to beat the 48-minute 10K I ran last year, on the same course, at 16 weeks pregnant. 

I ran 30 miles for the first time this week since May, with the first tempo run in a long time. The mileage feels surprisingly good, especially considering how much of it is on the treadmill! Once there is more light in the mornings, I hopefully can get outside before Ryan leaves for work in the morning, once our schedule changes in a week. 

It is mentally good for me to be back at training. Postpartum hormones and stressors triggered anxiety in me. And while I know that running is not therapy, the mood-boosting benefits of it and the familiar structure of routine help me.  Even just putting the label of “10K training” on my runs gives me a sense of focus and joy. 

Weekly Workouts: Postpartum 10K Training Week 1

Monday: 5.2 mile easy run

This was an easy, enjoyable early morning treadmill run. I used a treadmill course with some hills and kept the pace in the low 9:xx’s. 

Tuesday: 20 minute tempo run (55 minutes total) & Recore

It is amazing how a certain workout can make you feel like yourself again. It had been a long time since I had done a tempo run and it felt so good to push myself for an extended time again. Over Christmas, I took Ollie for a run and clocked three miles around a 7:50-ish pace, so I figured I could push this run in the 7:30s-7:40s. I started at a 7:47/mile, and then increased to a 7:40 and then a 7:35/mile as the workout progressed. I think I fully hit tempo effort at the 7:35/mile pace. 

I stared the first week of ReCore2. This week featured some fun and appropriately challenging exercises, including eccentric push-ups and single-leg deadlifts with band rows. 

Wednesday: Rest day

I decided to make Wednesdays a rest day instead of Sundays. I need one day per week to have a couple of extra hours to work, especially since Isla’s new combination feeding plan demands more of my time and focus.  

Thursday: 60 minute run

I set the treadmill to 6.5 mph, with slightly faster paces on declines and slightly slower on inclines. The iFit simulation I completed featured over 300 feet of elevation gain, including a 10% climb! 

Friday: 4 mile run & ReCore

I kept this run at a very light and rejuvenating pace, with minimal incline changes on the treadmill. After the run, I completed a couple of rounds of ReCore2 week 1. 

Weekly Workouts: Postpartum 10K Training Week 1

Saturday: 8 mile run

I almost did not go on this run. I felt guilty about not having gone for my run while Isla was sleeping. Ryan encouraged me out the door and Ollie’s company on the run encouraged me to keep going without pushing too hard to hurry home. 

This was a run that I really, really needed. The weather was unpleasant – a light rain/snow mix and fog – but the fresh air was rejuvenating. Ollie and I clocked consistent 8:30-8:40 miles. 

Sunday: Walk & ReCore

The weather was absolutely beautiful! We took a long family walk to enjoy the spring-like weather. 

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How was your week in running?

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6 Responses

  1. Another strong week for you. I like that you are giving yourself 10 weeks to train and that you are being realistic in your goal setting. Would love to hear more about your “recore” program

  2. Super awesome week! I love using the resistance bands with your strength exercises. I can’t wait for my ankle to be strong enough to do some more than just range of motion.

  3. Love to see you training again! I also started Week 1 last week for a 10.5 (1/4 marathon)KM race in April. While I am not post-partum I’m post-hernia and boy I know how you feel having a training schedule again! I’ll likely not PR at this race, but damn I’m happy to be training again.

  4. Doesn’t it help so much to have that routine and something to work towards?! I always feel so guilty running when Grayson is awake. But sometimes we need to do other things when they sleep, so its good to have a supportive spouse to give you that push out the door!

  5. Great job on all of your runs! So is your treadmill setup so that when you select a workout, it automatically changes the pace and incline? Or do you have to do it manually?

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